Trump’s ‘Attempted Coup’: Bombshell Evidence Reveals How Close Trump Came To Overthrowing Democracy 1

Trump’s ‘Attempted Coup’: Bombshell Evidence Reveals How Close Trump Came To Overthrowing Democracy


New evidence confirms Trump pressed the DOJ to overturn the 2020 election, prompting many to call his efforts a “coup attempt.” Emails show DOJ officials rejected their own colleague’s request to intervene in Georgia’s election certification, according to ABC News. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber breaks down the evidence revealing how deep this pressure went and what to expect as the investigation unfolds.
(This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @blqest,

      Not a single charge?

      That’s actually being charged.

      Trump U.
      And gone.

      His company indicted several times.

      The Trump Foundation.
      And gone.

      You are actually correct.
      My bad.

      “not a single charge”
      But MANY charges.
      And more coming.

    2. @Bob Brown aleluya!! Amen brother. With a hint of socialism. Funny but a Cuban friend once told me that the Sunday school in Cuba was about the community problems more than a worshiping assembly. If course they sang and everything but the church was more an opportunity for solidarity. At least his church was. Saludos!! Solidarity forever!!

    3. @Dougie Ellis,

      So much unfounded fear and hate.

      Exactly what has Biden done?
      Delusional paranoia and conspiracy theory don’t count.

  1. Ari, I am not fatigued over the stories. I’m fatigued over someone isn’t in handcuffs and being processed.

    1. Vote smart America we know who is who now, vote smart for a better nation let’s end the trump circus and oust his clowns

    2. @LLL
      He’s always lying. He wanted to be a dictator. He wanted to keep grifting. He wanted to stay out of prison.
      Poor widdle donnie, not getting everything he wanted. Boo hoo

    1. YES, and they have been laying ground work for this in state and county governments since Reagan.

    2. Remember those Democrats that fleed TX, so they wouldn’t have to do their jobs. Remember how some of them have warrants for their arrest?

      Wait…they got COVID, too, didn’t they? I guess they should have followed their own rules.

    1. To try and salvage whatever marketability he has left, obviously. Barr doesn’t care about democracy so much as the eye on the back of the dollar bill and a government leaning towards executive authoritarianism.

    2. @Ryan Shannon My opinion is that Barr is an idealogue. He leans towards authoritarianism, however, I think a coup was a bridge too far for him. He also probably doesn’t want to go to jail.

  2. I love the way that in all the letters shown on the screen, these politicians have got the brass neck to call themselves “honorable”. The human capacity for self-delusion is truly infinite.

    1. Nancy is responsible for that mess on 1/6 and it’s not an insurrection. the only guns were the police that killed an unarmed woman. did you watch it on MSNBC that day? did you see the police move the barracades and wave the people in? sure you did. don’t you think that was odd? I did! and the camera men… talk about staged, who let in the camera men that were always AHEAD of the people. put the politics aside and look at it thru your detective eyes and tell me what you see. Trump asked the mayor and Nancy if he should call in national guard they refused the offer. why? why were there bus loads of antifa reported on the freeway to the police by travelers. just saying, something to think about.

    2. @Joe Sanchez so smart people are supporting Joe Biden. are you one of those smart socialist Democrats joe?

  3. I just hope he sees the inside of a prison before his hamburger heart gives out. But more than anything i hope people on the Right start to see the truth of it all.

    1. They obviously do. Ties have been cut, no one’s talking about “the stolen election” in government, and they are already finding new leaders to rally behind. The cult was dissolved after Jan 6 woke everyone up.

    2. @Wrecking Crew I don’t think so TIM!!!!! The nut jobs are still being hard rights. Where are you getting your information from? Whatever!

  4. It’s obvious: Barr and Pompeo are in league with Trump: They knew about Trump’s coup attempt.

    1. @Lord Nelson 2.0 .

    2. @cheryl begue nope… reality! But then you know nothing, after all, you listen to the MSM, wake up

  5. So for, a lot of talking, but not too much action to indict him, find him guilty, and condemn him to jail for the rest of his life, the result he deserves in fact.

  6. Will the justice dept. ever get enough to send this man to prison. He has done more to upset American democracy than any other foreign dictator.

    1. there’s not anything. face it Trump tried to warn everyone about how bad the government has gotten which you would have known if you had been paying attention for the last few years. and raffensburger lied and nyt issued a correction. MSNBC stop lying to us!

    2. @mary cauffield you have to be deaf dumb and blind if you think trump was trying to “warn us” there’s literally unrefutable proof trump tried himself to steal the election and yet your still backing the wannabe orange dictator.

    3. @mary cauffield,

      And then he made it worse.
      You weren’t paying attention for 4 years?

      But you’re happy with Fox, OAN, Newsmax and Sky lying to you.

  7. It’s interesting that politicians are still given the official title “Honorable” when most are anything but that these days.

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