‘Cuba Is Behaving In The Way In Which A Dictatorship Behaves’: Gamarra

Telemundo's Jose Diaz-Balart is joined by FIU Latin American and Caribbean Center director Eduardo Gamarra to discuss the rising tensions in Cuba and their crackdown on protesters. 
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  1. Beware of the troll Beneath me. I also want to say thank you for all of these headlines that state the obvious. Cuba is acting like an authoritarian regime because that’s actually what they are and what the unnecessary narcissist wishes that America was.

    1. I dont recall cuba invading iraq afghanistan grenada nicaragua vietnam bombing libya syria cambodia laos to name but a few but i do remember the usa killing millions of people in these countries cubas problems like so many countries in the world is they fell foul of the usa and its view that anything that opposes its corporate capitalism and its exploitation of peoples is something to destroy with unlawful sanctions and cia backed regime change the usa is no ones friend but its own

    2. @Papa Pa wow. Are your handlers paying you by the word 🧟🤔. Give that man an extra 50 rubles as a bonus 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Isn’t this story 65 years a little late? Oh well, better 65 years late, than never, they always say.

  3. We just left Afghanistan, don’t think we will intervene in those conflicts anywhere else in the world. Let them work it out for their best being and interests.

  4. Don’t know ’bout, but I’ve heard this song and dance before. Who will be the first to predict that the Cuban people will welcome American troops as liberators? You know…. like in Iraq.

    1. @Paul Wilson Would they? Like they were in Guatemala, or El Salvador who now enjoy US sponsored dictators that harbor drug cartels and death squads? The recent history of Latin America has been of the revolutions that overturned US imposed dictatorships. Cubans aren’t stupid.

  5. This was news 60 years ago. Aren’t there current events msnbc could report on? This stuff is in history books

  6. Im just wondering what they considered Castro like 😉 lol…. if they are JUST now acting like dictators running Cuba, what was 60 some years under one mans rule.

  7. MSNBC never misses a chance to shill for a good regime change and cheer lead for more imperialism, meanwhile they’re silent on Colombia, Assange, Daniel Hale, Donziger…

  8. AOC and the Squad refuse to condemn the Cuban regime. Actual reporters might point that out but we all know that only propagandists work at MSNPC.

  9. So they are simply protesting like Americans did when they got upset. That’s unreasonable?

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