Trump's Selfishness Changed How Officials Reacted To Covid 1

Trump’s Selfishness Changed How Officials Reacted To Covid


In their new book about Trump's final year in office, ‘I Alone Can Fix It,’ Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker detail how the former president's tendency to put his own self-interests first affected the way officials responded during the Covid pandemic. They join MSNBC's Brian Williams to discuss that and more.
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  1. His incompetence cost him a re-election win. If he acted like a true leader he would have won. Instead he acted like an ignorant clown. His stupidity got him swept right out of office. Thank god he lost.

    1. @mk reality shows are so fake. I don’t know anyone who would act the same being filmed as they would normally

    2. That’s correct. Biden didn’t win. Trump lost. That’s exactly what happened. He kept with the dumbness and the supporters had no choice. I don’t like Biden but trump is no good. And trump lost.

  2. Let me help you out here MSNBC!!
    Trump didn’t care how many died from covid19 as long as Trump got re-elected!!

    1. @Colonel Calcium yet over 500K died and still counting. Trump and his administration was grossly negligent. They have hundreds of thousands of deaths on their hands

    2. @Leonie Romanes you only worry about bills if you’re still alive…go ahead and subsidized health insurance now and get the vaccine…that is if you want to keep making comments on U-tube.

  3. We are are all now like the abused wife in a temporary shelter watching the judge let her murderous husband off!

  4. When told that the death count had surpassed 300,000, the Stable Genius said, “Shut up! I’m trying to putt here.”

    1. @Fitlife Ironic that someone with the screen name of “Fitlife” would be downplaying a life threatening virus. But you do you, sweet pea.

  5. ‘Real president’….One for whom the terms ‘benign & benevolent’ can be applied much more often than ‘metaphorically cancerous.’
    Antonym: Donald Trump

    1. The sanctimony of the Satanic thrill killing machine, the Strangelove of the cult of violent green.

    2. Satanism is not what you think it is number one number to this whole conspiracy theory with the cabal and this and that and the other is just crazy and you guys are a bunch of nut jobs if you believe in that Q anon bull crap

    1. Girl when has gas ever been affordable around the holidays (memorial day, july 4th, veteran’s day etc)????


    2. Don’t care yourselves they’re all on drugs and they get the best of the best including all the best Oxy and all the best hydros

  6. He’s (sic – trump) is burning the house down and all the sycophants are in denial as to the existence of a real fire. “Fire, smoke, what fire?”

    1. The sanctimony of the Satanic thrill killing machine, the Strangelove of the cult of violent green.

  7. What i don’t understand why people could not see who he really is and why they think he is so great. He’s a nut case

    1. They’ve been dumbing down People for years, they really can’t comprehend it’s sad…….

    2. Lack of education for many, some believe what they are told without doing any research, some refuse to be persuaded as to believe anything else than what they’ve been told by certain sources such as fox!

    3. @Scott Robinson you and I know that fake fox news all got the vaccine but they push it that it’s propaganda that covid is fake news. Why do any news brod cast would do that. Knowing they are killing people. Not sure but I call that murder and they should be accountable for their actions. You think

    4. @Edward Mullendore I was actually surprised Sean Hannity yesterday I believe encouraged ppl to get the vaccine & that he believes in the science & believe it works…I was kinda shocked…not sure as to why his change of heart but hopefully it continues & was good to see him say it! He told ppl to consult with their doctors about their fears or concerns! So I don’t know! 🤷🏻‍♂️

    5. @Scott Robinson you are right ⏯️ in all accounts we need to get people some comsense in them but who knows . It is hard to teach a old dog new tricks. Sorry to say

  8. Trump if he were to act like this in the theater of war he would not be with us for the safety of the unit. I’m just saying I Vietnam?

    1. Yes, “paralyzed” and “melting away” my butt. He inspired this insurrection starting before the 2016 election, when he said multiple times that the only way he would lose to Hillary (which he did), was if the election was “rigged”.

    2. In reality they truly believed they had all of their ducks in a row, they had all the executive branch federal law enforcement distracted, delayed or de-fanged ahead of time, as well as things in place to stall and confuse any national guard or active duty military response.

      What they did not account for was the local cops from Metropolitan Police Department in DC as well as county cops from Maryland and Virginia rushing in to reinforce their Capitol Police brothers and sisters.

      That was the main reason the coup failed. One little overlooked detail, and a lot of cops.

    3. He did love it. I bet him and that Gilfoil his son goes with danced to Gloria the whole time.

    4. Exactly..watching the mayhem his words was causing was the closest thing Trump had to 🙏praying.

    5. @PhilLesh69 yup the same “cops” they professed to “l..u..v” but won’t create gun control legislation or sponsor reform measures that would make the job of being a cop safe, dignified and supported by the communities they want to protect and serve.

    1. And for inciting a deadly insurrection in an attempt to overturn the election, aka the will of the people.

  9. Looks like Biden was right when he said “Let me be clear…I trust vaccines, I trust scientists, but I don’t trust Donald Trump”.

    1. @Zack Jones World war two killed about 450,000 Americans, the Civil War about 650,000. We are about 600,000 from COVID and going into a third wave.

    1. boris johnson delayed fall lockdown bc he insisted the deaths were “only” people over 80.
      afaik, george III had little impact (besides solidifying parliament’s power – aka “prime minister”) and certainly didnt purposefully cause the death of 100’s of thousands for political gain.

    1. @Ron Sounds like a comic book superhero flick, in which Gal Gadot and Emilia Clarke will be called on to take him down. DRAKKARIS!

    2. Yes, Dr. Bandy Lee (and other psychologists and mental health experts in their book) tried to warn us in vain early on in Trump’s presidency. I’m not sure people truly understood the seriousness in what they were bravely saying at that time. I know I did. I can’t say I was surprised at his behavior, but was totally surprised with the behavior of his allies and believers.

  10. Trumps selfishness also changed how people voted that is why he lost the election and two senate seats in Georgia.

    1. It sure did he might as well hang up his run because he’s Abt the most fake, Hitler like narcissists to step foot on American soil.

  11. Is anyone surprised? Lol
    There isn’t a single thing DT did that wasn’t done to benefit himself.
    Not one single thing.

    1. I did like how he put sanctions on China and other countries that wasn’t paying they’re fair share. I will give him that much.

    2. @Larry Teer huh?
      You’re mixing up things. Geezus.
      He “imposed” tariffs on China over goods, setting the stage for the inflation were enduring now.
      The “fair share” nonsense was related to our allies and NATO, where he claimed they weren’t paying into the pot enough, which is absurd. They pay precisely what they’ve been required to pay for years. His tug on their wallets was crass and indignant. Trashy man who doesn’t pay his own bills has the nerve to demand more “money” from our allies, when the amounts they pay into NATO, etc. are documented agreements. Only stupid people heard that on the news and jumped to the conclusion that somehow they were taking advantage of the US. If we wanted more or needed more, we simply would have asked, not made it a media circus of us versus them. Classless trash heap of a man.

  12. Even his own supporters don’t realize that he’d sacrifice them in furtherance of his reputation.

  13. Former is basically a jealous person. He wanted to emulate Putin, and Kim Jong Un. He wanted to be a Dictator. 🙁

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