Sen. Dick Durbin On Trump Pressuring The DOJ About Election Results 1

Sen. Dick Durbin On Trump Pressuring The DOJ About Election Results


Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) discusses the testimony of former acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen which he says detailed the pressure the former president put on the Justice Department to cast doubt on the 2020 election results

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  1. Lock him up and throw away the key already. The man’s a clear and present danger to democracies worldwide.

    1. @Aliza Kessler You are supporting a man who put himself being re-elected above the oath he took to protect and defend our Constitution. Trump worked to stir up an insurrection, and tried to blackmail the justice department into supporting him in nullifying the results of a free and fair election that he lost.

    2. Obedience. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mask, a poke in the arm, or a climate emergency, “They” are going to continue to mandate obedience. That red icon to the left there will lead you to some short videos, watch one or two, leave a comment if you want to.

  2. Yup. It’s just difficult. Senator Dunbin of Illinois is eloquent. But, seriously the best we can do …is gather more information, which there is a ton of stuff. Trump is corrupt. January 6th still hangs us all up. Worse than Watergate. Hopefully, the select committee members will meet.. after Labor Day. Mark you calendars. I will!

    1. This starts in the church and their plot to turn America into a white christian nation. The (conservative) church going bigots of the GOP have been planning this since Reagan. Look at what Rush Limbaugh and Tucker Carlson are still doing on Fox news. And look at what the pastor’s of evangelical churches are still doing in their churches.

    2. @Daisy Mae; You are so right, we must end that tax-emption they enjoy, they are working against America!

    3. Oh nooooo. Babbling Biden and Malaise Mayorkas r THE 2 THAT NEED TO B N PRISON!!! THEY ALLOWED OVER 240,000 ILLEGALS TO CROSS OUR MEX BORDER JUST N JULY!!!! AND r housing and transporting them to YOUR neighborhood at YOUR EXPENSE. Then YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY THEIR MEDICAL, DENTAL, AND FOOD BILLS!!!!!

    4. @Whicker And Trump and his administration allowed 600,000+ people to die of COVID because he felt it was important to ‘play it down’ so as not to disrupt the market.

  3. I’d like to remind those who are always quick to bring up the intent of the “founding fathers”, that they intended for treasonous promoters of insurrection to be executed. IJS

    1. @Whicker Guess how many illegals cross in July of 2019? or even how many Illegals crossed despite the lock down during 2020? you’d be amazed 😀 Pretty funny it wasn’t such a big deal then, eh? BTW, Illegals cost you approximately 1% of your taxes (if you pay taxes) where as the Red States citizens cost us 30% of your paid taxes 🙂 perhaps you would like a better point of contention to work with?

    2. @Florida Man LOL the difference is that there are records of the crimes and arrests for the BLM riots vs your little “theory” that it was Antifa. Those people will have arrest records and going to jail vs “it was antifa that did jan 6th!” because it hurts your tiny feelings otherwise 🙂

    3. @FRAG OUT he check my record OUT !!!, the U tube thought police are killing my participation, they censor and belond in Chyna !!! perriod

  4. Yeah! he knew he was going to be toast if he didn’t come clean, lets hope he is the snowball that starts a avalanche.

  5. Have you ever seen a blatantly corrupt snake oil salesman, a totally failure as a business man (he couldn’t even run a charity or casino) get away with bloody murder, and for his entire life, and still now…. still now, still now!

  6. Is Trump Still stating He’s done nothing wrong ? I bet so and His Clan probably still does too. Lol. Lost cause ! A sick man.

    1. Chump will say and do whatever he wants in the moment if he feels it will serve his agenda, regardless of whether it makes sense or not; regardless of prevailing facts; regardless if what he says is truthful or not; and regardless if what he says is consistent with whatever he has ever said in the past. The same is true for most Republicans, except they are more likely to just go along with whatever Chump says, because, well … they’re spineless, gutless, bottom-feeding Chump-wannabees. BTW – Do not confuse Republicans with the spineless, gutless, bottom-feeding entertainers – NOT journalists – at FOX News (Nonsense Extremism for White Supremacists). They’re just a different bunch of spineless, gutless, bottom-feeding low lifes.

    2. Trump will never concede or admit to any crimes. He will play the grift to his grave. That is how he operates he has no conscience and will continue to play the victim. His followers need to realize he is not a patriot and neither are they

  7. When did gurlfriend Lindsey announce that he was positive for covid and was in attendance via Skype?

    1. @Grateful Fredly Hillary was found to have done nothing wrong by a republican congress. What are you trying to argue?

    2. @Shimrra who was Comey to say it was poor judgement. Where was the DOJ? Hypocrisy in full display and all those who drank that Kool aid.

    3. @Grateful Fredly Flavor-Aid not Kool-Aid. I didn’t even mention the DoJ. I said Congress. She was found to have done nothing wrong by a DoJ run by a republican-nominated appointee. She was found to have done nothing wrong by a republican Congress. Are they all RINOs?

    1. @neb unmasking happens all of the time. And the fact that Flynn pled guilty TWICE does nothing but reinforce the reason for his unmasking. When you are conducting foreign policy with a foreign power before the new administration is even sworn in, you get unmasked. Especially when the foreign power helped to get the new administration elected.

      But thanks for playing Trumptwit.

    2. @neb oh yeah, that “Obamagate” thing the trumpublicans got their panties in a bunch about a couple of years ago? that thing that Trump pushed meritless investigations about and came out with absolutely nothing? That thing?

    3. @neb flynn is a criminal, by accepting the pardon he acknowledges that he is guilty, he should be stripped of his pension.

  8. I hope they get all the GQP administration that’s were involved. Cruz from Texas, deport him to Cuba. Lock them all up for guiding the orange guy.

    1. sendthatphuck Rafael (real birth name) BACK to Canada (Rafael born there, ‘but where is the birth certificate, the long form?!?!?”} his father, ( the jfk killer assistant } is from Cuba

  9. Donnie has never been held responsible for his actions other than filing bankruptcies to get out of paying his bills.

    1. @super cool ohhh nooo??? What about a half million deaths for his irresponsible handle of pandemic ?? It was almost intentional the fact that the pandemic spread all around the country, maybe with the purpose of many adults died to avoid costs of Medicare, social security, retirement, etc, in one hand and deviet those savings to the Pentagon for new wars and in other hand for to make urgent the necessity of the vaccine for the whole population and the pharma make more much money if we have in count that Trump has stocks in Moderna. The biggest necessity for vaccine the biggest money make selling them.

  10. Bill Barr resigned because he knew what Trump was trying to do. Barr should be held to account for his part

    1. @super cool lol .. I love the uneducated! That’s you’re guy talking about you lol .. yall even root for this guy after he was exposed multiple times scamming yall .. lol

  11. So, if he is not impeached a third time (and found guilty of conspiracy to commit treason), will tRump be able to run in 2024 if he’s not yet imprisoned? We MUST make sure that there is no way this monster can continue to poison our culture and democracy. Please, AG Garland, move as quickly as possible to indict and try him.

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