Tunisian President Fires Prime Minister, Freezes Parliament

Raf Sanchez joins Ayman to explain political and social tensions in Tunisia.
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  1. Hmm, I admittedly know almost nothing about their circumstances, but “President fires prime minister and freezes parliament” never sounds good.

    1. No trust me people in the parlement and the prime minister were both alies. They destroyed the country trust me just do some research.

    2. It’s the freezing of the parliament that sounds bad. There’s nothing wrong, in principle, with firing a prime minister. After all, the prime minister was chosen by the president: after the election of the members of parliament, the president picks one to try to assemble a majority coalition, and if/when s/he succeeds s/he becomes prime minister.
      Typically, the president picks the one who leads the party that won the most seats, like when Germany’s President Hindenburg picked Adolf Hitler to be prime minister (“chancellor”) after the Nazi party won a plurality of the seats in the 1933 election.
      But the president is empowered to use judgment when picking the prime minister. S/he isn’t required to pick the person whose party won the most seats. So it also makes sense that the president should be able to decide s/he’d picked the wrong person, and then remedy that mistake by firing that person.

  2. Trump tried to Pull a Similar Coup,
    but Fortunately Our System was
    Barely Strong enough to Survive. 😓

    1. trump is the greatest president in the history of mankind and he will reinstalled after the audit . Buckle up soygirls

    2. The Democrats pulled the Coup and installed a demented puppet. The Republicans will get back what is rightfully theirs.

  3. The American people will NEVER forget what the shameful Democrats have done to America concerning the Shamdemic and stolen election

    1. So desperate for attention he has to post his conspiracy theories on videos that have nothing to do with what he’s dithering about. Go away troll.

    2. Lawl, America has a brighter future today that a couole years ago, because of the awesome Libs. The Dems aren’t shameful, they’re just slightly disappointing. Now, the conservatives have mostly been shameful, as well as shameless.

    3. @Lex Ruptor Disease is still around. Wrecked the economy for nothing. Nobody has a bright future with the Cult of Doom, that is to say Democrats. We wreck the economy and make ourselves weaker, that will help us with disease. They need to be put in a mental hospital. Like the old days.

  4. How about Biden today talking about how he worked for the Trump administration back in 2009 😳

  5. Is MSNBC’s reporter in Tunisia? If not, what location is he providing his report from? “Foreign correspondent” is shorthand for “could be anywhere,”.

  6. To my parents, the president of America, Joe Biden, I am ade Munandar, an American citizen, a failed product of America, who has become an American citizen, who is always learning more and is always adventurous. He doesn’t want to follow Indonesian orders because the world is in danger, it will also have an impact on America. I, Ade Munandar, have shown success, I Ade Munandar hasn’t come home yet, the house I bought in Indonesia, I’m Ade Munandar inviting the world to prevent Indonesia, I’m Ade Munandar not letting them live where I am now, one of the regions in Indonesia, I invite America, for firmness in the empty space in the region. Indonesian territory, for a warning, maybe I can’t eat anymore because I didn’t let them live until now my diabetes hasn’t healed, because I haven’t gone home yet, I have an appointment for America’s continuation later, also for the Mars project, we need to act quickly to world america safety, facebook ade munandar munandar be diligent to read on the facebook wall ok ade munandar munandar be diligent to read on the facebook wall ade munandar munandar is very important, don’t ignore this regret coming later, translate it into English using the playstore application or someone who can speak Indonesian, the Americans believe there is my comment ade munandar before on msnbc and other American youtube news, ABC, NBC and others, Indonesia has a very bad impact on the world, many died because of them, Ham violators, lied a lot in debt, had no sense of experience and they stole, etc. I had Munandar who was bullied, I was different from In general, people are bullied, I am Munandar, I am friendly with the universe, I am Munandar, Americans do not depend on Indonesia, whatever the problem, there must be a solution, whatever it is, there is a will, work, always learn more, even though America is still progressing. There are many more that America doesn’t know yet, we must act as soon as possible to Indonesia

    1. @Coco Crisp confederate flag,,,,, nazi flag… definitely ignorant 🤣 two completely different wars bud 👍🏾

    2. @Coco Crisp 2 years ago they held our flag proud and sang our national anthem, 6 months ago the protest burning there city’s down over poor economy… do your math there smarty and BTW how mutch do you spend at the grocery store and gas station especially now that we are buying oil from your communist putan now…. 🤣 who was the “racist” quit looking at the front, and read some bills that acouly effect America

  7. Most political problems are caused by democracies’ use of primitive voting systems, which fail to count all the head-to-head majorities. Primitive systems count at most one majority. Both proportional representation systems (like in Tunisia) and the “two party” system are primitive. In pr systems, the party that wins the most seats in the election of the legislature is awarded power, even though (uncounted) majorities might prefer parties that won fewer seats head-to-head over the party that won the most seats.
    The easy way to count all the head-to-head majorities is to let each voter express his/her order of preference, because the orders of preference imply how each voter would vote in each of the head-to-head pairings. This would result in a new kind of system in which politicians would compete to be the best compromise. It would minimize spoiling, so there would be a lot of candidates or parties who compete to be the best compromise. It would be neither a two party system nor a proportional representation system. It would disempower extremists, unlike the two party and pr systems. The two party system empowers extremists because the single majority (or plurality) that it counts often includes extremists in the winning coalition. PR systems empower extremist parties by letting them win some seats in the legislature, which are then often needed to be part of the majority coalition government that must be assembled after the election.

  8. “DEEPLY DIVIDED right now” he said !!! Oh God I live here in Tunisia 🇹🇳 I must have missed something 🤨. Ughh I never saw this much happiness since more than 10 years ago, of course there’s a few who aren’t happy about that ( the people who sucked the money, life and blood from us until now ) but why don’t you show our voices ( Tunisian citizens ) after all what happened huh!!
    Wow !!! That was a fake and bummy decade of democracy 😶

  9. Middle eastern and islamic countries have two choice in life either dictatorship or islamic totalitarian system, when we have a choice we choose the less evil system which is dictatorship unfortunately.

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