Tucker Carlson And GOP Critics Get Dunked On By Megan Thee Stallion | MSNBC 1

Tucker Carlson And GOP Critics Get Dunked On By Megan Thee Stallion | MSNBC


Grammy-winning artist Megan Thee Stallion’s new song confronts right-wing critics of her female empowerment anthem “WAP,” which topped the charts, and was the most Googled word of 2020. MSNBC reports on the range of conservative criticism of WAP and Megan’s new music video, which imagines her taking on a conservative senator who mixes misogyny and hypocrisy in his online attacks on her and Cardi B. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @GRISELDA GRINDERS Like he was the first artist on drugs.That makes them troubled not dumb .

    2. @Biden sucks the story is not about Cardi, but I know to you all people of color look alike smmfh

    3. @GRISELDA GRINDERS she made that vid with cardi .You make no sense.Cardi is a light skin Latina and Megan is black. We clearly see a difference.

  1. Tucker will report Matt Gaetz was only supporting his local businesses in Florida by making a minor purchase

    1. He burps his dates. Then reads Dr Seuss books. After he pays his dates parking tickets. Such a gentleman.

    2. @Jesse James Matt drunken Gaetz has been smearing himself all his own dear… he even had a billboard with his mugshot on it…

    1. @D P Nah, you ain’t no simp. Siimps dream of being with a woman. You know that’ll never happen with you. At least not if they’re conscious.

    2. @Teddy Rasputin BETA MALE Democrats are always SIMPING for attention from EMPOWERED women selling their bodies for attention. Sad!

    3. @D P Like most on the reactionary right, you seem to think vulgarity, loudness & repetition equal actually being right. That’s right as in accurate & true in case you’re confused.

  2. At least we know there won’t be any secret solo meetings with Biden like Trump did, not allowing anyone in the room while he capitulated, grovelled, and sold out America. Who saw the reporter from ABC ask Putin questions? All while traitor Fox ‘News’ runs clips talking about powerful Putin is. It was neausating.

    1. yeah. i dropped over to faux news for a little fact dropping. the putin fanbois are seriously “butthurt” because Rachel skewered their president putin twice on the world stage. “sir, you didn’t answer my question”. i bet he’d have “disappeared” her if he could.

    1. Right , because every non conservative would love it if their daughters turned out just like these adult entrepreneurs

  3. I’ll never understand why people can’t just ignore the stuff they don’t like. If it isn’t for you then look the other way.

    1. @Your Big Head Cousin ; more likely, not only that they don’t want to listen to Howard, Ben want to destroy him too.

    2. @Migil Ortiz well yeah, that’s what I mean. Why can they just not partake? Why do they feel the need to crusade against? I personally have a moral objection to sport hunting but I don’t protest or try and talk anyone else out of doing it.

    3. I agree. I have noticed that most people who complain too much about a particular “vice” are the ones who love and participants in it .

  4. “Kennedy” was on one of those segments. I guess she forgot she was VJ (a really annoying one) for MTV…which cons tried to cancel multiple times.

    1. @B K How gullible? As gullible as the people who believe Trump won despite losing every court case even with Trump appointed judges, and being willing to attack their own government to prevent them from carrying out their constitutional duty? As gullible as the folks who believe Trump when he said the noise from windmills causes cancer? As gullible as the people who believed Trump when he said he meant to say “wouldn’t” instead of “would” after taking the word of Putin over US intelligence on the world stage? What do you mean by speak to a “real person”? Are you implying that some of you on the other side are not real?

  5. I don’t like the song or their music, HOWEVER it is NOT aimed at little girls and if your kids are listening to it that’s your fault. I’m not sure if it plays on the radio but radio edits are as it says ,edited.

    1. @Alabi David The song WAP isn’t telling people that the president is illegitimate and that they have to take over the government and restore the president they choose.

    2. The song WAP isn’t claiming that a bunch of people from one political party drink the blood of babies and that they’re all pedophiles in on the secret.

  6. Elvis, Prince, Madonna, Ozzy, Judas Priest, Janet Jackson, all went thru the whole ridiculed thing. Only it was for way less.

    1. @Will Ulik Miyas Elvis Pelvis, Ozzy with his Alamo fiasco, Judas Priest was blamed for teenagers deaths. Found not guilty.

  7. Huh, I didn’t even know this song existed. Ok then. No wonder this triggered the right wing lol

    1. Well I’m not sure if you meant it this way, but your point could be used by both supporters & haters.

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