1. From assassination to peace sure…..Trump being such a Zionist lapdog these days would make you think Epstein had a tape on him no doubt.

  2. Here’s a middle east peace plan.
    Irradiate the area beyond the capacity of human habitation,
    they can fight over it again in 200,000 years.

    1. WTF ??? Have you been inbred with anti-environment, hypocritical, anti-freedom and pro-racist viewpoints or have vile evil garbage such as you gotten worse ?

  3. Stealing Palestinian land what a big robbery in 2020!!! Where is the justice oppressing ppl and stealing their land. What a shame the world watch’s and do nothing.

  4. Palestine is a proxy to Iran, iran does not defend the Palestine they are used for there own gain, wake the phuck up.

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