Former NYPD Commissioner: We Were Very Close To Losing Our Democracy On Jan 6th

Bill Bratton, former New York Police Department commissioner, is worried about the mental health of all Capitol Hill police due to the recent officers’ suicides stemming from PTSD from the insurrection
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  1. its about time more people are demanding Justice for Jan 6 i prey they will find the guillty and the D O J wil trow them all in jailand that includs the fool who strated all this crap TRUMP lock him up NOW

  2. I can’t believe that they are doing this to his family I’m praying for you guys I’m so sorry you lost your husband

  3. Some Republicans clowns helped move furniture to barricade themselves so the “tourists” wouldn’t get to them. Another republican hid in a bathroom with a civil war sword he took from the wall. What a family reunion!

    1. If it were black or Muslim people they wouldn’t have made it to the steps of the Capitol building before being shot

  4. Kimberly Guilfoyle’s televised scream therapy session “The best is yet to come!” was a warning sign of January 6th.

    1. She is on tape dancing to “Gloria” while watching the insurrection. She ruined that song forever for me.

  5. Holy smokes! Capitol Hill police officers have suffered injuries, heart attacks and finally, we lost four officers by suicide. It’s simple horrendous. Totally unacceptable. Losing a family’s health care insurance, and not covering any federal expenses, sounds about as terrible as …it gets! (My heart goes out to this family, who lost their father, due to January 6th.) It’s time for action on the select committee, which doesn’t meet until after Labor Day! We need to help these officers and their families. Time to honor their national service to our country. President Biden did a metal ceremony last week. It’s ceremonial. We need something better.

    1. Actually, the foreman said they will come back early. They are spending the break to gather together the evidence for the next hearing. They haven’t gone on vacation, really.

    2. Where are the Americans that should be on their side, to any officers who are having a hard time get a camera and let Americans know you will get help from Americans 🇺🇸🇺🇸

    3. I BELIEVE THE FIRST DEAD OFFICER’S AUTOPSY SHOULD BE REDONE. A HUMAN HEART CAN TAKE JUST SO MUCH. WHAT THEY WENT THRU ON Jan 6th was as traumatic as coming under attack by a foreign enemy. Let alone by Fellow citizens.

    4. Laura Ingrhram’s remarks are dispicable, even for her . This is what happens to all those that chose to follow Trump., they become just like him.

  6. McCarthy and McConnell are afraid if they rid their sinking ship of their rats there will be nothing left to the GOP.

    1. If only that were true, unfortunately there’s at least 70 million Americans who support the insurrectionalists and think Ashli Babbitt us some form of right wing martyr

    2. @Lord Vader The Leftie I hope that not all of them supported the coup attempt. Not all Republicans are in the cult.

    1. So who’s turning up the heat in your analogy? Because Biden won and you’re saying the water is still heating up….

    2. @Winston Smith Obviously the Jan 6th attack had no chance of success and trying to overthrow election results after the votes have been counted is pathetic and obvious but the GOP is turning up the heat with their gerrymandering and voter suppression tactics and enacting bills that would allow Republican led senates to dismiss election officials and decide election results. This is how democracies devolve into ‘competitive authoritarianisms’ (which of course in an oxymoron). I really fear for the future of democracy in America and I’m not just being hyperbolic.

    3. @LLG Gunderson If you’re correct about Republican led senates being able to dismiss election officials that is indeed serious. Maybe I’m ignorant about it because I tend to dismiss everything Democrats say as being hyperbolic. Sorta the Boy Who Cried Wolf. I’ll pay closer attention to the specifics of this voter suppression stuff in the future.

  7. IQ45: I won the “Loser of Year 2020” by hundreds of thousands of votes and I still want an extra 11780 votes.

  8. Until the GOP comes to terms with the REALITY of January 6th, they will remain the party of Crime and Chaos and have no right to even utter the words “law and order.”

  9. I find it troubling that it takes retirement for many republicans to come to their senses.
    Let’s help them retire early, VOTE ALL REPUBLICANS OUT OF OFFICE… ASAP!!!

  10. There’s overwhelming evidence of criminal intent and actions against congress and the nation, it’s past time for indictments and prosecutions of the criminal fascist orange menace and republicans in congress and government.

  11. I wouldn’t be so sanguine about putting that teaser title in past tense: we ARE in current danger of losing our democracy.

    1. Stolen elections aren’t democracy. Senile dictators who rule by executive order fiat aren’t democracy. Presidents who wilfully violate their constitutional oath by illegally holding our border open to flood our communities with drugs and hundreds of thousands of unvaxxed migrants aren’t democracy. Presidents who openly violate the constitution by getting social media companies to censor lawful speech aren’t democracy.

    2. Finally someone gets it. Trump’s pawns are still in power. Based on world history in dealing with the dictators he seeks to emulate, this is not a good idea.

  12. We are still on the edge of losing our democracy. What didn’t succeed in 2020 will succeed in 2022. It is being set up right now. And it will be perfectly legal unless it is made illegal by federal laws.

  13. “We were that close to losing our democracy that’s the reality of it.”

    And yet the Republican Senate still doesn’t want to investigate……..we are STILL close to losing our Democracy.

    1. Dems have control but Republicans are still in charge! Crazy times, Crazy times!!….if Barr was AG and a Dem. did this, that Dem and his cohorts would be in jail..

  14. We should put up statues of the officers who saved our country on January 6, 2021. THATS what they deserve.

  15. It is un-American to treat these officer’s as anything but heroic. We know what killed these men. The Teflon Donald and his presidential mafia continue to fight for the corporate world 🌎and the rest can be darned

  16. Mr. Bratton is refreshingly direct and clear in his message. I wish the politicians on both sides of the aisle would follow suit!

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