Trump White House Has No Idea What Else Is In Woodward Book | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Trump White House Has No Idea What Else Is In Woodward Book | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


Because of all the interviews Trump did with veteran journalist Bob Woodward leading up to his new book 'Rage' without anyone staff around, the White House has no idea what else is coming from this book. Jonanthan Lemire joins to discuss. Aired on 09/10/2020.
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Trump White House Has No Idea What Else Is In Woodward Book | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

88 Comments on "Trump White House Has No Idea What Else Is In Woodward Book | The 11th Hour | MSNBC"

  1. MR. ALL IT KNOW | September 11, 2020 at 2:18 AM | Reply

    Here’s a clue. What’s coming ain’t gonna be good.

  2. 10 hours of trump without his handlers to monitor his words. this can only get even more insane.

  3. I’m gonna take a wild guess and say we will probably be getting a bombshell every couple of days and I bet we haven’t heard the worst yet.

    • Watch “Saluting the Heroes of the Coronavirus Pandumbic | The Daily Show” on YouTube

    • @StealieSteve TRUMP CHEATED IN 2016






    • The Russians are at it again. YouTube needs better monitoring.

    • @Robert C. Christian this dude is troll he literally edited his reply to me so it looked like he had actual quotes rather than another personally derived rant. This is a sock dudes probably ensiting from multiple accounts and getting paid.

    • Robert C. Christian | September 16, 2020 at 12:55 AM | Reply

      @Mike Q said _” this dude is troll he literally edited his reply to me so it looked like he had actual quotes rather than another personally derived rant.”_

      Which guy.. be specific… I’m talking to many people. LOL

      I will go back in the chat and check it out, so let me know.

  4. Can’t wait for tRump to go on trial for the death of thousands! And all the other crimes! Poor Donny boy! Doesn’t look good for getting on Mt. Rushmore!

    • @ses S Then stop wasting everyone’s time.

    • SD Sproat Hey dummy I want to add another thing, you are wrong again I am not a Democrat I am an independent with enough brain to think far myself. You said Democrats are spilling hate and the ones you see are walking from the party! I have some democratic friends, none of them are walking away in fact trump has made them stronger party members. There are just as many if not more republicans spreading the message of hate. In fact your leader is one that encourages violence and hatred. I don’t have to prefer the country to fail under trump, he’s doing a darn good job on his own without my preference . Now you keep watching your fake news and listening to your leader, drink the cool aid when the time comes.

    • @Randy Hunt
      You’re struggling with your argument. I didn’t call you a Democrat, but if the shoe fits… Why so offended?
      Trump hasn’t spread a single hateful message. That’s more of your brainwashing speaking. I hope they’re paying you to spread the hate like a good Marxist soldier.
      As many Republicans spreading hate? Again with making the whole world blind argument? You still can’t piece together why I said lemmings? Somehow it makes it okay to spread hate if you find a justified reason? No responsibility for yourself.
      I’m sick and tired of the terrorism and enslavement of our nation by Democrats who can’t allow our President to be president. We voted him in. You’re stealing away the voice and vote of millions because you feel entitled. Not to mention raping, burning, looting, killing, terrorizing and vandalizing that comes with your tantrums.
      You have zero respect for heroes whether police, first responders or military.
      You support the plan for black genocide through abortion. And disgustingly profit from it.
      We’re just supposed to ignore that this is a complete repeat of history? Of course we are. That’s why you’re all destroying history so it can be buried. Dumb down the masses.
      Oh really? Your friends are hardcore Dems? Never would’ve guessed that!
      Of course your friends aren’t jumping ship. They’re *your* friends.
      I’m speaking about society as a whole and you’re stuck in your bubble.
      The only talking points you have are what the fake news sources tell you. That makes it easy to spot your type. You believe those things as fact because you’re too lazy to look for the truth.
      Like I already said, no one is going to save you all from yourself. For years the evidence has been presented and you chose to ignore it to maintain the oblivious and entitled attitude. It’s you that you’re all hurting in the end. You can’t expect to do all the damage you’ve done without consequences.
      I’m tired of trying to get through to you all after 4 years of continuous resistence to hear the truth or look at the evidence.
      You want to blame Trump for your own ignorace to protect yourself from a virus. Haha It’s the era of unlimited knowledge at your fingertips, and you’re all still claiming ignorance to the virus?!?
      You’ll support the riots that harm the community, innocent people and the economy and blame Trump for that too. And you allow the rioters to go without masks! But how dare Christians want to attend church even with a mask.
      Your hypocrisy shows to the world and you think you’re intelligent because you believe false rumors and keep a double standard while manipulating and using the black race to fight your battles. That’s precious!!

    • SD Sproat last time I respond to you because I see that you have been brainwashed beyond repair. On top of that, you don’t understand the English language. I told you dummy, you know nothing about me and yet you try say what I think, what i feel, the type person I am. You need to back and get a better education because you were wrong on every single thing you posted. As far being a patriot, I gave 7 years of my life in service to this country. Like I said before, you need to find a new source of information because you are being fead a bunch of fake news. Bye the way I don’t need to research when I hear it straight from trumps mouth. You just keep believing what you believe and keep spreading the lies, I don’t care what you do, your not important to me . You are a perfect example of( they have eyes but they can’t see and ears but they can’t hear) . Truthfully, I feel sorry for you.

    • @Randy Hunt
      It’s pretty obvious that I have an understanding of the english language. I read through your errors.
      Is that all you have? A grammar nazi that doesn’t watch their own grammar and spelling?
      Again, those of us that actually do watch Trump’s speeches, interviews and questionings, we know the facts. You keep clinging to your denial and pride.
      I know you didn’t hear Trump saying those things because I watch it live and hear the false rumors from you guys later.
      You are so stuck on playing dumb to what you stand for. You claim you’re independent but support the Democrat party. Learn what you’re supporting! It’s not difficult, especially if you want to run your mouth.
      So far, all I’ve heard are lies from you and denial to the facts.
      And here’s a great excuse…you commented to me because I’m a lost cause, huh? Find some sense in that?

  5. “Were you babysitting president when he was talking to Woodward??”
    “No! Were YOU babysitting the president when he was talking to Woodward??!”
    Good lord the fear that must be tearing through the WH staff right now lol

    • Nobody was babysitting ..where was Melania? It was at night ..guess he was sleeping alone.

    • @John Nordby Trump hardly sleeps, he an addict. Addicts stay up all night . For Him, it’s Twitter and Fox news all through the crazy night.

    • @John Nordby “guess he was sleeping alone.” they sleep in separate bedrooms, apparently

    • @Robert Lee Yeah I thought was already widely known. And I think I read somewhere where he said he only sleeps like 4 hours, but it was him saying it so…

    • If one of those tapes has Trump talking about the Russian bounties before it became news, I don’t know how they’d even begin to spin that story.

  6. Turns out, Trump deep-throated himself.

  7. He begged Woodward calling him at night to make this book.

  8. It’s often difficult for a God-damned liar to remember what they said.

  9. When I think it can’t get worse, another news feed shows up that tops the last.

  10. I guess bankrupting casino’s was not fun anymore so he is trying to bankrupt the entire country.

  11. The time is now: arrest the president.

    • The time is January 20, 2021 to arrest the president. His GOP firewall will be lost, and we won’t have to deal with Pence as president. Better the devil you know.

    • Peddy Tendergrass | September 11, 2020 at 5:07 PM | Reply

      Which one?

    • @JJ Walter Theories abound that if Trump can’t take or steal the election, he’ll resign and have Pence Pardon him. I’d rather see him flee to Russia for asylum. When you’re no longer an asset, you’re a liability. Putin is know to poison his liabilities.

  12. When you fail at casinos when the house wins most of the time how could anyone expect he would make America great again

    • Ummm hello??? Many businesses fell during that time you moron.
      Trump made it back up because he never gives up.
      Obama and Biden gave up and gave our country away and now Biden wants to continue this stupidity.

  13. “What we have here is a failure to communicate”.

  14. Trµmp started a new protest movement, *_”No Lives Matter.”_*

  15. Its sickening he still has supporters. I dont understand.

    • jon petcoff I don’t believe I would If I was you. Not one thing you said was the truth so I think you ought to just stop now before you make a bigger fool out of yourself.

    • jon petcoff You do understand all you say that’s taking place is happening on trumps watch. He promotes it because he thinks it will help get him reelected. God help us if he does .

    • Randy Hunt oh my god Randy I’m sorry. Why didn’t you tell me earlier that I was making a fool of myself? Well I’m just gonna shut up right now. Thanks for showing me the light bro. You’re a great friend!

    • Randy Hunt 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

    • @jon petcoff
      For you to HEAR him discuss his lustful fascinations for his own daughter.
      To HEAR him say the virus is worse than the flu, that it’s a plague, and then NOT say that outlook and warn everyone way back at the start.
      To HEAR him say he can shoot someone on 5th Ave and people will still defend him.
      To HEAR him say he wishes the girlfriend & madam of his good friend Epstein the convicted pedophile,
      “all the best “.
      AND for you to attempt to ONE UP those terrible statements with a bunch false narratives, is asking YOU need to stop for a moment and reflect upon those things.
      Ask yourself (seriously) “why am I ignoring or protecting a person whom I HEARD say these things” ?
      Ask yourself why doesn’t this bother my mind, my soul, my spirit?
      What has happened to me that has caused me ( if you do) to rejoice over people murdering one another?
      How can I possibly explain to my own daughter, niece mother,etc that I agreed with him that having lustful thoughts for his own child is no big deal.
      You must wrestle with yourself about the true reasons for your steadfast denial of his horrid behaviors.
      Asking yourself is it because of the fear of weakness?
      Do you THINK or have been led to believe that turning away from evil is a show of weakness?
      There is NO fear in turning away from what your heart and soul is telling you is wrong.
      Evil kills from the inside out.
      You don’t have to remain that way.
      I will keep you in my prayers nonetheless.
      Every life is a precious gift.
      Peace be with you neighbor.

  16. James Comey,”Lordy, I hope there are tapes.”

    • There are. Trump told the Corona virus task force the same thing he told Woodward. Dr. Fauci said he never downplayed the virus. You people aren’t switching to science denial to embrace another nothing burger are you?

    • Travis Forde Trump may have or may not have told the corona virus teem the same thing he told Woodward, I don’t know and I doubt you do either. Also Dr Fauci may have said trump did not downplay the virus at that time but if he did, then he was flat out wrong. Trump did everything he could to downplay it in every way that he could. If anyone doubts that he did, there are plenty of times and places you can go back and see for yourself bye his words and actions that he did.

    • @Randy Hunt well the excerpt tape I heard from the interview, is pretty much what Trump was saying at the early televised briefings from the Corona virus task force. So…sure we can know…if we acknowledge what we hear and compare the statements. Kayliegh Mcenany re read some of the transcripts from the task force briefings the other day at the white house press conference.

  17. Even the original Teflon Don, John Gotti, finally got convicted.

  18. Trump is using this as a “They hate me” or They are “Never Trumpers” moment.

  19. Donald, the _stable genius,_ Trump: _”The only reason I’m trying so hard to hide my tax releases is that I don’t want to create any panic …”_

    • @SD Sproat, “some people say” it is a quote! But Trump didn’t release it because he didn’t want to create any panic.

    • @Chashunka You’re misusing quotations again. Nothing that you’ve said should have quotation marks. If anything is claimed to have been said, the exact phrasing can’t be known nor if it was said. You only use quotations for an accurate and verified, word for word statement. “Some people say” (See, I’m quoting you) shouldn’t be quoted either. You aren’t quoting anyone there.

    • @SD Sproat, it’s a relief to see that there are still such incredibly smart Americans after all. Now I can only find comfort in Donald’s following quote: “I love the poorly educated!” – By the way, that’s the same guy who likes to initiate his lies with “Some people say …”.

    • SD Sproat Aw come on teacher, don’t make him or her stay in after school.

    • Donald J Trump – the “J” stands for “Jenius”

  20. Only Trump can create his own October surprise.

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