1. Putin is the best president in the world because he is patient and he means what he says.When he speaks they all stammer!!!!

    1. @Evidence Only Trump has already tried. The whole world saw your determination and the determination of North Korea.

    2. @Evidence Only Let’s look at you when Russia lowers your howitzers and Javelins in the north)) And something from myself)) Although it would be right to build them a couple of nuclear power plants So that they can develop

    1. @Templar – so, if we were serious about Russia and it’s war in Ukraine, you’d call out our own government for illegally occupying Syrian territory, like we are TODAY. The UN still recognizes the Assad government as the leader of Syria. Assad asked the Russians and Iranians to fight extremist. They didn’t ask us. So be consistent. If you think the US being in Syria is ok but Russia being in Ukraine is not, then you don’t really care about what the UN charter says.

    1. Trump and Putin will never see a day of peace for the rest of their lives.
      Lololololol ✌🏾

    2. @Evidence Only you’ll never think with your own brain. Guess what they’re both better off.

  1. What has the killing of civilians & destructions of schools, hospitals, shopping malls & residential buildings has to do with ‘Special Military Operation’ in Ukraine..
    Russia is only disgracing it’s self & losing respects of nations around the world.

    1. @Claire such a conclusion can make a 2 year old only. I thought you were an adult able to use the brain

  2. Russia, Putin, and ALL the Russian soldiers who have been involved with this insane war must be made to realise the level of depravity they have stooped to. AND it must NEVER be forgotten!!! Especially by future Russians, but also the whole world.

  3. They should be declared a terrorist state and Putin imprisoned for war crimes. 
    To hell with politics, why isn’t the U.S. and NATO doing more?

    1. You want nuclear war over a poor cold country? Idk about you but my country has nothing to do with Europe’s problems.

    2. @Chancellor Palpatine AKA The Senate they said people in 3rd world countries love russia more than themselves. While wanna sacrifice the entire human race for the poorest country in Eu🤣

    1. Terrifying that the president of Ukraine would subject his people to this when he had a dozen opportunities to avert war and he could call a stop to it at any time if he wanted to.

  4. What if the V ^ comes from Belarus, heads toward Moldova and towards Dnipro or Kharkiv? Cutting off Kiev?

  5. It’s amazing they capture every other missile hitting a target but they never captured a plane hitting The Pentagon. Still Waiting for the evidence.

  6. “Few are aware of the fearful extent to which this nefarious business, this worse than devilish practice, is carried on in all classes of society! Many a woman determines that she will not become a mother, and subjects herself to the vilest treatment, committing the basest crime to carry out her purpose. And many a man, who has ‘as many children as he can support.’ instead of restraining his passions, aids in the destruction of the babes he has begotten.

    “The sin lies at the door of both parents in equal measure; for the father, although he may not always aid in the murder, is always accessory to it, in that he induces, and sometimes even forces upon the mother the condition which he knows will lead to the commission of this crime.

    “But the effort to destroy the child is many times unsuccessful, and the little one is born with murder in his heart, stamped there by the murderous intentions of his own mother. And what wonder that these inborn passions should lead him to the lowest depths of degradation both as regards the body and the soul! Many a child lives to mature years, dwarfed and deformed in body, and irritable and imbecile in mind, a disgrace to himself and to the race, who might have been a model of beauty and strength, both physically and mentally, but for the attempts of his parents to destroy his life before he was born.

    “And besides all this, the consequences of such a practice are most disastrous both upon the physical and moral nature of those whose souls are stained with this terrible sin. The general health of the mother is often ruined, and the generative organs seriously injured. No system can endure the shock produced by this unnatural crime without being more or less impaired, while many a woman meets death as a penalty for her sin; others live, but are never again in a condition to conceive, and often suffer constantly in consequence of their fiendish endeavors; while others still are enabled to bear children, but with such anguish as no tongue may tell, and the child thus born is frequently a curse to himself and all with whom he is connected.”

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