1. These Republicans who have now β€œseen the light” are laughable. They’re just trying to resurrect their ruined reputations

    1. The Capitol has only been looted twice in US history.
      The first time the Capitol got looted was in 1814.
      That monumental historical event is of course very well documented, it has been described and analyzed in hundreds of books, articles and documentaries, and there has of course been made movies about it.
      That is more than 200 years ago now, but it is not forgotten and it will never be.
      It is an indelible part of our history whether we like it or not.
      It can never be erased.

    2. Speaking of the old compulsive liar, how come President Reject Trump’s ghostwritten book “The Art of The Deal” is such an incredibly lengthy and boring read?

      The reason why President Reject Trump’s ghostwritten book “The Art of The Deal” is such an incredibly lengthy and boring read, is of course that it has no less than six Chapter 11’s πŸŽƒ πŸ“™

  2. Ah yes, those who can’t think for themselves are the ones who are trying to convince you that a 75 year old reality TV β€œ Star” who willingly paints himself orange, with 6 bankruptcies, zero understanding of the geo political world we live in.. who failed his oath as President … and you expect this mistake to represent the Republican Party for 2024? And you people expect to win?

    1. @gacj2010 I don’t know why you thought just continuing to ignore all the stuff that came before that that also detrimentally affected the economy, is that you are intentionally ignoring, was going to magically go away if you just kept ignoring it.

  3. Mulvaney has a sweet gig now, making paid appearances on mainstream media networks while enjoying a quiet rehabilitation… After acting reprehensibly during the Trump administration and exhibiting borderline criminal behavior. How lovely.

  4. Can we not even discuss him running again?! There is NO WAY that man should be allowed to run again when he should be in jail!

    1. @Elrod Jenkins lV wtf are you talking about?!? Christian fascism? What the hell is that? You are πŸ€ͺ

  5. I have changed my phone twice since January 2020. I have managed to do this without losing any texts, data, etc. Yet, I am of Trump’s age, so mobile phones are hardly part of my DNA and my knowledge of electronics and IT is less than my awareness of the writings of Epictetus or Thucydides. πŸ€”πŸ™„. So the Secret Service Director’s story is as credible as Herschell Walker having no kids, holding a PhD from Harvard, and being a member of Mensa.

  6. Is everyone forgetting that Mulvaney didn’t want him to run in 2016? History is repeating itself again

  7. No it wasn’t second hand hearsay!! Dudes in the car told her, now others say it DID happen. Simple and PLAIN

  8. Could republicans be anymore corrupt? The secret service needs to be purged and re-organized. This country is in serious trouble.

    1. Watching the slow moving accident, the downfall of the US, how can you not see the forest through the trees. Fall of America

    2. USA in the 1950s: the greatest superpower in the world
      USA in the 2010s: the greatest supermoronic country in the world

    1. If they had agreed to put people on the committee his side would gAve been represented. Thanks, McCarthy.

    2. @MuchoEd Donald Trump has a bad habit of telling on himself and admitting to crimes

    3. @MuchoEdWell, enjoy Fox News and Truth Social – information sources you can trust – lol.

  9. Government under Republicans is not made smaller but simply diverted to serve a handful of interests.

  10. All these criminals are now coming out trying to make themselves sounds like heroes when they all know they should be behind bars with the Pink Panther.

  11. That’s flattering “I don’t believe he is a long-time planner” which is a really great look for a president of the USA. He should put that on his resume. How little is expected of the previous president is ridiculous by the people around him.

  12. Geeze, I missed something, in 4 years of Trump, I saw him standing up for everyone and thing BUT the “middle class”.

  13. If Trumps upset he’s not being treated fairly by the hearings, I’m sure the bi – partisan committee would welcome him with open arms, allowing him the opportunity to testify under oath!

    1. Raskin explained nobody wants him to appear because he lies so much. Being sworn in is hardly a deterrent, once he wakes up he’s ready to lie.

  14. Mick Mulvaney is one of these politicians who felt he represented the BIG $$$ DONORS and wouldn’t give the average constituent the time of day and said same out loud in public. He is one of these Republicans who look upon the poor as if they were garbage. TheReaper!

  15. John’s face when Mick was trying to explain away Bolton’s comment about helping plan coups. Priceless.

  16. If Donald Trump wants representation at the committee, he’s always been welcome to testify under oath

  17. “If you’re a Republican, you can’t even lie to Congress or lie to an FBI agent.” Rep. Louie Gohmert (R)

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