Here’s How Much Time Trump Spends Watching FOX News | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Here's How Much Time Trump Spends Watching FOX News | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


The president told Sean Hannity he's really busy. That may be, at least in part, because of how much time he spends watching FOX News. Aired on 09/10/2020.
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Here's How Much Time Trump Spends Watching FOX News | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

84 Comments on "Here’s How Much Time Trump Spends Watching FOX News | The 11th Hour | MSNBC"

  1. Rage tweets watching fox entertainment cheating at golf and talking to his best Buddy (our enemy) Putin. He’s insane. Vote out all Republicans.

    • Sparky Sparky Trump watches are least 8 hours of fox entertainment channel. Fox is basically running our country. You hate the left more than you love your family and country. There is nothing good in you.

    • @Harold Moore most people watch Fox News. Who watches CNN anymore? Have you not been following the ratings and the number of people who’ve been watching CNN versus Fox?

    • @Harold Moore I don’t think anybody watches 8 hours of any news. Just because you do don’t assume everybody else does.

    • Sparky Sparky Fox can’t even call itself new in the United States because the would be required to tell the truth and not have a host of lawsuits. Fox is a propaganda machine for the right and is banned in most major countries. You didn’t know that because in a bubble and just plain dumb.

    • Sparky Sparky Trump said it himself moron.

  2. “Nero fiddled while Rome burned.”
    Trump watches TV and plays golf.
    Unite America.
    Vote Biden.

    • I’ve always hated that metaphor.

      By all accounts, when he heard of the fire, Nero raced back to Rome, took charge of the fire fighting efforts effectively, opened up private buildings and gardens to house the refugees, and afterward made city planning efforts to ensure such a disaster could never happen again.

      But all that goes to show that even Nero did a better job as a leader 2000 years ago than Trump can manage now.

    • j mccrimi you still on that same lie? Biden has been out walking taking riding bikes and drinking water with one hand. Hold on to your lies. It’s the only thing you have left.

    • I wish you historical ignoramuses would stop insulting Nero with that quote and the absurd comparison.

    • Don’t forget God bless America with Danal Tramp president. No Biden. You can vote him . You can tell me vote him. ? He and his smart son took money from China Ukraine shame

    • @Alexandra Giboi Sure Ivan.

  3. I guess fox is the voices he hears in his head.

  4. I finally get it.. America has somehow elected a junkie to the office of president. Omfg!

    • metallic scorpion | September 11, 2020 at 3:13 PM | Reply

      Orange guy just got the countries in the middle east to sign a peace agreement. That’s pretty “huge”.
      Never forget 9-11🇺🇸

    • Marsha Timbrook | September 11, 2020 at 7:19 PM | Reply

      @metallic scorpion FAKE NEWS. The peace treaty between Isreal and UAE was an Arms deal. What about Palestine?

    • Junkie implies heroin use… I’m pretty sure he’s more of a coke-head

      Like father, like son 🙄

    • @metallic scorpion yes, never forget 911… that’s one of the reasons we need to keep a troop presence in the Middle East until there is actual peace amongst all parties involved. And even though he did do a great thing with getting those two countries to sign a treaty oh, he’s done some pretty terrible things too… remember the Kurds!!!

    • Watch TV and did things better than not watching TV and did nothing for 8 years,lol

  5. I like the part where he rambles on about how much time he has to watch cable news all day while another 1,090 Americans died from the pandemic he gave up on.

  6. “It is certain, in any case, that ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have.”
    –James Baldwin

    “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”
    –Martin Luther King, Jr.

    This is Trump in a nutshell.

  7. Yo what a dork. The worst guy ever. Wouldn’t mind if he met corona face to face

  8. He watches Homer Simpson, Ichy & Scractchy among others, and rehearse Person, Woman, Man, Camera, and Tv. Intelligence reports are in trash cans.

  9. The more tv and golf the better. He’s useless.

  10. Fox isn’t real TV, it is his own vanity, he is like Narcissus staring at his own reflection all day long. He is not well.

    • Well said! His propensity for attention and adoration/praise is insatiable! He is Narcissus in the flesh!

    • We have a president that watches television all day eating a bucket of KFC, then calls Hannity so Hannity can tell him what to do the next day

    • @Todd Daniel Yeah, but only between his rounds of golf and treasonous conversations with Putin.

    • Although HE describes his excessive TV watching schedule in HIS OWN words! … Let’s see how *WH Propaganda Minister, Kayleigh Goebbels McNinny* AND Trump SPIN this pointless story as if, “The FAKE NEWS media & Deep State falsely accused our INCREDIBLY hard working president of watching lots of TV” etc … His followers already believe the story HE WILL INVENT!

    • He is fine he’s in his bubble it’s the rest of us who are sick I’m tired.

  11. For the last four years Trump has spent the majority of his time watching tv, tweeting, holding rallies, playing golf and using the presidency to line his own pockets and that of his grifter family.

    • Exactly. And that’s just a small sampling of his evil deeds.

    • Come on, Trumpers said that he is fighting Pedophilia, Satan Worshippers and blood drinking Actors, not to mention building a wall.

      I started to believe he is lying or someone other than him is lying.

  12. The White House is infested by an orange teletubby with ADHD.

  13. He’s been lazy all his adult life

  14. You are leaderless America. 4 wasted years, while the planet burns. The GOP is dead.

    • @Sparky Sparky take your Clorox

    • This what the GOP wants; this is what Russia wants and this is what 43% of the voters want!

    • @H Knowledge trait of the Democrat Party. It’s the Democratic party supporting BLM defunding cops not Republicans. It is BLM blinding officers and killing officers and spray painting on the walls that officers are pigs and need to be killed. BLM is doing that. No Republican participates and BLM protest. Only Democrats citizens. And the Democrat Party Never denounce any of this until the moment one of the BLM protesters was killed and then they denounced all the violence. Also Don Lemon told Joe Biden that the polls were showing a link between Democrat Party and violence so that was the other reason.

    • @shkspr78 s wrong spelling

    • @Yeng Choo Peng
      Who cares.

  15. Leeanne Dowdell | September 11, 2020 at 4:47 AM | Reply

    He can’t read a one page report on national security and keep his concentration let alone a book

  16. I like Presidents who don’t watch TV all day…

  17. MGIS Global Stats | September 11, 2020 at 9:56 AM | Reply

    Trump has access to the best intelligence in the world…
    Also Trump: “No thanks, I’m going to watch Fox instead.”

  18. “Trump begged China like a dog to help him win re-election”

    – The Lincoln Project.

  19. He watches Faux News 8 hrs a day, that’s how he gets his intelligence briefings.

  20. Really the best part is that the “evangelicals” are worshiping this Anti-Christ.

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