Tucker Carlson Slammed For Saying Kids Wearing Masks Outside Warrants Police Intervention | MSNBC 1

Tucker Carlson Slammed For Saying Kids Wearing Masks Outside Warrants Police Intervention | MSNBC


Tucker Carlson said if people see a child wearing a mask outside they should call the police. Carlson is slammed for this statement and other controversies by media experts in conversation with Jonathan Capehart.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Tucker Carlson Slammed For Saying Kids Wearing Masks Outside Warrants Police Intervention | MSNBC


    1. @g suitter How would a person see that? It’s not likely that someone that would call the police is going to be associating with someone that watches Fox News.

  1. This guy is crazy. How much longer are they going to allow him to be on the air. Look at all the damage he is doing and the hurt and harm he’s causing. Fox needs to be held accountable for his actions.

    1. @Crimson Spirit Advertisers still on TC show:
      My Pillow, AliveCor, Relaxium, Lear Capital, Nutrisystem, PureTalk USA, Granite stone, Relief Factor, Coventry Direct, Qunol.
      Besides boycotting, I suggest also letters, phone calls and comments on their Web pages :)Have fun with this information, because I sure intend to! LOL

    2. @Daniel Morton lol…..so tucker carlson has magically become Fox itself. when did this happen?

    3. Tucker Crazyson keeps getting more unhinged just to appeal to the paranoia, misinformation and hate mongering of their base.

    4. @WSOX Man, you underestimate the foolishness of all mankind. Liberals are no more foolish or gullible than republicans. Only a true fool would make a statement like that.
      It’s obvious that many of Tuckers viewers and followers take what he says literally.

    1. @nicole young I agree: we can’t pepper spray the crazies away, because they can buy guns easier than hand sanitizer.

    1. @Steve Guard no. January 6th proved that it’s far too easy to weaponize magat stupidity.

    2. @Steve Guard Such as? At the University l attended, freedom of thought was encouraged, both conservative and liberal. It sounds like you have missed the experience of learning at the University level, which is sad. l found it a very thought expansion experience which encouraged all views, both conservative and liberal. That exposure broadened my horizons, for which l have always been grateful.

    1. @Bradyn Lotterman
      Conservatives can’t distinguish between facts and fiction, news and a clown show.

    2. @Rudy O’Brien I call him much worse names. I can’t even say them here. He is a piece of excrement.

  2. If you see a kid wearing a mask keep calling CPS until they laugh at you Tucker.
    Tucker Carlson reminds me of Francis Buxton from pee wees big adventure

    1. If someone is going to abuse the system like that, they need to be arrested & fined for making false reports & wasting police time! Carlson is a menace!

    2. The very SAD part of this ugly statement -Carlson advice- the CPS people are forced by “mandatory rules” to investigate EVERY a call/ tip whtvr and that’s a scary event! So disturbing. I’m sorry & sad, for potential victims, in advance

    3. @H K S Thankfully, that is indeed against the law – so if anyone is actually dumb enough to act on Carlson’s inane ranting here, they will be putting themselves in legal jeopardy.

  3. I think that there should be regulation for any organization that has “News” in their title and should be held to a higher degree of ridicule than any other organization.

    1. All that’s going to do is unleash more Karen’s. You would think Karen has had enough.. not yet.

    2. Or a continuously scrolling Chyron: *Warning the opinions and views expressed are not news and probably not true it is just entertainment ha ha ha death to America ha ha ha*

    3. @Poe Stis Fox News was owned by Fox Entertainment Group. They are now owned by Disney after Disney acquired FEG.

  4. Time for another clown to be removed from tv and then call child protection on him and his wife.

    1. Tucker Crazyson keeps getting more unhinged just to appeal to the paranoia, misinformation and hate mongering of their base.

    2. Tucker Carlson the guy who provides misinformation on a nightly basis & Fox News does nothing but promote him & his commentary & a great day it will be without Fox News the sooner the better for the American people

  5. The Holy Grail to the GOP is to find the ultimate stick that will break the camel’s back. They’re almost there.

    1. Is it just me or is tucker just upset about his bohemian mother that left him as a child so now he’s a disgruntled man baby

    2. @LD That’s Pucker Cretanson. You know what you see when you spread the cheeks apart, it’s the 1st thing you see, his face

    3. I can’t even call them the GOP anymore, as there is nothing grand about the Republican Party.

      They already found the stick that broke the camel’s back in Trump.

  6. Tucker Carlson has fallen so low…. that he could walk under a snake…… while wearing a top hat!

    1. @Russell Langworthy Good, keep it that way. Right wing outlets peddle nothing but lies, provable lies. Big difference between their bs claims about fake news and what we call lies, we can prove they lie, they only have weird conspiracy theories about reality.

    2. @Chris Ok, so playing Devil’s Advocate here, when you DO prove all those statements and claims are lies, what has it gotten you. Does it change anything? Is your world a better place?

    3. Tucker Crazyson keeps getting more unhinged just to appeal to the paranoia, misinformation and hate mongering of their base.

  7. I’m taking my little cousin to the movies next week and he’ll be wearing a mask. Anybody who puts his hands on him, will end up in a wheel chair, which Carlson will pay for.

    1. Good Luck and Be Careful Hon! I totally agree with mask wearing and my heart breaks for the young folks and the Good folks who are the target of GOP hate nowadays

    2. @I H

      That’s what Ted Nugent used to do. Mocking masks and those who wear it, until he caught the virus and almost died.

      Please do me a favor. Never, ever wear a mask when in public. With any luck your profile name and comments will disappear from Youtube permanently. Fingers crossed

  8. Maybe he should have called the cops that time he went out on a double date with Matt Gaetz.

    1. When Tucker got home after the interview his wife really wanted to know who he took to dinner with Gaetz, since it wasn’t her.

    2. @tubruton Wow, he really implicated himself in a high profile crime for pay to young women, and underaged women at that.. They both needs jail time..

    1. Stewart said it plainly when the chud was on Crossfire; “You’re hurting America.”

  9. The privileged “Rich” do not go to Walmart. News needs to be removed from the bottom corner on Fox. I have an autoimmune child, and there have been times where she wore a mask to keep her safe, and alive.

    1. Hyperbole is often a boldly overstated or exaggerated claim or statement that adds emphasis without the intention of being literally true.

    2. Glad for your sake the vaccines are slowing the spread in spite of GOP ignorance. My belief is look out for your own and use the intelligence God gave you. Best of luck to you and your child.

    3. @Laura Goldschmitt mine has leukaemia and his parents have already been told by a Tucker fan that they should be charged with abuse because their three year old son was wearing his mask. The sad thing is they had just parked their car outside of the hospital where they were taking the little guy for his chemo.

    1. @speedy 3776 I wish your grandparents hadn’t vaccinated their kids and reduces your chances of being born

  10. Im a child abuse survivor. Those phonecalls to CPS take away from children who need actual help

    1. @Laura Goldschmitt I’m not going to do that. You guys all preach unity but then you talk like that. What a joke.

    2. @Bradyn Lotterman Eh, we really don’t. Every President pays lip-service to that ideal, even the last one. It’s pretty clear you guys have been acting in bad faith the whole time – and now that it’s so obvious, we couldn’t care less what you think or how you feel – and we will push right past you to fix all the damage you’ve done. Catch up or get left behind, just keep yourself out of the way.

  11. But somehow when he has dinner with Matt Gaetz and his underage girlfriend, there is no need to call child protection services or the police.

    1. Well here’s hoping Matt gaetz brings him down. two slime bags who couldn’t deserve each other more

  12. He’s unleashing the Karen’s. Just imagine how much tax payers money is being wasted, while a real child in need, is being put off.

    1. If anyone takes his advice, they’ll be in legal jeopardy – filing a false police report or CPS claim is a crime. Tucker is suggesting that people do this because he / they don’t like what someone is wearing. Ultimate Snowflakes.

  13. Here in San Diego, there is a group going to retail stores and harassing’s employees for wearing masks and for not letting them in without masks. The police have to be called. I feel that if you’re harassing’s someone who is just doing their job, you should at least spend the night in jail.

    1. Exactly protesting outside the store is one thing. Bringing it inside should be a criminal trespass charge in the least.

    2. @Crazyeights you get ejected from the property with a trespass warning. If you won’t leave or come back you get arrested. You will also get arrested if you refuse to show id for the trespass warning as it has to be documented

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