Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial To Start This Week | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Trump's Second Impeachment Trial To Start This Week | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. Back in the day I worked at a rather large probation department in southern California and every so often officers would send out letters telling their “clients” to come in and they’d get something like amnesty if they had any violations.

    I was always surprised by the number of people that showed up because they believed that letter. I didn’t agree with it’s legality but people above my pay grade made those decisions, not me.

    Trump sent Republicans in the Senate the letter. Let’s see how many of them show up.

  2. Trump said he’d pay the bills of someone that would punch someone for him, before being elected, and now he’s a citizen again, and there must be many that are losing money because they did what he told them to do. He should keep his word to them.

    1. @Cody
      Awe chenkov how do you know that’s russian?
      Don’t be ashamed of your queen vladz

    2. @Tessmage Tessera I rehydrate off liberal tears

      Keep the fake impeachment’s coming

      It’ll mean more when Joe gets walked out after his 1st and only 😂😂

  3. And one who attended asked to go on her Mexican vacation, and the trump/Mitch judge granted her request. Even though she said she would do it again, was proud of her participation in the treasonous mob

  4. Let’s jsut forget it. BS> SO if i steal alot of money from my boss and then quit, i cant be arrested becasue, hello i dontwork there anymore.

    1. @Randy Smith He has already been impeached ( charged with a crime) by the House , his Senate trial starts Tuesday.

  5. I learned a long time ago. When someone is going to do something really stupid. You don’t have to go along.

    1. If your adult children support #45✳’s seditious behavior, David, well…
      #QuestionableParentingSkills101 🤔

    1. @David Hale Amazed the GOP allows witnesses this time, they rode roughshod over them at the first Impeachment trial. Democracy in action…NOT!

    2. @David Hale Dif is David you believe your fake facts. It was the Reps who denied the witnesses and who controlled the Senate and chose not to convict Trump!

    3. @Swampy Exactly Correct, No witnesses were allowed, that was Not a fair Trial, Period…..The Republicans have run the show long enough ! We demand a trial, not what they pulled off, the first time round ! Trump also looked the other way, when Putin took out our soldiers………He was uninformed , it was his job to become informed ! And, he did not address, the killing of our American men and women !!

  6. Very disappointing to learn that six members of the Seattle Police Department took part in the attack on the nation’s capitol.

    1. @CynAnne1 antifa can call themselves whatever they want. Their behavior is that of fascists. They are what they claim to be fighting. Don’t let their title fool you. Just like black lives matter. They don’t believe that. They only matter when a white cop kills them. They don’t care about the 8,000 black on black murders that happened last year. They don’t profit off of that..

    2. @II nosferatu II any other country’s cops killing that many? Listing horrible countries with questionable reporting wont help your case

  7. I agree Joe, as a veteran, Putting the likeness of any president on the American flag is disrespectful for most of the men and women that swore an oath to honor this country.

    1. @D.W. Black – And, after watching MAGAs *beating Capitol cops* with ballbats, fire extinguishers *and* an American flag-still-attached flagpole, I *don’t* want to hear their ‘Blue Lives Matter’ spiels anymore. 😒

    2. @Lee Blount I support the American people, every racist, working moms, tax paying law abiding citizen, and people who paid their debt to society, teachers etc. Who am I to discriminate.

    3. @CynAnne1 I understand, but America is the sum of our worst with our best. When you are fighting for your country, it is an honor!

  8. December 7th, a date which shall live in infamy…

    GOP: let’s not start investigating what happened…

    America: WTF did you just say?

    1. “It was a false flag. The Japanese never bombed Pearl Harbor, the Democrats faked the whole thing”

      Japan: huh?

  9. It’s rare that we get a chance at doing something over that we messed up the first time around ………..I’m just saying………US Senate Republicans this is your chance to step up and do what’s right for our country.

    1. Edison – They knew *#45✳ was guilty* last January…and *even admitted it.*
      Senator Alexander *admitted it.*
      Senator Collins *admitted it.*
      Senator Gardner *admitted it.*
      Senator Murkowski *admitted it.*
      Senator Portman *admitted it.*
      Senator Romney *admitted it* …but *ONLY he* had the b@lls to defy deceit *and vote AGAINST #45✳’s criminality.*
      As for *the rest* of the jellyfish GOTPers, well…
      #21stCenturyQuislings 👎

    2. @CynAnne1 😂😂😂 You really might wanna see a psychiatrist, before whatever mental handicap you have continues to manifest itself.

      “They new he was Guilty last January”.

      Are you referring to the Russia/Ukraine Hoax that the dems perpetrated for 4 years without a shred of Evidence, and made themselves look like complete fools? The one that he was acquitted of!?! That one? 😅

      “They admitted it”

      Like a few RINO’s opinions matter, in regards to a fabrkcated partisan witch hunt…. Please read a book or something, or anything that could raise your intelligence a tad bit.

  10. Everyone that was there and all staff bore witness to what happened inside the building on Jan 6th. This is not a revenge tactic 5 ppl are dead because of Trumps Rally storming the Capital Building, but i saw Linsay Grahams face when asked how many witnesses will be called , his reply was (I hope not) lmao he was terrified and was screaming at the Capital police ” Do your job and protect me “

  11. If one person commits murder during a crime, ALL the criminals can be charged with that murder. Let’s do that.

    1. Exactly Scott.
      The get-away driver slways gets charged for the murder of the bank guard.
      Especially when he knows his cohorts are armed and dangerous.

    2. @Special People There was mountains of voter fraud but you’ll never see the evidence on the lame stream news. Check out Mike Lindell’s video on bit-chute.

    3. Ask yourselves… 🤔
      *Why* did youtube yank loony Lindell’s “Absolut Toot” video?
      Why do Fox ‘News’, Newsmax *and* OAN have to run ‘legal disclaimers’ *before* they interview Lindell…? 😏

  12. I hope the Justice Department uses the RICO statutes against all those who participated in the Capitol riots, including those who help pay for their travel to DC.

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