Trump’s attorney speaks after jury finds Trump liable for sexual abuse and defamation

Former President Donald Trump's attorney Joe Tacopina spoke to reporters after a jury found Trump liable for sexual abuse and defamation. CNN's Laura Coates breaks down his response. #CNN #News


  1. something tells me his lawyer is going to have to threaten to sue or sue for payment.

    1. Exactly. If he’s been given a check cash it quickly. I would demand direct deposit

    2. I think he knows that and he viewed this as his audition reel for being a legal expert on Fox. He probably 4:16 spent more time going on talk shows than preparing his defense

    3. Part of me loves it when a lawyer (potentially) doesn’t get paid for all their time and photocopy paper.

  2. A crook, a conman and a traitor walk into a Courtroom. The Judge asks “How do you plead Mr Trump?”

  3. Trump’s attorney: “Now that this is over, my only concern is whether or not my client is going to pay me for my legal fees.” 🤣🤣

    1. Well he did get his 5 minutes of fame, but now it’s reverse marketing. He loses cases.

    2. Far from over. Tons of cases get overturned in appeals court. Especially ones against those with the power to fight them.

  4. A month from now, Trump will be calling this guy a moron, blaming him for losing, and saying he’s suing him for misrepresentation.

    1. No, it’s not over. And he will not be fired. Many big-time lawyers say his lawyers are good. Also, there are many lawyers on that team.

  5. This is the voice of a man who is afraid of all the things he has done for his client and what his client wants to do to him

    1. @Evelyn Case asking a question like that might get you in trouble with his client, best of luck to you friend

    2. Of course there will be an appeal, appeal, appeal. He try and spin it out, so he doesn’t have to pay, E.J.C

  6. He looks very frustrated and nervous. Tbh Roy Wood Jr said it best at the Correspondent’s Dinner: “Ask any Republican to define CRT. It’s like asking a Democrat to explain the charges against Trump.” I’ve lost track of all the investigations and cases against this guy. At this point I just grab the popcorn to watch his hard-earned public humiliation.

    1. Oh yeah, he looks *and sounds nervous* 😆. He knows he is going to get the blame followed by the customary Trump boot.

  7. Trump’s defence: We would have won if the jury was restricted from seeing the evidence. LOL

  8. “Having him (Trump) being here would have made it more of a circus” at least that part was truthful😂

    1. My hope is that the second E Jean Carroll case goes to court and the judge says right off the bat to trump are you testifying or going to Ireland.

    2. @Connie My hope, also, is that the 2nd jury awards her $10 million.
      He should cut his losses and not appeal.

  9. This months lawyer knows damn well this was not a ‘rape’ case. It was defamation. It’s that kind of disingenuousness that assisted the verdict no doubt. Why does everyone Florida Man comes into contact with, end up with LESS than when they started? Whether it be their job, freedom, finances or reputation. No-one remains unscathed. 🌹❤️

    1. Because he is a parasite. He infects a host,uses it up,then moves to the next host

  10. Yo, Tacopina, if you don’t want your client to be called a rapist, tell him not to rape.

    1. Lots of us manage to get through life without that accusation. That’s due to not raping anybody.

    2. @Lamont Cranston , Just because the jury didn’t call him a rapist, doesn’t mean he’s not one. He even called himself one “grab them by “.

  11. “He’s ready to move forward.” Yeah with poor people financing his legal problems even further

  12. Imagine being caught on camera saying you would totally kill a person and then you end up on trial for killing a person. Then your lawyer tries to argue that shouldn’t be permitted.

    1. Saying you wish someone is dead or that you would like to kill them is very different from actually committing a murder. Making statements like that make you a suspect, but only actually doing the crime makes you guilty. Determining guilt is supposed to be based on actual evidence.

    2. ​@PaintedSaying “I don’t even think about it, I just stab whenever I walk by some people” should be considered a confession that you walk around stabbing people sometimes.
      He literally said that he doesn’t ask or think about it, that he just grabs and starts kissing.

  13. Judge: “Mr. Trump you are welcome to come testify. I grant you an EXTENSION until Sunday.” Trump: “I WAS SILENCED!!”

  14. The Access Hollywood tape is definitely relevant in this case. It speaks to your client character.

    1. What two men talking about sex with woman, OH what a sin. Lol happens all the time. Quit acting so holy! That tape was funny. He never said you can force a woman he simply said they will let you!

    2. So a man talking about have sex with women proves he is a racist. I listened to the tape and not once did he say he forced himself on anyone. So it wrong to talk in private about sex. You just wanted him to be guilty. But it’s not over.

  15. “Can’t get a fair trial with these jury members we couldn’t examine!”

    “Jury found my client not guilty of rape so they are legit”.

    1. ​@Just Sayin’ because of trumps history of attacking them in the media. He sure seems to have a lot to say when he is not under oath or subject to cross examination.

  16. Access Hollywood helped to win the argument. However, him confusing Carroll (not his type) for Marla (his former wife – his type), sealed his coffin 😂

    1. That tape proved nothing
      I listened to it. Two men discussed having sex what a sin. And he never said he forced anyone. He said they will let you. I thought it was funny!

    2. Didn’t need show the jury the Access Hollywood tape – Trump’s own words were enough for him to lose this case.

  17. I like how he said that Trump can’t get a fair trial, but he never showed up to defend himself….🤔

    1. @Brian Wurch Yea. Trump never showed up to defend himself. If he were innocent, he would have.

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