Trump’s 2021 Legal Nightmare Turns On Money Man Who Flipped Before 1

Trump’s 2021 Legal Nightmare Turns On Money Man Who Flipped Before


The Trump Org now faces a criminal probe putting heat on a CFO who has cooperated with investigators before – up to a point. MSNBC’s Ari Melber reports on Allen Weisselberg’s key role in the case, with detailed reports on his rise through the Trump Org and original reporting drawing on interviews with people cooperating with the new probe and other eyewitnesses — with one saying he must be “shaking in his boots.” (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. America’s best day is soon to come…….a national holiday will be formed when the Trump crime family goes to prison!

    1. @BigBad Daddy tour? Must be the family genes from all the siblings breeding together, then we end up with the ones like you

    1. @PIPE DOWN We have antifa.. rising prices on EVERYTHING.. Thousands of folks rushing over the border for free food, housing, money free health care. Yeah that’s better.. . Oh well.. it’s only the Taxpayers.. money…

    2. @Star Gazer Yes, we have antifa and insurrectionists, yes prices go up inflation, people coming over borders, since the beginning, and it’s ALL ABOUT YOUR MONEY. Never forget that.

    3. @Star Gazer same as what happened in 2019 under Trump. Thousands flooding the border. So I guess Biden should do what Trump did and separate families in violation of court order?

    4. @camwyn256 No he should flood the USA with migrants and charge the American people and make the cartel rich while they abuse women and children. He should allow drugs to flood into our country just like he’s doing..He should put the Americans last like he’s doing that’s always a good plan..

  2. The whining from our fake weak ex-president is almost unbearable and at the same time extremely hilarious. I can’t wait until the royal orange crime family starts flipping on each other. Let the laughs keep rolling!

    1. Overall I almost blame the politicians who KNEW BETTER but did nothing to stop this overall insane crazy train .
      Trump is what he is , and always has been, but there are MANY around in powerful positions, that knew better about many things , and did nothing. Pfft smh

    1. @Cliff Medina hardly. He was instrumental to HIV research and med development among many other hallmarks. He just had to work with Trump, and that could make anyone short circuit. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is wall eyed for good reason.

    2. @Tricia C Trump said he had been taking it early in the pandemic. Got sick though anyway, didn’t he.

    3. Have the republican’ts taught you nothing? You can’t trust what you see with your own eyes.

    4. @Joseph Torres That’s a serious accusation son !!! Can you provide proof of your claim!?! You just managed to become … libel of slander.

    5. @Austin Houde nor what is technologically recorded or heard. Within 48 hours, the firehosing and sometimes gaslighting begins. And the cult is most gullible. Trump learned these Russian techniques extremely well. Master Putin student.

    1. Love it, but it’s weird when Ari deadpan reports his news segment then segues into a rap song. It’s awkwardly insightful.

  3. I hope the wheels of justice will speed up a little more. I’d like to see justice before I croak!

    1. You can actually get ticks from sleeping around dogs .
      Blood sucking ticks , make fleas a minor annoyance.

    2. And when you sleep with hookers you get VD. Some people believe that the Petulant Putz suffers from tertiary syphilis. When you combine that with Alzheimer’s the dumb POS is finished.

    3. @Woody Guthrie Not to mention the chronic cocaine use (literally over decades), and his current coctail of self-medications (adderol, etc.) He’s an Elvis-MJackson hybrid in XXL industral-strenth diapers!

    1. @Amy Church AC…they serve and typically are humble…the opposite of these folks

      For what does it profit a man to own the whole world, yet loose his soul

    2. @CLUTCH_AND STICK CS..fasten your seat belts, we are about to move into Chapter 3 of The Fall of the House of Trump: the indictments and prosecutions phase

      Chapter 1: The Inception and raping and pillaging years

      Chapter 2: The Presidential Grifters

      Chapter 3: Indictments and prosecutions phase

    1. @Ric Linder bluebirds I spy??? Is that the game ??? Farm yard animals only ??? Well, you are the EXPERT.

    2. @Philip J Fry You fools really do need your Cheeto God to send you new scripts. These sound bites you keep quoting are getting very stale and old. Can’t you think for yourself? Oh, never mind LMAO.

    1. He doesn’t tip either the only tipping he’s doing these days is himself with his heavy diaper tipping him forward yighh

    1. @Kteka, TheU2001 MIA is another Trump cultist. They can’t stand that their cult leader has been caught.

  4. When you are in an organised crime family being “fiercely loyal” is a must, right up until you go into witness protection.

  5. So? He wrote about him in a book? Oops! There goes his standard “I don’t know him” defense.

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