The craziest conspiracy theory out of Trump’s White House

Wild conspiracy theories coming out of the Trump White House was common practice for four years, but details are emerging from emails sent by Donald Trump’s chief of staff to the Department of Justice that put one of them in a whole new light. In the latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza unpacks Italygate, a conspiracy theory that Italian satellites influenced the 2020 election.


Fact check: Claims of electoral fraud in Rome, dubbed 'ItalyGate,' are baseless

ITALYGATE: The SMOKING GUN | the THEFT of the 2020 presidential election

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Writer: Chris Cillizza
Producer: Moira Donohue
The Point Editor: Leigh Munsil
Video Editor: Michelle Cho

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  1. I’m pretty sure there is something in the water over there in the US. Italians are laughing their heads off over this.

    1. There is in Flint, Michigan when the governor stopped the water supply from the lake and gave the people of Flint the disgusting polluted river water, starting an ethnic cleansing as a lot of black kids and people in the black community have lead poisoning. What a fucked up country America is, they’re insane🤡🤡

  2. Okay, lets go through this: We got Pandas, Chickens, Krakens, Hugo’s Ghost, Ink Pens, Dominion Switch-a-rooski, and now we got Satellites. Im taking bets that either Santa, The Easter Bunny, or The Fairy Godmother will be invoke next.

    1. You mean, the Lizard men, the Mole Men and Major League Baseball still haven’t been included in this nonsense yet?

    2. @Hazarie Khublal and don’t forget the 81 million American patriots who voted against treason trump

    1. @Timelord774
      “poor choices of information sources”?
      Actually it says a lot about my choice to NOT be online 24/7 and soaking up everything like a sponge. I like to sit back and think about what was said and ask “Does this make any sense?” before I make a conclusion.

    2. @Ordinary Mo no doubt MSM is partly responsible in creating all the headcases by advertising all the junk food and pills which has caused all this widespread brain damage 😛

    3. @Ordinary Mo a simple answer is unfortunately for you, although the youtube video was deleted, the video was picked up and posted in other sources, if you would just care to do a simple search. now tell me how these are deepfakes by Norwegian supercomputers 😛

    4. @Ordinary Mo Just asking yourself whether something makes sense to decide something’s legitimacy is definitely not a good method. It opens the floodgates to personal bias (which we all have). What do you think happens when someone decides reject or accept ideas based on their own vision of the world. This is the same system that crazy conspiracy theorists have, that leads them to believe garbage. Like flat Earth, anti-masking, and anti-vaccination think it’s important to accept our lack of knowledge. We don’t have ph.ds in science, politics, ect. Instead just think about how much evidence is presented. In this case we have evidence to in the form of the emails presented. Now, do you really think you could fake stuff like. It would be immediately obvious if such information was completely made up. Don’t you think the right wing media and politicians would jump gleefully into an opportunity to PROVE CNN faked multiple email on a segment? If anybody could fake information it would be the niche smaller sources that many people seem to think is automatically better because it’s against the grain. Not saying that’s the case for you but I’ve seen this a lot
      In the MSM, I think there are certainly many instances of information being downplayed or emphasized to boost certain perspective. I think the idea that a lot of information is totally made up, is conspiratorial and doesn’t really make much sense at all. Conspiracies don’t work when on such a large scales. It’s paranoid and disconnect from reality.

  3. Wasn’t Pence and the Space Force working to stop such brazen attacks from Jewish Space Lasers and Italian Satellites? Dereliction of duty.

    1. @Belly Dancer Em – Recently, some guy was trying to convince me the Earth was flat because of some moon phase app on his iPhone. I pointed out to him that the GPS on his phone wouldn’t work if the Earth was flat.

    2. MTG never talked about jewish space lasers. That is a left wing conspiracy theory pushed on left wing media.

    3. Italy only has four satellites what are they gonna be a threat to?? Let’s put it this way there is more satellites than Trump has brain cells,Trump has more bankruptcy cases than Italy has satellites , his kids have more step siblings than Italy has satellites….

    4. @J Groovy the craziest conspiracy theory out of the Biden white house so far is that white supremacist pose a bigger threat to democracy than muslim supremacists when white supremacists havent killed 3000 people in one day like muslim supremacists did.

    1. …says Trump who has never touched, no less used, a rake in his life. Can you imagine going through your entire life never touching a tool, wash dishes, clean clothes, paint a room or anything else “everyday” people consider “normal”? Playboy “Little Hands” has “little people” to do any actual work.

    1. @Evidencespeaks4u
      -External links are deleted on YouTube. “MI Ballot Van Footage”
      -I wish for this to be viewed in court

    2. Trump, his workers and his voters are under criminal investigations, some are in jail now, some were even in prison. Almost 500 voter have been arrested.

      Hands down Trump was the worse President in American History…..FOREVER!!!

    3. @NotA RussianBot well there you go. Your proof was rejected form social media. That is what research approved sources do. They review what is trying to be put on their platform. If they refuse it, they found something false about it.

      Youtube took it down because it’s not ture. Your profile picture is a lie. Lol

      YouTube does not want to be sued for slander or defamation, like with Demenion.

    4. @NotA RussianBot if the footage was real, nothing would stop Trump and Rudy Giuliani from putting it out there.

    1. Russian Communist leader Nakita Krushchev said, “We will take America without firing a shot. We do not have to invade the U.S. We will destroy you from within.”

  4. That’s the thing about crazy people, they don’t know they’re crazy….That’s what makes them crazy…

    1. There may be as many as 40million or more, Americans, who believe all of these Q anon bat s__t crazy theories. Boy are we in trouble.

  5. “I flatly refused”.. the dude clearly knew the email would be accessed at some point in the future! Lol, nice

  6. What does this say about the Republicans who running after T., licking his feet’s, embraces his words. Yikes.

  7. Their base is so easy to convince, they only need a statement from the DOJ that they would look into it and the base would accept it as truth.

    1. @T ! Trump claimed fraud in 2016. He claimed he only lost the popular vote because 3 million “dead” Americans voted for Clinton… He set up a commission to investigate this and after a year, they had to disband because their was nothing there…

    2. I’ve been saying since early last year that we were witness social psychosis on a grand scale and that it was only going to get worse. And we still haven’t seen the bottom of the cesspool yet.

    3. They don’t even need that. They failed to get it, yet I’ll bet we have to argue with them idiots on this from now on also.

    4. @T !
      I watch the news every day, yet I missed where the democrats filed lawsuits with no evidence & demanded multiple recounts & audits & attacked the Capitol in response.

  8. Yes, Italian satellites equipped with Jewish lasers, sounds like a Mel Brooks script for “History of the World pt2” staring Greene, Bobbert and Cruz.

    1. hjb

    2. all I have to say is what happened to conservative America, were they always this batshit insane?

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