Trump’s Inside Job Busted By Barr’s Replacement In 2021 Testimony

After Attorney General Bill Barr resigned, the Trump Department of Justice faced an internal civil war over 2020 plot to overthrow the election. A DOJ veteran is now blowing the whistle on how far Trump’s push to overturn democracy went, revealing an insider who was pushing for action in Georgia based on the big lie. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. Sadly, this new information doesn’t matter one hill of beans if our current AG, garland, fails to act on it.

    1. @Carol Edmonds
      Largely not relevant to my point. Given his age and health, and the average time between conviction and execution in other cases, he’d only have to be average to be likely to die before any execution.

    2. @Liz Pedano his lawyers wouldn’t allow him to testify at either of his impeachment trials;his unrealiability as a defense witness is the reason–he can’t be expected not to commit perjury. His mental and emotional instability is why he can’t participate in his own defense.

    3. @Red Alert 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    4. The military held firm as it was supposed to do. This gives Garland time to investigate quietly as they are supposed to do and Congress time to build stronger guardrails. For the sake of literal national security, one of the two political parties needs to have time to come to its senses. About 15% of that 70m have become fully radicalized and the rest of the sheep would buy into whatever lies they are told. That 85% of the GQP that still identifies as “American” rather than Trump-meme-istanian needs to be peeled off one scandal revelation at a time. Otherwise, the intense civil discord that would result from a current political party arresting high ranking members of the opposition party would make us very vulnerable to other threat actors inside and outside our borders.
      They know this and it is part of the hostage situation. It is a very complicated situation with so many fail-safe nuances built into it that I seriously doubt the greatest enemy generals could have crafted it – but a Mercer could have easily repurposed his quants to craft it – I digress
      A time may come when Justice must move swiftly but nobody is going to like the landscape if that happens. For now, let the pure devious criminality of trumpmemistan sink into their heads – if they stick with it, they do eventually become the direct enemies of liberal Democracy and our very republic.

    5. @Gary Kubodera He should be, but you don’t rush stuff like this. Cases like this take a year or two to fully build. We’ve seen before what happens when emotions and public pressure rush cases. Want an example? George Zimmerman. Someone that clearly should have been behind bars, and evidence that was discovered after the fact proved it, but because of public pressure including incredible biases like MSNBC actually editing a phone call then airing it the prosecution rushed to trial and the case suffered.
      Do not rush legal matters. Ever. People need to learn this lesson. Every i needs to be dotted and every t crossed. One mistake, one, and it can all fall apart.

    1. @Crittermama Little boy White supremacists is a idea not a real group but we saw ANTIFA AND BLM BURN LOOT MURDER KILLED OVER 40 PEOPLE AND CAUSED OVER A BILLION DOLLARS IN 💵 DAMAGES!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Why is Trump and his minions out walking around? Stop the talk Start the Walk! Trump must be stopped!

    1. C’mon, communists, are we gonna eventually set a NEW RECORD
      for “simple math incompetency” ?..👈😁

      Geez, you all are
      a pathetic lot….👈😂……

      You know, when you use a number
      in a “covid/vax” stat, nobody gonna
      take you seriously…👈🤣…

    2. @Joseph P HoldmeupJill
      The only problem I see equals 0
      -0 if count the stupid emojis annoying people for having an opinion! Do you feel grown up and big being a bully and annoying?

      We’ve already established that
      you have no math skills…👈😁…

      😁👉 Send it to CNN, and wait
      for don lemon to TELL YOU…👈🤣…

    4. @Joseph P HoldmeupJill Who is We’ve? I think Jill dropped you !
      Kindergarten will start soon, then maybe you won’t be so bored! The simple math comments are so ignorant! Same person different accounts ! I’m done with both of you!

  3. If these people get away with this, the next tyrant who tries will get away with becoming a dictator.

    1. @MARSHAL BAEK that’s stupidity. You couldn’t coordinate the logistics you would be droned and taken out by the national guard and other Americans that carry that don’t agree with you.

    2. Sure, Trump has laid down the blueprint: stack the DOJ, SCOTUS and Governor offices of key states with compliant souls with low integrity. ‘The Best People’, as indicated by Mr. Trump.

    1. @Gerry “Castleman” Warde damned right… get all those corrupt liberals out of the fbi and doj and the white house

    2. Nat’l emergency was declared by trump to the us house. Read into the record at 12:04 PM “that day” verify.

  4. “We tried to rob the bank but was to stupid to pull it off.” WTF Laws in America only apply to the homeless, the poor, and the middle class

    1. America been this ignorant and disconnected for a very long time, what else is new, smh. It is absolutely appalling but more so sick what the love of that devil’s dollar does to lost and gullible souls in America..

  5. I bet Barr had an inkling of Trumps future “undermining options” and wanted OUT as soon as he could which was right before Christmas 2020.

  6. Trump still walked away free like Jefferson Davis. We can imagine whatever happened! Why is trump not in prison?

    1. Treason is defined in the US Constitution as being _only_ aiding an enemy of the USA during a war. Barr did lots of bad stuff that should be investigated but there was no war, so there was no treason.

  7. Remember, Bill Barr is the Republican fixer. He’s the one who prevented Reagan from facing any accountability for Iran Contra. And destroying democracy was evidently a bridge too far for him.

  8. Don’t let the fact that the Orange Clown did not pull off his coup attempt lull you into a false sense of security. Remember how Hitler was depicted by Charlie Chaplin in his movie The Great Dictator? History is full of clowns who rose to power.

  9. How hilarious: Trump calling other countries sh*t holes, when he was actively trying to turn his own country into a sewerage plant.

  10. Either the DOJ files charges or we can say good bye to American Democracy. If there is no accountablility the next attempt will succeed for they will be risking nothing to overthrough our Government.

    1. January 6 was a set up by the left, stop being so naïve listening to these Marxist /communist controlled liars.“Beware the useful idiots“.

  11. Why is Jeffrey Clark still working at DOJ? Why hasn’t Merrick Garland fired him? What more evidence do you need?

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