Trump’s 2016 Win, Two Impeachments Center On His Opposition To Democracy | All In | MSNBC

"In all three cases, the issue has always been the same," says Chris Hayes on Trump's 2016 win and two impeachments. "Fundamentally, this man does not believe in democracy.” Aired on 02/08/2021.
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Trump’s 2016 Win, Two Impeachments Center On His Opposition To Democracy | All In | MSNBC


  1. “I’ll be there with you.”.. Yeah right. and then Trump went back into the Whitehouse while dancing and watching on TV..🙄

    1. @Chris_P_Bacon he doesn’t walk because he thinks every physical activity reduces the energy of a person’s life-battery.
      I’m not joking, he really believes that.

  2. Look what has happened to the party of Abraham Lincoln which was so pro-abolition and now bows to white supremacy groups that assassinated Lincoln. It is certainly now there is nothing grand about it.🙄

    1. “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves from within.” Lincoln knew what was up, even with his own party.

    1. Cheaters are cowards that are constantly chasing the fantasy of what could be, instead of courageously addressing their own self destructive behaviour and cultivating what is into the betterment of tomorrow.

    2. @Liron Deline
      Also they’re insecure people. Imagine needing to cheat, because one is unable to achieve on one’s own. That makes for a very insecure person who resents others who have achieved success due to their hard work and their abilities/talents.

      That’s the reason why Trump resents Obama. He accused him of being a lousy student, despite the fact that Obama was elected president of the Harvard Law Review, while Trump had to pay a boy to take his SAT for him and have his sister do his homework. He demanded that Obama released his grades.

      When he became president, he sent threatening letters to all his schools if they released his grades. I heard that some friends his with ties to his schools were able to get all his information, so it would not get out to the public.

    3. @Kicky Agreed! 100%. Losing to Trump is the epitome of defeat and is crushing to him, to his ego, which is why he had done all he could to steal the election while accusing others of doing so. Always making himself look like the victim, perpetuating lies in his favour, deflecting so the focus and onus is not on him, putting others down to lift himself up, and cultivating sycophantic worship wherever and from whomever he can so he can feel loved. That is why he said he said he loved the insurrectionists and that they are special to him. All cult leaders and dictators are alike.

    4. @Liron Deline – It’s weird. Most people would have just cultivated a skill. Trump finds it easier to lie about having a skill and then payoff, intimidate or punish anyone that would say otherwise. I guess being daddy’s little tax shelter makes that an easier option.

  3. Trial?
    175K per annum, plus millions in kickbacks and campaign ‘donations’ vs what’s good for the country.
    They’ll vote to acquit

  4. Um, the voters decided in 2016 by 3 million votes that they didn’t want him, anyone bring that part up? Just curious.

    1. Craig, I also thought it interesting that he won in 2016 because of the electoral college. Then in 2020 he claimed the electoral college was rigged.

  5. The GOP had a criminal in their trial, but made it so there was no evidence. They then voted to let him go using “he has learned his lesson” as their excuse. So this same criminal comes back and murders people, 5 people died. The GOP : “well his term is almost over, the 5 families will just have to get over it” The GOP are just as guilty for that murder of the Capitol police officer, one officer will lose an eye, and many injured, and the deaths of all those followers that died as well. The real threat to America is not only Trump and his followers are the GOP who fanned it and also let him go.

  6. If Republicans played in the Super Bowl, the goalposts and end zone would be in the car park.

    1. And once they got to the car park, that republicans would complain that you can’t play a game that isn’t held in the stadium.

    1. Lol Mee too..!!!! Can’t wait. And the AG of New York, what is she waiting for? She said she was going to pursue trump criminally as soon as he left office. perhaps not verbatim but… I wish she would put a move on and charge him.
      So yea, I guess we all could go on about dumb azz all night because his ridiculousness has been out of control since the beginning. SMH

  7. Incredibly well put Chris. These are the facts folks, and it is objective fact that anyone who disagrees is not only wrong but misguided.

  8. I will forever tell my children and their grandchildren about January 6th, 2021. The day our democracy was attacked against a group of cultist individuals which did not like the outcome of an election.

  9. I wish you were able to make this argument on the Senate floor tomorrow, Chris. Lets all pray that the Managers can do as good a job getting these points across.

  10. “Let the voters decide” the GOP.
    9 months later…
    “We will fight the results of this election through the courts”
    also the GOP

  11. “To His Core He Is A Cheater”! We Were Warned…And Look What Else He’s Done…If He’s Allowed No Repercussions…. He’ll Think He’s Untouchable!

  12. he didn’t pay bills to the builders of his properties , he cheats everyone he can, we really can’t trust him as a leader ever, please get rid of him so that children can grow up and not have to hear or see our country being run by anyone like him.

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