‘Trying To Hide’: Trump’s Tax Nightmare Coming True?

Citizen Donald Trump is attempting to block the Treasury Department from handing his tax returns over to Congress, accusing them of looking for something embarrassing. The DOJ has ruled his tax returns can go to the House Committee on Ways and Means. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports on the update in the case. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. So Trump is worried they might find something embarrasing 🤣😅🤣 or is it more like, “something incriminating” 😅🤣😅🤣😅

    1. @Mike Felix A lot of the time I go to peoples channels to see when they started or What if any content they have. My channel has lots of interesting free entertainment I have found on You Tube,,Lots of movies, SNL and stuff that interests me. Keep smart my friend

    2. That’s a cute understatement.
      Trump incarnates EMBARRASSMENT . Place him along the “nuttiest” fourth world dictators, only one with a missing brain. America, you have lost you greatness once again.

    3. @Sandeep Mirchandani You would think he would recognize the lunacy by looking in the mirror. I wonder if he can look at himself in one, unless it’s a fake one with President Jackson in it.

    1. [Devil’s advocate:] Trump’s tax returns might even have been fully in compliance, but would expose activity which voters would find disgusting.

    1. @The media is not your Friend exactly. He didn’t hide his birth certificate, unlike Trump who is obviously hiding something with his tax returns. Otherwise he just would have shown them a long time ago, like every other president who had no problem doing it. Trump is a grifter, period.

    2. @Jerry Beloin Candice Owen is nothing but a sell-out to her own people who will do anything for 15 minutes of fame. Or money. She is an absolute joke. Her latest? Trying to make a big thing out of the latest Disney Cinderella story with Gonzo from The Muppets. Once again trying to stay relevant. What an absolute joke of a human being she is.

    3. Don’t think they’re that scared, it’ll just get tied up in the legal system for as long as he’s alive.

    1. C .R. E. E. P. S.

    2. The slipperiest fish seems to still be in control of “the American depts. of justice ” and
      of the corrupt enablers in Congress that keep the tinpot dictator’s lies swirling.

    3. @MIKE VON BACH And also “depts of JUSTICE??¿??!” that take yrs. to cover for Trump over the wishes of many Americans who want to know
      exactly why this crazy individual
      is so endearing to the power brokers in govt.

    4. Do you ever hear him late at night clawing at your bedroom window and whispering Satantic incantations, and then you sit up and see red, glowing eyes right outside, staring piercingly into your very soul, and you have a strong feeling that if you hadn’t stopped him with your Dementiacrat equity he would have stolen it away? That’s one way the Republicans can gitcha, you know.

    1. @Josie Fox — they are starting to be fined for filing frivolous cases, made to pay the court costs and attorney fees associated with those cases and it’s about time, the bar association needs to continue disbarment of his attorneys also 😊👍

  2. If this was an poor or middle class person they would be in jail.
    Money does talk when you can afford many lawyers

    1. True. One thing the rich can do is to keep their criminality in the civil jurisdiction. What this means is, they are allowed to calculate their criminality as a business risk.

    2. Insiders in this country don’t go to jail. This is all a show, true elites and insiders don’t go to jail in America. Only their flunkies do. It’s hilarious that the media still keeps beating this horse. He’s never going to jail ever.

    3. Sounds like good old American Corruption to me. What a govt. !! –still holding back evidence of Trump’s wrongdoing after all the flagrant lying, as about the election being stolen, and after dozens of his cronies having witnessed his madness while in the White House. If anyone even believes the USA is a democracy anymore, it’s time
      for such a person to doubt and
      just ponder what could be going on behind well-guarded walls .

  3. Oh Ari, don’t we know by now that Donald is hiding something. He would do anything to stop it or waste time until no one cares.

    1. What can be worse than we allready know? Or is he afraid of Putin or the crown prince, some mafia or some bank If certain facts are about to be disclosed?

    2. @Okkie Trooy confirmation, facts. No room for denial. That’s what is worse, right now he can say it’s a witch hunt, it’s fake news. But evidence changes everything.

    1. @J Paul I remember that…she had the 1040 and not the actual return with all of the supporting documents – that was make clear…you would not know these things if you only file 1040-EZ.

    2. @J Paul Remind me of the tax loopholes the Trump Administration attempted to removed. You seem to have what I call “selective memory”. It flourishes among the lesser learned. Hopefully you, as this small topic, been enlightened. You are more than welcomed.

    3. @Larry Ames Larry, I will match wits and degrees with you any time. Why is it so necessary for leftists to believe they are more intelligent than everyone else? Why not address the issue versus insulting my intelligence? Again, if Trump evaded taxes it would have been leaked long before he got elected.
      (D) Senator Harry Reid who lied about Romney “not paying his taxes for 10 years” in 2012, when asked why he said that knowing it was not true, answered, “We won, didn’t we.” There it is. The democrat’s the end justifies the means.

    4. @J Paul obviously wits and degrees are not necessary in this instance. It only takes one with common sense, left or right, to know that trump is a crook, who’s avoided paying taxes for many years. Common sense tells anyone that this is why he’s so adamant that they don’t get his taxes.

  4. There’s nothing criminal about owing millions to Russian oligarchs or pretending to be rich. But it sure is embarrassing when the world finds out 😂

    1. If it is true, he was severely compromised and shouldn’t have been eligible for the Presidency. We can’t have a POTUS making policy decisions that could dramatically effect his bottom line and financial reputation, particularly when his bottom line is significantly tied to foreign entities and hostile governments. If you ask me, this is why he didn’t release his taxes; and I suspect he undervalued assets to pay less taxes, and overvalued them to secure loans – all of which is illegal.

    2. @D SP that may be true but imagine all the damage Dump can do to the US if he drags this all the way to the Supreme Court… it could be years before we see his tax returns

    3. It actually can be extremely illegal to pretend to be rich. Overvaluing your net worth on financial documents (such as loan applications), even just once, constitutes multiple felonies.

    4. The Russian oligarchs will soon want their money back. And guys like that REALLY want their money back.

  5. Baron will be gluing in his dentures while watching his grandkids play on their gilded swing set next to the Melania Trump memorial swan fountains before we see those taxes.

    1. That’s the most vividly-imagined and well-described hallucination I’ve ever heard from a Bidenfly. Must be off your anti-TDS meds.

  6. Enough of the stall, let’s get this show on the road. His delays are absurd. The courts need to EXPEDITE decisions and get this done.

    1. @Steve Wildman That was Cold and you hit the nail on the head and Tell the truth and shame the devil.

  7. He’s projecting by saying all that want to see is something to embarrass him. If he has nothing left to embarass, then nothing left to hide.

  8. What is it he says about the Arizona audit, “If they aren’t hiding something why don’t the just give us what we want?” What you hiding Donnie?

    1. Trump stinks of guilt. It is a shame he can do so much to put off Justice. Pulling down a high profile tax cheat is in the public interest as a warning to other powerful tax cheaters.

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