Trump’s last defense secretary blames Trump for Capitol riot

CNN's Andrew McCabe reacts to former acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller, who was in the office during the US Capitol riot, saying that he sees "cause and effect" between former President Donald Trump's speech and the insurrection on January 6th, 2021.
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  1. DT sat in the White House, and watched the vio.lence that unfolded on our nation’s Capitol for at least two whole hours, without doing anything, and without saying a word, other than to blast his own Vice President, who eventually had to flee for his life.

    The truth of the matter is, if he had not filled his followers heads with lies for months, and if he had not held that rally, where he instructed his followers to march to the Capitol and fight like he// in order to “stop the steal” the insurrection never would have happened. Because without the use of vio.lence, how else were they going to stop the so called steal?

    The election was over. The only thing that remained was for Pence to count and certify the electoral votes. So the only thing they could’ve been fighting for, was to bring a stop to the counting of the electoral votes, which would officially certify Biden as the next democratically elected president.
    And vio.lence was the only option they had left. DT had already exhausted every other legal and illegal option. So on January 6, the vio.lence card was the only card he had left, and he played it..

    The insurrection was Trump’s revenge against democracy and our Constitution.
    It was his way of getting back at everyone who refused to violate our Constitution on his behalf. Watching his followers storm the Capitol while wearing his hats and waving flags emblazoned with his name, was the greatest day of his presidency. He had never felt more like the dictator he’s always wanted to be than he did on that day. And he reveled in it.

    1. @Ron James You still don’t understand me at all.
      I never said nor have i ever believed that he planned the insurrection.
      I’m pretty sure you know the stages of grief or loss???
      Well both Trump and his supporters experienced Anger and Denial.
      Instead of conceding after he loss fair and square he threw gas on the fire which is analogous to his angry followers.
      All the lies, Fake Claims, Fake Evidence etc are the gas.
      As time progressed Trump became a broken record player reinforcing those things i said above.
      I believe if he would have conceded in November and his supporters saw this they would have accepted it not right away but gradually.
      I also think January 6th wouldn’t have happened.
      Also you were wrong about me I’ve been seen that which you spoke of at the end of the last paragraph.
      I want you to remember this truth
      As long as those 2 concepts exist this country will never be great and it’s citizens will never be one.
      Corruption exists in the heart of man because we are
      born in corruption.

    2. @Tommy Thompson No Trump didn’t plan it he just threw gas on the fire
      He created this reality himself but he didn’t do it directly.
      Don’t get sour because someone is telling the truth

    3. @Empyrean Heights Infernal Depths Your missing the point and not understanding me either. Republican voters were angry and fed up long before the election and the White house incident. Four years of Trump Russian collusion nonsense followed by impeachment is what started the fire brought to you by the fake news media. And to add a little more fuel, lets blame the border crisis on Trump also. Things at the border are the worse they’ve ever been with 100,000 Mexicans at the U.S. border at the moment and 1000’s of unaccompanied children, costing tax payers millions of dollars, and no one is holding Biden responsible. And why are these migrants there? Because of the rhetoric Biden spread during the election with this open border policy nonsense. Well it back fired didn’t it? This is why Trump voters are angry. It started when Trump first took office. Do you think Trump deserved to go through 4 years of these Russian Collusion lies? Then lets blame the summer fires on him, then the hurricanes, then the flooding and then covid. That’s why their pissed. Do you understand why Trump was angry at the media? Why he called them fake news?
      Here’s a list of Trump accomplishments, which you probably didn’t realize because the media was keeping you distracted with collusion and corona virus.
      What had Biden done in 45 years and what’s he doing now? You have no idea because the media doesn’t talk about him. Covid Russia Riots, Covid Russia Riots, Covid Russia Riots rinse and repeat.

    4. @Ron James So you think people who have not seen this list were distracted by media???
      I never knew a list was more important then a pandemic and if you say it’s fake I’ll say that I just lost someone because of it.
      I don’t understand why he was angry at the media. I do know being angry at the media won’t help the country and people need to forget the past.

    5. @Empyrean Heights Infernal Depths Again your missing the point. I was just showing the accomplishments he made that the media never reported on. Not worried about the Pandemic? Operation warp speed? Under his administration 30 million vaccines rolled out his last month in office. Same as Biden.
      Yes I know covid is not fake but when you have Nancy Pelosi going out during the lock down to get her hair done just proves the hypocrisy I’m trying to point out and the way most Americans feel. You can’t shut the whole country down. Suicide, child abuse, mortgage foreclosures and divorce rates have gone through the roof. It’s also a fact that children do not learn anything when it comes to on-line learning. I would bet a million dollars that your not following the rules 100%. An additional 145,000 covid deaths during Bidens first 2 months in office. There were 397,000 deaths during Trumps last “year” in office. Do you see any improvement? No. People are still dying and at a far worse rate following Biden’s leadership.
      Trump was angry at the media because of the one sided reporting and the lies they told his first day in office. Any president would be, and now no one in the media is asking Biden the tough questions like the Hunter Biden fiasco or the war in Syria. It’s softball questions all day long. The minute a reporter asks Biden a tough question from fox, he also blows up and refuses to answer.
      Here’s what’s going on with the major media outlets in these democrat run states that keep us from getting all the facts.
      They keep feeding us with half truths. Every day we get covid, Russia, riots – covid, Russia, riots rinse and repeat. I guess they figure this rhetoric must make the listener feel good.
      Like I said, your smart enough to figure all this all out, your just to stubborn to admit it. And that’s why were having this discussion. Because your not fully informed!! Quit watching CNN. They are being told to bash Trump and his supporters day in and day out and you buy into it. Try listening to Aaron Mate. He’s a award winning independent.

    1. Next, he’ll give it a good ol’ Berlin Try: “I voss Jusst following Orderrss, you schweinhund!”

      Curious how people Were Against A Thing All Along the second it looks like The Feds might come snooping Their way.

    2. My God, I am sick & tired of listening to these, “Cowards” Chinese News Network CNN is Pushing so Hard & so Forcefully, We Stand with President Donald Trump 🇺🇸…

    3. BINGO. Chris Miller’s signature is on the document from the Pentagon that denied authorization for the National Guard. He’s culpable.

  2. Miller knows that he obstructed on 6 January and that he did so to enable destruction on Capitol Hill to progress in order to support Trump’s insurrection.

  3. if ‘they knew for months his words would cause violence ” why didnt they do anything to prepare for it?

    1. Trump prepared for it. Special orders limiting the ability of the National Guard to intervene. Chris Miller appointed acting defence secretary with power to send in or withhold the Guard. National invitation to come to Washington to protest on the 6th. Who is the “they” who didn’t prepare when Trump prevented it?

  4. They have videos of him starting the riot why do they need investigations with videos of his speech to the maga crowd?

  5. This is only the beginning of what will come out about the corruption and incompetence of the Trump Administration.

    1. @kathleen Notaro yes you’re right. They’re packed with people that didn’t want to see evidence or any testimonies because of procedural issues and not because there was nothing to see.

    2. @elijah ps3 in what way do my comments contradict each other. I’m on the side of the isle that doesn’t destroy American jobs. I’m on the side of the isle that doesn’t overrun America with illegal immigrants. The Democrats are going to turn America into a socialist nightmare if they’re not stopped but all people want to do is blame trump for stuff he hasn’t done. Trump did nothing but good for America and if you disagree tell one policy that he put in place that didn’t benefit Americans?

    3. @Kevin Dismore yeah you’re on the delusional side of the isle with tRUMP is what I gathered from your first comment, and now third…. However in your second comment everything you said is everything Republicans did… So maybe you’re a bit confused 🤷‍♀️

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  6. I knew It we got Trump right where we want him now! He’s going down! Third impeachment and prison time!

  7. so in a day or two Trump will tell everyone that he “never really liked this guy and what a loser he is.”

  8. “Do you think water is wet?” Answer: “Well, I don’t know, I guess you could say that, but……”

    1. The English language is a deceptive language use primarily by liars – fork tongue thieves and snakes

    1. When will Biden-Harris, Pelosi be arrested for failing to uphold the rule of law? For undermining Democracy and the Liberty of Americans? For supporting special interest groups and failing to do right by the American people?

  9. It’s unfair on how things have turned up to be due to the recent world pandemic things has been so difficult,
    This isn’t good in the sense that it ends up addicting the civilians financially in different angles of life.
    We see complains here and there on social media from different people in different parts all round the world
    The government has less or no time for there people anymore

    1. @lynne baker I recommend Expert Miguel Watson
      1@@@@@@@@ 9……..0……….9

    2. @Rebecca King curious???? about barter? Bitcoin is fine if you have faith that the system will hold. For myself, I don’t think that it can or will. I imagine the whole mess will just implode….Between the extreme polarity,dwindling resources,environmental disasters (causing worldwide food shortages), etc…I could be totally wrong. Barter here is alive and well. In Floyd,Va, and a couple other places they have set up systems to have barter as a means of energy transfer. All money (wealth) is just basically energy. It’s been called “green energy” based on paper U.S. bills being green. We transfer that paper energy for real energy ie. hiring a plumber. Instead of using paper money, these systems give you credit in a central “bank” for the work you do and you can spend your barter bucks on hiring a piano teacher or buying organic produce or whatever. Local businesses except barter bucks. Even restaurants take barter bucks. Also, trading goods is great. I do it all the time. Each of us has skills or available resources that others don’t. It also recycles things without having middle men and women profiting off of others. If I sell my work online, sure I get more eyes on it, but I also have to pay for that service. Having been in artist’s cooperative for long periods of time has been a huge financial advantage. We’ve shared the labor of running storefront galleries and the cost of rent,etc..We all take turns working and cut the costs down to almost nothing per person. If my work goes into a non coop gallery I pay at least 33%,one place 50% of my sales. It’s a famous, extremely high end place but still…Anyway..I think thinking about the ways that we look at money and wealth may need to be reexamined.Also, our insatiable desire to be wealthy.When is enough enough?

    1. Biden and Harris set the example for lies during their campaign. CNN propaganda reporters supported their efforts at deception. So sad.

  10. Miller: “This isn’t a video game”
    Literally real life: COSPLAYtriots storm the capital like it’s a video game

    1. @Hydrocarbon: ” *COSPLAYtriots* ”

      Now that is a comically politically correct term to refer to those domestic terrorists. They are nationalists. And nationalism is FAKE patriotism.

  11. Query: when is Trump going to be arrested for conspiracy, sedition and treason? He is guilty of all three!

    1. Don’t worry. The new AG has only just taken office. He will be held accountable for inciting the thugs

    2. Answer : When we will have a real Democracy in the US and cease to be in a kleptocracy of a leucocrat oligarchy which has put their hands on the country treasury denying both accessible and affordable Health services and top class Education with facilitated access to many citizens ! We can see now that we got an uncult , hardly educated , ill brought-up , a liar , illogical president which cares more about himself than about the country !

    3. Never. Corporatism has taken over in the US. Everything will be sweep under to rug. And like all corporations, underlings take the fall and upper management will get away.
      The only question is: will the final outcome be a Republican led Fascist Corporatism, or a Democrat led Straussian pseudo-Democratic Corporatism ( or ” Bipartisanship ” as Obama tried to sell it. )

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