Trump’s legal team and DOJ spotted holding a secret meeting


  1. When poor people are caught stealing they are thrown in jail. When rich people are caught stealing they’re asked politely to give it back.

  2. Justice is swift and harsh for the average American, but the wheels are turning slowly to Trump and his criminal empire. They have to move slow because DOJ can not afford any mistakes. This is one individual that an example needs to be made of.

    1. Yeah, I know. But Trump has deceived so many that the govt has to be painstakingly careful so we don’t have other January 6 violence.

    2. @danny pomeroy how many investigations into Trump? Multiple. How many trials? None. How many conviction? Zero
      So who’s the fool?

    3. @Alejo Hernandez Donald Trump crime of the week I’m not worried about it at all the clueless are watching Foxx ZZZNATION SHADOW news paper Boys

    4. @Time Surfer I’d be willing to bet that when everything is all said and done, it’ll be the IRS that gets Trump as well

  3. Why are they negotiating with him?Anyone else would have been handcuffed and in jail for not only stealing highly sensitive Documents but then not handing them all over. Appalling!

  4. They asked Trump to figure out if he has more classified documents and how he can get them back to him.
    How is anyone supposed to have faith in the justice system when they act like this? I’m sick of the rich and famous and I’m sick of our prejudiced justice department.

    1. @quack Im saying its not a punishable crime for a president to declassify documents and keep those documents after he leaves office. Obama still has documents. Im sure Bush and Clinton do as well.

    2. @Alejo Hernandez while it’s true that the PRA doesn’t carry any penalties there are several statutes that can be work in concert with it, such as 18 USC 1824, unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents. Which, ironically, Trump made a felony. And that’s not the only one

    3. @Alejo Hernandez first off, it’s been established by the courts in Trumps special master appeal, including a SCOTUS rejection of his appeal of the 11th circuit ruling, that Trump DID NOT declassify those documents. Secondly, under the guidelines established by the PRA, a president CANNOT keep official government document relating to his official duties while in office or consider them personal property, 44 USC 2201 defines what can be categorized as personal. Lastly, Trumps claim about past presidents keeping documents has been refuted, several times, by the national archives. Try a little personal research on how presidential libraries are established

    4. @Alejo Hernandez how so did he declassify them? because doing so in your head doesn’t exactly count, there’s most definitely layers of bureaucracy involved

  5. I love how he gets multiple chances to fight something. All the way to the Supreme Court, but everyone else loses at their first go and just goes to jail or on probation.

    1. @The BrideofChrist < - - -The whatabou tism force is strong what this one...Hunter isn't a office holder and he isn't running for one...your making it look like your his one night stand ... Hunter Biden's lucrative work at a Ukrainian energy firm while his father was vice-president was "problematic", a report by Republican senators says. But it found no evidence that US foreign policy was influenced by it. Hunter Biden's presence on the Burisma board led to an impeachment trial against Donald Trump earlier this year. Mr Trump was accused of pressing Ukraine to probe what the Bidens were doing in the country, and using military aid as a bargaining chip. He was impeached by the Democratic House but cleared by the Republican Senate. The 87-page report called the younger Biden's role at a company suspected of corruption "awkward" and "problematic" at a time when the US was trying to help clean up corruption in Ukraine. However, the report found little additional information that had not already been publicly revealed in news reports and testimony to the impeachment committee. Mr Trump has claimed that Mr Biden meddled in Ukraine to help his son's business interests, but lawmakers found no evidence of this. *** SO A INVESTIGATION BY REPUBLICANS FOUND NOTHING ..A REPUBLICAN LED INVESTIGATION

  6. Somehow I knew we couldn’t trust Merrick Garland to get anything done on this. He’s such a standard prosecutor, too afraid to even touch a case if he’s not 5000% sure he’s going to get a conviction, and deciding that it’s better to just let them go than take the chance of losing a case. It’s both appalling and pathetic.

    Not that it matters. You could get all the way to actually inditing him and trying him and he’d just appeal it to the Supreme Court, at which point Uncle Clarence would stop it and let Trump go free.

  7. Rich people shouldn’t be politely asked anything; the courts should forcibly have those moneys extracted from wealthy bank accounts or investments.

  8. While we do eventually hold powerful people to account in our society, there absolutely is a different level of justice for the rich. Imagine if every person charged with a crime, no matter how rich, had to use a public defender.

    1. Elon, thank you for fighting for freedom and crushing the Democrat coup, liberating Twitter today. The Democrats are losing their grasp of Lady Liberty’s neck.

  9. I fully expect the Supreme Court to delay the order. It’s like the kid who keeps getting into trouble but nothing happens, because his dad is the Principal of the school.

    1. It is the same thing with Hunter Biden, who should have been sent to jail a long time ago. In his case, his dad is indeed the principal of the school 😉

    2. My dad was actually was the principal where I went to school. He suspended me and the guy I got into a fight with so I was caught in double indemnity. I got it at school and at home 😂

    3. He’s already been rejected by SCOTUS twice. They wouldn’t hear his election fraud case and more recently they rejected his appeal of the 11th circuit ruling about the classified documents

  10. Trump: “I’m a tough guy. No one is tougher – or braver.”
    So, you’ll definitely show up to testify before the Jan 6th committee?
    Trump: “Well, ….”

  11. “I would love to show you my tax returns. I have nothing to hide.” 7 years later and still no tax returns.

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