Trump's Schedule Blank For Final Full Day In Office | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Trump’s Schedule Blank For Final Full Day In Office | Morning Joe | MSNBC


President Trump's schedule for his final full day in office is blank. On Wednesday, the Trumps will break with tradition by not greeting the Biden's at the White House, and President Trump is fuming over the celebrities tapped for Biden's inauguration. Aired on 01/19/2021.
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Trump's Schedule Blank For Final Full Day In Office | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Gregg I didn’t vote out of hate. I voted for dems because the tea party Republicans are religious fanatics that want to push their sky fairy Bible rules on everyone. Lindsey Graham at his last rally said, and I quote, ” If you’re young lady who is pro life, obeys her church’s rules and follows the traditional rules of family and marriage then there’s a place for you in America”. In other words, if you are a person who doesn’t follow his style of Christian religion then there’s NO place for you in America. THAT IS NOT UNITY. For a party who yells ‘small government’ all the time, they sure want the government to tell everybody what and how to do things in their own private bedrooms and doctors offices. They don’t want freedom of religion; you have to follow THEIR religion. Trump allowed them to impose policies to disenfranchise anyone who doesn’t believe in their sky fairy. That’s why I voted dem. Cuz I truly believe in the motto “don’t tread on me”.

    2. @james haaglundThe United States experienced some of its best years of job gains in 2014 and 2015 in Obama’s second term when the economy added more than 225,000 jobs a month. Employment continued to be strong under Trump — until the pandemic hit.
      If you’re looking at the change to real GDP, which takes inflation into account, former President Obama achieved a high 5.1% growth rate back in the second quarter of 2014. So that was the best growth rate during his presidency. He also had growth rates of 4.7% and 4.9% during his time in office.
      A senior Biden transition team official said the perception that the Biden administration will be able to allow all arriving asylum seekers to enter the U.S. to make their claim on day one is false.

      “The situation at the border isn’t going to be transformed overnight,” the transition official told NBC News in an exclusive interview.
      The money that was given back to Iran was their money that was frozen during the hostage crisis in the 70s.
      After the signing of the nuclear deal, that money was returned to them.
      Gun reform has to happen on a federal level; otherwise criminals can always get them from states where there is no gun control.
      Our national debt is at its highest level and Trump’s tax cuts for corporations and the super rich threatens the health of the economy and the value of the dollar. Biden plans to get the deficit under control to protect the economy. Social media was responsible for many falsehoods about democratic politicians as well as right leaning politicians. The insurrection by Trump supporters was the result of many falsehoods spread by President Trump himself that the election was stolen, when more than 55 courts determined otherwise..
      Biden has been able to work across the aisle and we are hopeful he will bring the country together.

    3. @Waterland4 Yes I can see you point in most of what you said. However, they can’t come into your bedroom any more than they can force their religion on you but I get what you’re saying. That was probably a much smaller thing to deal with than using your freedoms because that is what’s happening as we speak.

    4. @Blessing John Chelliah I can not change your view, perception and opinion, and you can’t change mine. I never want your views or voice canceled, yet it seems as though conservatives and republicans are now expected to shut up or be canceled. I have lived decades under both democratic and republican administrations, and am not confused about how each has affected both myself, and my neighborhood. I am a policy voter and I cant agree with the direction that the democrats want this country to go. Nothing personal

  1. This is what he’s been doing since day 1! That and having his propaganda rallies, tweets, and instigate a coup!

    1. @Albin M no I understand and I blame it on cnn because all they do is talk about trump I haven’t heard them say a word about coronavirus since the Capitol and when I hear what cnn says and then I actually go and do some searching and I end up with that their lying to me almost everyday

    2. @Albin M why don’t they talk about hunter biden and his scandals and that joe biden lied that he knew nothing

    3. @Albin M when I hear from cnn that trump told the mob to attack the Capitol I went back and listened to the whole rally and not once did he say go and attack the Capitol but then j hear people from the Democrat party actually telling people to get in people’s faces and Cuomo who says protests are supposed to be peacefull that’s a hypocrite right their

    4. @gloria dutton so the Democrat govenors saying they can’t stay closed anymore is going to stop the virus when they say its at an all time high after a year of trump telling them that they need to be open come on wake up

  2. Shouldnt he be packing it’s not easy to organize all those poorly fitted suits and impossiblely long ties

    1. @NeonNights – He is only successful to people who don’t any better. The truth is that trump is a lifelong failure.

    1. @Mitzi Fawcett Why does trump not release his taxes. Oh yeah, he is “under investigation”. And that takes 4 years ?!? Wake up! Even for Europeans it is obvious, trump spends more time golfing than working. If he even worked at all.

    2. @Mitzi FawcettWhy wouldn’t Trump release his tax returns until he was forced to? Obama’s father is from Kenya. HE was born in Hawaii, no matter how much that hurts you. But since immigration is such a downer for you, if it weren’t for immigrants, Trump would never have gotten married. Both his wife and ex are immigrants. But I know, because he’s Trump and you happen to like him, he gets a free pass, right? That’s the same thing he thought, all the way until Jan 6th. Well, we see where that kind of thinking got him…

    3. @Greg Peterman wrong Obama played 98 rounds of golf in his 1st yerm Trump 268, not even close. Add to that the millions Trump has made charging US tax players to play at his own golf courses

    1. Nah, he’ll left the left rioters continue their stronghold of looting, but you probably haven’t seen any of that watching CNN, and yet they basically itemized every item the capitol insurgents took while ignoring the months of wholesale looting leftist looters did. Keep connected to the
      hivemind jimmy.

    1. Same schedule for years. Nothing has been accomplished by this loser other than build up an army of idiots willing to launch an insurrection.

    2. @The Blade which they should be in jail for. Along with Trump and his daughter. That includes his two sons as well.

  3. “He will make many calls and have many meetings.”
    I know they are having staffing problems, but are they sure employing kindergarden children as secretaries and press releases staff is a good idea?
    God, next they will be saying he is leaving in his big blue truck that goes broom broom!

    1. you did miss my “deliberate” mistake though, “releases” should have been “release”. So yes, oops! lol

    2. Hey neonnights, it seems your unable to voice your opinion without insulting individuals that have a different opinion than yours… It might benefit you, to return to Kindergarden…

    1. @eltorocal dummy, they got it! Much more than that, but Pelosis bill had most of it earmarked for programs overseas and her favored special interest.

    1. @Aurelia Seak How do you know that am a Traitor??? Am not Even American……looks like U people are even dumber than you look.

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