Tucker Carlson promotes conspiracy that FBI planned Capitol riot 1

Tucker Carlson promotes conspiracy that FBI planned Capitol riot


Fox News host Tucker Carlson is promoting a new baseless conspiracy theory that the FBI planned the attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6. CNN's Brian Stelter has more.

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  1. So here’s the playbook.

    1. Vote against the Jan 6 investigation.
    2. Once a dead issue, fabricate conspiracies.

    1. @Michael Morningstar no positive results? Regardless of blaming China the least it would matter is learning how it spread and putting in measures to ensure it doesn’t happen again. I’m not sure why you’re calling me a racist lol. I think our democracy is surviving just fine. You just want to bring it up again to try and slander trumps name one more time. He’s out of office you can relax now orange man gone. The country is so much better right?


    3. @P Mac FACTS! Punishing those behind all the orchestration. BRINGING THE TRUTH TO THE LIGHT! Called plucking the criminals from society.

    4. @Slimrock
      It doesn’t matter, it’s obvious I meant he got about half of those who decided to vote.

      She actually got 48.2% and he got 46.1% of the vote. After turnout which was 55.7%, she got about 26.8% of the vote and he got 25.6%.

      (I’m doing the math quick in my head so I might be slightly out, also I don’t know if turnout means those that are registered or all those who are able to register regardless of whether they did or didn’t)

    5. @Chris Coleman was one of those women ilhan omar who grouped the United States in with the taliban? Cause there’s a few on the left that really seem like they hate this country and if you hate the country gtfo. He never blamed the virus on democrats. They wanted to keep the country shut down even after we found out it wasn’t as deadly as first suspected. People and the country are still paying for that. Go ahead and fact check your disinfectant and bleach drinking you heard him say. He was throwing out ideas that bleach and sunlight kill covid so he said mayb we can find a way someway to do that to the human body. Your crazy if you think he said drink bleach please fact check that. Cancel culture is a completely left thing. Trumps been Trump ever since he became a businessman unlike these fake politicians that say anything to get elected and never deliver.

    1. LD, as I said on another thread, the only fascism I’ve witnessed in recent times in the US has been practiced on the left. Examples are too numerous to mention.

    2. I think rising anti-asian attacks should be investigated and the identity of the perpetrators given full coverage so the american people can decide for themselves if “white supremacy” is or is not the “single greatest terrorist threat”.

    3. So now the FBI is the enemy of the MAGATS too? and they still support cops, right? except the Capital insurrection cops…because they were defending the Capital against MAGATS?….although they saved they lives of the MAGATS that they elected? It’s hard to keep up

    4. I love this post, because in the same thread you have a Democrat saying all people who disagree with the approved narrative must be jailed… and then a Democrat calling Republicans tyrants. God, you people are such stupid hypocrites, it really is amazing. You’re not even real people!

    1. @OrionXZ read your history. The Klan was started by democrats and Lincoln was a Republican. This is common knowledge.

    2. @Charis Perissos Speaking of lawsuits… I wonder how Mango Mussolini & friends are doing with theirs? I think it’s up to 30 civil and legal/criminal litigations for Trumpster fire alone, including a grand jury… and many of the insurrectionists who have been arrested and charged cried “I did it for Trump, My president told me to do it, Fox told me to do it.” Have any of them said “cnn made me do it?” Or used CNN or any other actual news networks as an excuse for any of their deplorable actions and rhetoric?

    3. @OrionXZ You mean the Democrats right? The Confederates were Democrats, Jim Crow laws, Democrats. Read a history book sometime.

    4. @LD So what does that have to do with the Media? It’s cute that you think I must be a Trump supporter if I disagree. I’m an Independent. I know its foreign, independent thought instead of group think. Seems a lot of you left wingers like to deflect to Trump instead of actually responding to what is said. Defense mechanism I guess. I look at all media, it all has its inherit biased. The left wing media is just as guilty of inciting people as the right wing. Remember how they spun the story of the teenage girl who was shot by the cops as she tried to stab another teen. How about Cuomo “Show me were it says that protests have to be peaceful” Says so under the 1st btw. How about this: “Fiery but mostly peaceful” Or how about the fact that a year later the left wing media is finally reporting on the lab Leak theory when they once called it a “far right conspiracy”. What about them reporting a year later on Portland burning every night, Gov. Cuomo? Hunter’s laptop? They both avoid covering things that are damaging to their preferred political agenda. You’d have to be an idiot to not recognize that, take it with a grain of salt and research beyond what the media tells you. Not once did I see Fox say anything that was provoking the idiots who stormed the capital that day. I don’t know anyone on any side of that aisle that thinks that was OK. Much like I don’t know anyone who thinks its OK to cut funding from the police and allow lawless to abound in our cities, aside from far left folks.

    1. @Tony Stark No Tony…that’s just you shouting inanely. Fox actually made a legal defense of Tucker’s show saying it’s just a performance, nobody should take him seriously. That’s how they got off. But you’re totally welcome to keep believing whatever made up crap you want….nice comfort blanket.

    2. @Tony Stark If left wing media was propaganda … I wonder what this are from the right wing:
      *Dead dictator rigging election
      *GOP Ghomert on BLM changing moon Trajectory causing climate change
      *Space lasers
      * Hillary is a baby eating Reptilian
      Plus tons more.. Science fiction?
      I won’t question why I listen to left wing over right wing.

    1. @Brandy Courvoisier what a stupid comment. Do you even know what karma means ? Better watch out because karma will get you. And a video just for youhttps://youtu.be/IN14FzQL7XA

    2. Tucker must have been one of the planners and so just like the sick trump, he is running his mouth trying to cover his tracks. He needs to be forced to give facts and evidence of what he is running his mouth about. Trump usually runs his mouth pointing figures and shifting the blame but then at the end, he turns out to be the cause of whatever he is misleading people about. Just like the 2020 election, it turned out that one of his fellow Republican voted for his dead mom, and the lies list goes on and on.

    1. Well, when trump was asked about his failed pandemic response, he dodged responsibility faster than he dodged the draft.

    2. Man its good theyre not responsible for all of the baseless insane riots across the country trying to defund police and destroying businesses. Good thing

    1. Freedom of speech, as long as he does not directly incite violence, he can lie, the only weapon that can be used against him is educating people and then you will still find some that want to believe the lies no matter what.

    2. The problem isn’t the one idiot saying it. It’s the tens of millions of idiots who believe it. Throwing this or that individual clown off the air isn’t going to accomplish anything as long as a third of the country is dumb enough to believe anything Fox News or Trump says.

  2. Whenever I tell myself “Not even Carlson would stoop this low” he always disappoints me. What the hell is this man trying to do? Put targets on the backs of law enforcement agents or other federal employees?

    1. BLM and Antifa have been putting targets on law enforcement for ages. They spent last year trying to abolish the police, telling us ACAB, All Cops are Bad (stards). I haven’t noticed the Democrats and CNN criticising them for that.

    2. NO , the man is exposing the Fraudulent and the PEOPLE should act accordingly! CNN is already exposed to be the puppet of the Deepstate.. thank you project veritas

    3. @Nightjar on the gate Whataboutism at its finest. Most Dem voters don’t pay attention to either group. I certainly don’t. And neither group shows up on TV to claim there’s a “liberal” conspiracy inside the government to depose Trump, let alone to draw attention away from Trump’s role in starting the riot with two months of daily lies. Goodbye.

  3. “O presidente dos EUA era Donaldi naquela época! Quem conspirou mesmo assim? Inacreditável como eles mentem como crianças e são ouvidos nos EUA!”

  4. Tucker Carlson “This is crazy and we should resist it” he should just say that at the end of his show all the time. About his show

  5. In Tucker’s world it is like saying simething like this:
    “… the sun and the wind conspired to make splinters out of solid wood”.

  6. Might as well put Carlson on trial for treason, he’ like seriously going to make another riot at the capital. He can’t take back what he said, and there must be consequences

    1. Hey hows that CONSPIRACY going about covid came from China blahahha look now and you eat that propaganda eat that up YOUR SUCH A GOOD SLAVE

    1. he already has been, the his defense team said that he isn;t news and actually won the case

  7. All the more reason to INVESTIGATE by REAL INVESTIGATORS commissioned by Congress!
    Hey, it’s Mueller time!!

  8. I know this is crazy talk but just stay with me…

    What if we create a Jan 6th commission to investigate the origins of the insurrection to get to the bottom of this?

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