Tucker Carlson encourages viewers to confront those wearing masks 1

Tucker Carlson encourages viewers to confront those wearing masks


Fox News host Tucker Carlson is encouraging his viewers to confront those wearing masks in public, likening wearing a mask outside to exposing oneself in public. #CNN #News


  1. I dare someone to tell me my mask is offensive outside while minding my own business. My fist will be more offensive than my mask. Promise you that!

    1. @Jonathan Perry To ASK them WHY they are wearing it–I’ve seen people driving alone, in their cars, wearing masks. Paranoia is rampant, it seems…

  2. What’s really crazy about this is that in countries like Japan even before COVID people wear masks when feeling ill to prevent spread of even the common cold out of courtesy for others.

    1. @Belle Anderson Well, he failed at being a journalist, so it could be at attempt at being relevant and important. As someone else mentioned, he may have political aspirations as well – namely, the presidency.

      And thanks for the correction.

    2. @Peace Onearth You tell me China is a more considerate place to live when they harvest organs and help you have no freedom of speech or any rides anywhere in China why do you people come to America is it such a bad place I don’t get it

  3. Doesn’t matter what side you’re on. I’m not going to confront someone if they are wearing a mask outside. Just let them do what they want, that’s just a fight waiting to happen.

    1. @An Errant Knight ah yes. Safe retreat to “well, both sides do it.” One side storms the Capitol, and the other audaciously litigates and reports on it to “further their narrative.” One side denies the existence of a global pandemic and resists adapting public behavior to stop the spread; and the other side reports on the more than 500K Americans who died, and begs everyone to please make good choices. Obviously equal indiscretions that can be waved away as merely a couple’s quarrel!

    2. An Errant Knight Aaaaaaand there’s the excuse. They just weren’t as effective as they wanted to be, in their attempt to impede an elected group of officials at carrying out a key cornerstone of our democracy while calling for the death of the Vice President, smashing windows, pounding on doors, calling
      out the names of house members, stealing laptops and other federal property, beating up cops, and various and sundry displays of patriotism. So, yeah, a mere “Get off our lawn, Patriots” will suffice. FFS give me a break.

    3. @1027 EastSide wait, what’s “the excuse”? Correct, I support protesting (even if I disagree with the cause), but oppose rioting. There’s supposed to be criminal repercussions for vandalism & theft.

      Cops got beat up? I saw a bunch getting selfies. Shitty to beat a cop after posing with him/her.

      I think their constitutional rights to “impede” (your word) was as just as the rotunda being filled with those opposing Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Not the methodology I’d use, but both are constitutional. Just as those who opposed the certification of Trump in January 2016 & Biden this past January. Unfortunately, sometimes idiots bastardize a protest and turn it into an uncouth riot.

      I’m on a tangent. What was the excuse used?

  4. this year and last is the first time I didn’t get sick at all…no cold, no flu no nothing. weird…

    1. @Wombat Eyebrows I’m afraid its not healthful. Getting sick is a pain but its keeping your immune system up.

      If you go a long time without exposure to anything and then you DO get sick, your immune system will overreact and make you sicker.

    2. @Underdog absolutely. Just don’t try and tell me that I must be as scared as you or pretend to be. Then yeah…we ARE good. The moment you tell me to put MINE on because of YOUR fears, thats when we DO have a problem.

    3. @Thomas Haas
      we are failing in the USA to mitigate Covid as well as we could be and should be.

      This is because we are poorly educated and selfishly immature.

      Too many do not comprehend the proper protocols,. some refuse to abide by them.

    1. @Paul Rossi Apparently you do, enough so that you had to voice your displeasure with them. You aren’t really much of a thinker, are you, pal?

    2. ​@Paul Rossi Everyone with a functioning brain to call their very own.
      And no one who makes comments like that without something else meaningful to say about it.

  5. “Hey, you don’t look half bad in that mask”…..” too bad the other half isn’t covered with a mask”

    1. Don’t worry Kevin. Isolation can make some people a little crazy. You’ll find your focus again when school restarts. When will that will be?

    2. Focus?…school?.…I haven’t missed a day of work due to CV….just a marginal attempt at humour.

  6. So this is the new, “Speak English” where Karens and Kens don’t mind their damn business and get knocked the ***k out!? Got ya!

    1. he never said arrest people with a mask he just said if they tell you to put one on to tell them to flip off

      We Conservatives actually believe in freedom, unlike you “liberals” who just want to constantly control other people’s lives and force them to behave how you want them to behave. You’re true authoritarian colors have shown through this pandemic for the world to see

  7. I don’t know why it matters. Me wearing a mask affects no one but myself. If you don’t want to wear one then go ahead but there’s no point in attacking someone if they feel the need to wear one.

    1. I would never attack someone for wearing the mouth diaper but the issue is, they are trying to force me. I haven’t worn one but I am not afraid of confrontation whereas many are afraid. I do not know why they want us to hate one another for not following a narrative.

  8. Fox itself says not to take Carlson seriously ( makes me wonder why they have him on the air and pay him millions in the first place)

    1. Y.C.It will be a bad day for anyone who harasses or confronts me about my mask or my face shield. I just hope that Tucker is ready to pay for some dental bills because if someone even looks like they are going to say something to my fist will be forced to loosen some teeth. I wish someone would kidnap tucker and ship him off to India

    2. your double masking, so we know your complete insane or walking around with a cold. You have two mask on so anyone would stay the fcuk away from a lunatic like you.

  9. So what they’ll say something about my mask like they did when I was a kid to precovid. I got autoimmune issues get sick easy as I grew up with a mom dying of cancer. You wear the mask anyways if you need it . Take it off if you don’t. They can lump it

  10. Response if confronted by one of these snowflakes to remove your mask: “gladly, cough- cough- by the way, I just tested positive for covid”

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