Trymaine Lee On The Anniversary Of Tulsa Race Massacre 1

Trymaine Lee On The Anniversary Of Tulsa Race Massacre


Reporter Trymaine Lee joins Morning Joe from Tulsa, Oklahoma to mark the 100 years since the deadly race massacre that destroyed the predominantly Black community of Greenwood.
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  1. We are learning about the Tulsa massacre today after almost a hundred years of hiding it. (I’ll admit it. I didn’t learn about that tragedy until like five years ago. It shocked me that my schools ignored it, that it wasn’t in a single history book. But I educated myself and Today I educate others in the tragedy.) We will remember and we will never let this happen again!

    1. @Chewie Knievel – Equal opportunity, NOT equal outcomes. The real battle is against implicit bias, that lives in the mind as thought. The problem is…we are not mind readers, only a persons behavior may indicate what they believe. But, you have people attempting to mind read, with their “racist radar detectors” dialed up to 11, and falsely reading minds.

    2. Looks like I triggered some keyboard warriors. (Not calling everyone one, but you know who you are.) You can troll me and you can keep defending your position. Won’t stop us talking about Tulsa. But if I’ve hit a nerve it means you know what I’m saying has some truth to it. It wouldn’t anger you so if it didn’t.

      Well, have a great day everyone. I have better things to do than answer to people who’s egos are so fragile. Bye!

    3. @John Clarke – yessir, you are correct. I will admit, I’m not entirely sure that Democrats have any other choice, but to get into the race pandering game. It wins elections.

    4. Why open up old wounds…..thats just like opening up an old wound with Turkey causing genocide with Armenia in ww1

    5. @Bat Boy, you’re not consistent. You brought up The Southern Strategy and seem to understand how the Big Lie is based on stoked White Grievance but are trying to equate what Trump supporters are trying to pull to some “bad” members in the Democratic Party. But calling Black Members of Congress bad politicians for calling out Trump’s open racist lies… I’m not sure I agree with you at all.

  2. As a HS grad ‘Class of 1968’ (NYC metro area), we were never taught about:
    – The Slave trade’s demeaning treatment to the enslaved
    – Horrors of passage on slave ships, Charleston slave market
    – Jim Crow & Segregation (DeJure or DeFacto), MLK’s Birmingham Bus Boycott
    – The Tulsa Race Massacre, Emmett Till
    – Mass murder of Native American Indian Tribes

    Much of what we learned then came from news sources such as CBS, NBC, ABC and of course growing awareness from film, documentaries. The famous 1954 Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education was taught. Do not get me wrong, had engaged, superb HS teachers, many who were active in civil rights and very much against the Vietnam War. One should be pleased to see that finally, these issues are discussed

    1. @Linda Hoganson tuskegee and Guatemalan syphilis experiments. You guessed it…democrat party

    2. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr Poor thing, I feel so sorry for you. How have you been harmed? And since neither the Roman nor Ottoman Empire still exist, who will you sue? I wish you the best.

  3. “Repair Black Wall St.”
    Everyone in America gets repaired(reperations) except Black americans.
    “Repair Black Wall St.”

    1. @keef davis Maybe such type of financial aid could be given to the elderly blacks who live in poverty or their pension is low.

    2. DO NOT FORGET First Nations Native INDIANS ! but agree Reparations’ need be given all STOLEN LIVES AND LANDS !!!

    3. @Christopher LOZANO Yep. Natvie Americans got it worse. But I guess that story just doesn’t get the same sympathy from SJW snowflakes as (so called) black wall street.

  4. Man, if only FOX, NewsMax and OAN videos were drawing in just as many trolls… When they enable comments, that is.

  5. Sorry for what happened a 100 years ago that I had no part of. Now can y’all stop attacking all other races and yourselves at an unprecedented rate in the present? Done placating the fake victims. If you can’t make it on your own nowadays it’s because you’re lazy and have been taught to be a victim.

    1. Black people liberated from africa by democrat. Given free healthcare and jobs pick cotton. Racist republicans take good life away.

  6. Look at the demeanour of Cohen.. how dismissive if not rude and insulting. I hang my head in shame.

  7. Any news on *Darriynn Brown* kidnapping
    *Cash Gernon* , or are we waiting for that story
    to disappear down the memory hole?

    1. @Alexis Mitchell but who cares about black on black crime? Certainly not blm and the Democrats

    2. @Shen Tsu no, not all democrat cities. You people are so uneducated its almost laughable

    3. Why can’t the cops stop the shootings? It’s almost like they work with the gangs in the cities.

  8. Hi edagdwg thanks You tube for sharing this history of what happened to all people that God gave us all his love and put indians in our place pay attention to what you do and say to people no matter who we are God is always around linda j.

  9. I wonder what the white folks in 1921 North Carolina would have done to Darius Sessoms, and to anyone else who got in their way for shooting Cannon Hinnant?

  10. Hi edagdwg thanks You tube for sharing this sad history but talking about it just brings more hate only God is going to create a new world linda j.

  11. Old story, it happens all the time. Forget the past, and move on. There are more places to see, and more things to do. Ripping open a healed wound only brings pain. Forget it and smile and sing.

    1. Can you explain your ignorant comment that this wound has been healed or are you just another dumb f**k with a keyboard?

    1. White rage is never held to account at least not by man, but do stay tuned a day of reckoning is not far from here, if God is a just God

  12. Well said… to move past…, you have to accept and acknowledge … then in honesty.. you can grow

  13. Zechariah 11:5
    [5]Whose possessors slay them, and hold themselves not guilty: and they that sell them say, Blessed be the LORD; for I am rich: and their own shepherds pity them not.

  14. Trump’s rally planned on Juneteenth in Tulsa last year made my flesh creep. Agreement with “Get rid of uppity blacks”?

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