Rep. Dean Wonders If Rosen Testimony Would’ve Made Difference In Second Impeachment 1

Rep. Dean Wonders If Rosen Testimony Would’ve Made Difference In Second Impeachment


Congresswoman Madeleine Dean (D-PA) is pleased that former Trump administration Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen has come forward to tell the truth about Trump’s purposeful effort to reverse the results of the 2020 election and questions if more Republicans would have acknowledged the facts if more Trump administration officials stepped forward  
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  1. I don’t think it would have made any difference. The GOP sycophants had already made up their minds to let him walk. Keeping their seats is the only thing they care about. On Election Day I hope the American voters remember how poorly served we have been by these jerks.

    1. The Republican’s have passed law’s enabling them to declare the winner regardless of the outcome of the elections, that’s why we need to do away with the fillibuster and pass the voters rights bill that McConnell is blocking, we shouldn’t need to pass this as we already had it until the supreme court through it out in 2012 on the grounds the law wasn’t needed anymore, we as a democratic republic are on the brink of disaster and becoming a autocracy

    2. Oh, keeping their seats isn’t the only thing they are concerned with.
      How much more obvious can it be that the “right” is trying to overthrow the American government?
      Seriously. Do they have to be successful to make that clear?!

    3. The American voters no longer matter, because the Republicans have now set up a mechanism through which they can always “win” elections without actually winning. And Republicans can do that now because the Democrats would rather complain than actually do anything about it.

    4. I’ll certainly never forget. Neither will anybody I know. I’ve yet to meet one person who has all their marbles AND supports the GOP.

  2. If trump…and his co-conspirators….get away with this, it will certainly lead to the end of our democracy sooner or later.

    1. What about all the people that just blew off subpoenas? Had that even happened before? It struck me as really odd at the time.

    2. @lenne02 Germany was the exact same thing…1930’s it was knowen as Antifaschistische Aktion…it was a movement against HITLER and we know how that went but years later it was just shortened to ANTIFA …the creepy part of all of this was Trump constantly saying antifa ….in a way it was like he was comparing himself to Hitler everytime he blamed protests…the big question is if he was sucessful in this coup would he have done the same thing like Hitler…

    1. @V for Wombat he declared himself the winner because it was statistically nearly impossible for him to lose unless there was massive fraud.

    2. He declared a national emergency on Jan 6th 2021 at 12:04 PM , you all got played. Presidential emergency powers activated.

    3. @Alex Bowman Yes I can … It’s a big lie! All races have moments when one or the other can pull in front and then get overtaken! It’s the point of having a race! It’s been proven over and over again in many courts that this election was fair and free and absolutely no evidence produced by trump and his cheating party to the contrary. Biden won because people were tired of his nonsense and the poor losers are trying to disenfranchise the majority vote ! How do you think you have the right to do that? … You do not!

    4. @Alex Bowman You question makes no sense! Of course turning states you need is what wins… Trump failed to do that which is why he lost.

    5. @Alex Bowman “because it was statistically nearly impossible”
      [1] it was not, that’s a right wing lie.
      and [2] even if we assume, it was, he wouldn’t KNOW this election night, because he wouldnt know at the time how many absentee ballots there were.

      I understand you have to come up with SOME rationalization.
      sorry, not sorry, I’m here to point out the massive holes in your reasoning.

      not just the above hole- he also said BEFORE the election he was going to declare himself the winner before allt he votes were counted.

      had to know it was statistically impossible before election day.

      god, you ppl.

  3. In law… Barr… if you know a crime is being committed.. and you do not tell .. you are guilty of that crime as well..

    1. Who is going to prosecute it, though? It seems garland is uninterested in indictments. What will garland doing nothing tell trump if he runs and, god forbid, wins in 2024?

    2. @Keeping An Openmind, you’re right with that. I worked as a child protective specialist and teachers, doctors, police officers etc are labeled as mandatory reporters if the are aware of child abuse. Lawyers must also be held to that standard…MANDATORY REPORTERS

    3. Yes, ‘joint venture’ is real and it applies to everyone who supported Trump’s lies – they all need to be held accountable.

    1. @Mr. Majestic
      Is your pick-up line to Trump “you’ve been running through my mind all day”

    2. Insanity: Doing the same thing, over, and over, and over but expecting a different outcome. Get help Lawrence.

    3. @Mdlclassguy Mdlclassguy Ya, and that is dependent upon an Impeachment CONVICTION and that can be part of the punishment. But someone CAN NOT be Impeached if they are no longer in office.

  4. Nothing would have made a difference because the official position of the GOP was that Trump was infallible.

    1. I have to disagreed. It was very clear that no crime was committed another political Impeachment. Now Trump has the historical precedent that he was the only president to have survived to impeachment.

    2. @T. R. Campbell really? So Clinton WAS convicted and removed? Gee …I took one little nap in 90s and missed that…thankee for update

    3. They knew Trump was flawed, but they want to be in power and they will do anything, choose anybody who will give them that.

  5. No, it would not have made a difference. As long as you have the cult Republican Senators you will always have the same outcome .

    1. Considering how much evidence they ignored, try to sleep through the hearings and feigned deafness not to mention prevented as many witnesses and testimony from those involved, they would have bat this off.

    2. Wouldn’t have made an ounce of difference especially when those placed in positions of power are fully aware of the facts and turn a blind eye to wrongdoings. More than enough evidence to find 99.999% of us guilty of crimes. Having Rosen’s testimony would have been like finding a fingerprint at a crime scene when you already have a high def video, 10 eyewitnesses, and a signed written confession.

    3. With the way that McConnel organized the vote against impeachment, there was no chance for justice. He delayed the vote until tRump was out of office, then had everyone vote on the (false) grounds that you cannot impeach someone who is out of office. The Republican party failed to do their jobs as impartial jurors, but what can you expect in this current political climate. We NEED a 2(or 3) party system for this country to work properly. Right now, we have a party of true patriotic Democrats and a party of fascists.

    1. They were hoping Dems would die with Covid. Kushner and the trump murdered with COVID. Moscow Mitch led the Senate Republicans to help the genocide of Dems with COVID.

  6. Democrats better start understanding that dealing with the GOP is like dealing with the Nazi party in Germany in the 1930s. There is no negotiations possible. Prosecute and put them in jail and forbid them from holding office ever again.

    1. @Thatcher2.0 That is not even possible and the rantings of an uneducated troll. There are no such thing as Nazi Socialists.

    2. @S R maybe you should do some more book learning on history so you don’t look like such an ignorant lemming

  7. This doesn’t need a Congressional commission or hearing. It needs a Grand Jury, an indictment & accountability!

  8. Representative Madeline Dean is one of the very few honest and honorable person, it is refreshing just listening to her.

    1. No financial info, no presidency. There’s a big reason the people deserve transparency. Apparently a whole lot of people buy stuff sight-unseen, as-is.

    2. @Tania Burton What amazes me is that you don’t need to know Trump’s secrets to know what kind of man he is. It’s all on display.

    3. You need to understand,these people that represent trump is not who I voted for,half plus voted him out a few times but he cheated before,during and still trying now

  9. A.G. Rosen’s testimony would have made no difference at all during the Second Impeachment. It would have all gone down the same way because there are so many Republican Senators who were complicit in Trump’s conspiracy to overthrow the American People and install himself as Dictator. Cases need to be worked up on all of the Republican Criminals involved and they need to face trial for their Treason.

  10. They must not be allowed off the stand until they answer the question , and are then charged for the time they spent obfuscating.

  11. For those who call Mitt Romney “hero” remember he did absolutely nothing to push for calling witnesses to testify at the impeachment trial.

  12. “Would it have made a difference?” Thehonest answer: NO, the GOP Senators were complicit. They supported and will go on supporting Trump till the end. The end of the GOP or the end of democracy in America.

  13. Then he said that he’d grab women by their private parts, he should have been arrested at that time. He admitted that he practiced those techniques all his life him and his boy Jeff

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