Trump warns of death and destruction if he’s charged

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries criticized former President Donald Trump for his escalation of rhetoric against Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg who is overseeing the investigation into Trump’s alleged role in hush money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels. #CNN #News


  1. A sociopath does just not care !
    Learn what a narcissistic sociopath is and then every move of Trump gets predictable!

    1. @Slothy Obama synonymous of Decency and Integrity…kindness and Rectitud…some good lessons to 45..who never practiced any of these qualities…

    2. The longer Trump is given free reins and not held to accountability the more I am inclined to believe that an ending that parallels JJ and his followers is likely to be the same for Trump and his followers

    1. ​@Gearóid T Entertainment wasn’t his job, tho. To be honest, he wasn’t that great at that either.

  2. This continues for one reason.
    He has never been held accountable. For gods sake- hold him accountable.

  3. This is what happens when a weak, corrupt justice department drags their heels and refuses to hold the rich and powerful to account. Former presidents or members of Congress are treated like kings and queens. Exactly what the framers warned us about.

    1. Why are you complaining about corruption all of a sudden when it’s been present in your face for your whole life?

    1. @Xela somar the devil will tell you why you should of read the Bible while he is laughing in your face every hour of everyday in hell for not accepting Jesus. You have a great life best of luck.

  4. I’m just disgusted by anyone threatening death and destruction on anyone in this case Alvin Bragg and the country, that this is done by a former president is unfathomable and horrifying.

  5. Was it Susan Collins who once said that he had “learnt his lesson” after aquitting him of obstruction and abuse of power?

    1. @D Because the courts haven’t decided yet when to hear the case of the four illegally Gerrymandered Florida seats – if those seats were vacated (very low likelihood like almost never) that would only leave a one seat GQP majority in the House. Guess who is sitting in that seat?
      Curious George Sancho

  6. Irony: the leading candidate in the party of law and order is threatening individuals in law enforcement as well as threatening actions that go against law and order

  7. The fact that you have not put him behind bars. Shows to him that he thinks and believes he is untouchable.

    1. ​@Bleyluige

      Why don’t you try the same thing so we can all see what happens to you?
      I’m sure you’d be locked up in zero seconds flat.

  8. How can he be allowed to make threats to others and not be charged for threatening someone’s life.

    1. @Ethan & Deven So now you can’t read ? “potential” “could be”
      You forgot what words mean now?

  9. Wish they also mentioned he set up a petition for his followers to sign protesting his indictment. When you sign it, a new page pops up for asking donations. He already made 1.5 million. GRIFTER

    1. @mselle66 you don’t even know me but you got lucky on this one but as bad as I am, and I’m bad, trumpy takes the biscuit. The only good thing is him and his hero putler don’t have long left on this earth.

  10. A malignant narcissist is terrified of His death and destruction because that’s what happens when the lifelong, bogus persona is stripped away and they are humiliated. Humiliation is the kiss-of-death to a narcissist, the destruction of the self.

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