1. I Stand with Ukraine. I Stand with Freedom. Shame on anyone supporting Russian actions.

    1. Not really depends upon what you are hitting and what is your payload the hypersonic missiles russia used was more of a publicity stunt than an actual practical use. Eg drone would be no use against an aircraft carrier but is perfect for hypersonic missile and depending on the payload it can sink it with one hit.

  2. Ukrainians defending their land, wifes and children against an unprovoked and illegal aggression. They are fighting for the right cause and deserve the international support

    1. @Caroline Wolter Hall Those individual countries just happen to be members of NATO 🤣 KABOOM! Bye Russia! Bye Moscow! Bye Vladimir Putin!

    2. @MR Choudhury NATO _is not yet involved Mister!_
      So precisely _how_ are they escalating anything???
      NATO is solely a _defensive force!_

  3. I have travelled to Istanbul, and I have friends from Turkey. Based on my personal experience, I believe this man’s humility and compassion for others is real. I am grateful Turkey is effectively supporting Ukraine in their efforts to stand up against Russia — the biggest bully in the neighborhood.

    1. @S J Oh that’s good to hear, because a lot of people here in the West think Iran 🇮🇷 sides with Russia. 🇨🇦✌️☮️
      Edit: People in Canada who are from Iran, call themselves Persian.

    2. @Timur You’re just as much at risk you know? Exactly like Ukraine and Japan, Kazakhstan is also a partner with NATO. All 3 countries are trying to create democracies and become NATO members.
      I worry whether Russia will attack your beautiful country next.
      God bless you! A friend in Canada. 🇨🇦 ✌️☮️❤️

  4. it’s so nice to hear them singing. I hope all the smiles laughter and music returns to all Ukrainians soon. 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦hugs ♥️♥️

  5. I believe in Ukraine and their fight for Freedom and I’m proud of the Bayraktar drones help, bust the Russian Army.
    It shows at least the Good in Turk‘s, being on the right side of Humanity. Slava Ukraini.
    T.R.Ersoy a Turk in Germany.

  6. Another weapon that has had great effect in Ukraine against Russian tanks is the FGM-148 Javelin ATGM which is now referred to there as “St. Javelin”.

    1. @Nazri Buang If the Javelin is lie, why don’t you tell us the truth. By every account the Javelin is a 1st class anti-tank weapon made by Americans specifically to counter Russian tanks. If you have something to say against this, then speak. Otherwise, we will conclude that you are poorly informed.

  7. I love how the song pronounced it correctly, even in Turkish, and the anchor was like “nope… I do what I want”.

    1. @Let it Bee agree, what people don’t get is that learning the language of another country brings a deeper understanding of it’s culture.

    2. I noticed that too. After playing Bayraktar a few thousand times on loop over the last month, together with other Ukrainian songs, any other pronunciation sounds very wrong. So catchy!

  8. No one has enjoyed the Bayraktar song as much as I have. If that makes me a bad person, okay. But, the fact that the Ukrainians are getting so much well needed fun with it is good to see. It’s a bright spot in a very grim world.

    1. You and me both. The 1 hour looped version on youtube made my life easier, until I downloaded it.

  9. Who would have thought Turkey would be one of the stars out of this, certainly not me. So impressed, well done to Turkey. You have my support

    1. @Johnny’s GamingClub did you know a former president Turgut Őzal of Turkey was a Kurd or the head of Turkeys intelligente agency Haka Fidan is Kurd.you do not know what you are talking about have anice day

  10. im glad this helps a lot in Ukraine, thanks to Turkish drone, may God bless Ukraine and countries who are helping Ukraine

    1. Good for Ukraine but Turkey doesn’t do it for human rights…it’s business. They’d sell to anyone, even America’s enemies.

  11. As an American Turk: I am proud of Turkey, supporting Ukraine in its legitimate right to defend their country.

    1. Bayraktars are very helpful, but Turkey can do much more. It’s a disgrace when Russian oligarchs can find a safe harbour in Turkey.

  12. I love what he said that he didn’t want to compare technology to lives.
    It’s kind of warming.
    English is not his first language and he is really trying to be as well spoken as possible . I give him credit.

  13. This war had proven that tanks are obsolete. Too vulnerable to attack from the air, to anti-tank missiles and other weapons, and too expensive.

  14. Special thanks to all the Turkish🇹🇷 for providing Bayraktar to the great Ukrainian in defending their love people home and country ukraine, SLAVA UKRAINE🇺🇦🙏

    1. Hope ur mentality against islam will change cause I know you do not have us in your ❤️❤️ ❤️

  15. I have been to Turkey 3 times, my observation is that the Turkish people know how to solve everyday problems.
    Example, there’s a lack of public transportation throughput Turkey, no trains due to earthquake risk.each regions, cuties created it’s own private Bua system, with good customer experience. This gives tourists a much easier way to enjoy & see it’s beautiful cities

  16. I love the fact that so many different countries are coming to Ukraine’s aid. It means that unprovoked aggression is met on so many fronts the aggressor has no choice but to back down or face complete annihilation. Europe has become united in a way never seen before in history, and it is beautiful. Long live Ukraine, and everybody who helps defend her.

  17. I take my hat of to Turkey on their advance drone technology and my heart is with all the people of Ukraine, may God continue to to give them strength! 🙏

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