Turmoil At U.S. Attorneys’ Office In D.C. Complicates Jan 6 Investigations | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Rachel Maddow looks at some of the loose ends at the U.S. attorneys' office in Washington, D.C. from the Bill Barr era that Merrick Garland will have to deal with once his nomination clears the Senate while those prosecutors are trying to deal with the sprawling January 6th investigations. Aired on 03/06/2021.
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Turmoil At U.S. Attorneys' Office In D.C. Complicates Jan 6 Investigations | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Holding up Garland’s confirmation is just yet another example of GOP judicial interference.

    1. @Sean Patrick No lies detected. But what about the Joe Manchin’s of the world and all the so called “BLUE DOG CORPORATE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD DEMOCRATS” who maintain the status quo. They are many.

    2. @elktime
      I’m not exactly sure what you are asking me, but yes, the nature of democracy is compromise.
      Unfortunately our form of democracy is rife with legal corruption.

    1. @Lynne Titus All president’s lie or change their minds. Since I first voted in 1972, Trump is merely the worst liar-president I have seen. I don’t believe anything Biden, or any other president, says until it happens. In a sense, Trump is the most honest president. He said he would do something bad, then do it. He showed in the open that he is a racist, but denied it. Mormons are another example. They claim the Mormon church’s members and leaders were never racist because it was God who gave the Mormon’s revelation that blacks couldn’t hold the power of God (their priesthood) like other races.

    2. Biden should do what Trump did, he appointed “28 acting cabinet secretaries” who didn’t have to go through the vetting process. The sooner the better to clean house.

  2. If the GOP is not brought to heel, then this mess will only get worse. The Rethugs are doing there best to keep the knife at America’s throat.

    1. @Mona Martin last time I checked demos are the ones in power. They want to lower voters age to 16. Mess with xl pipe but mum on Russian pipe line. Renewable energy production is costlier than fossil fuel. Justice dept is part of executive branch. 15hr min wage was stopped with help of demo. 50% of congress are millionaires including Nancy with her 114 millions.

    2. @Lawrence Acosta I didn’t say the Dems were pure. There are a few that would sell out their mother for more money. I, for one, am not happy with the way our government is going. The Rethugs fight everything and push the lies and disinformation and have adopted 45 as their “God.”. The Dems seem to bend over backwards giving in. FYI….I am neither of those 2 parties and neither am I a Liberal. I consider myself a Centrist. Unfortunately, when it comes to electing a president, there are only 2 parties that seem to matter, so I weigh the amount of good against the amount of bad in each party.

    3. @Mona Martin nicknaming repub “rethugs” doesn’t show bias at all. Dems fought repub all the way and wasted time on 2 impeachments knowing that there was no way 2/3 senate was going to vote. Nancy held on to 1st one after declaring 45 was a dire threat. Ummm he signed covid relief and actually wanted to increase the $600 to $2000. 45 relief 2.3 trillion uncle Joe relief 1.9 trillion. So tell me who is for the people? 45 offered triple Barry’s amnesty 1.8 million people demo turned it down. You give someone a hand they want the arm too.

    4. Utterly agree. It took a decade for the Nazis to come to power after the initial failed coup after which Hitler WAS JAILED. Fascism is wildly dangerous and persistent.

  3. Never thought this would happen in the states 😂😂 a republican dictatorship !! 😢 Sad 😭

  4. Simple, anyone placed in office by the former guy should be immediately fired and replaced by intelligent, moral, decent people and the former guy’s appointees need to be jailed from Barr down..

  5. It seems like prosecutors don’t let the prosecute their own. Does it remind you of the police department. 🤦

  6. That explains why the GOP’s are delaying Garland’s vote trying to delay the inevitable

    1. @David Alexander – Hee Haw, Hee Haw, Hee always calls me that. Rather than slinging BS at facts that don’t tickle your ears, shake your head and broaden your scope by venturing beyond your delusional comfort zone. The contrast between ethical journalists like Chris Hedges and the MSM’s stable of sellouts is astounding.

    2. @Mary Halverson
      I was just about to tell you to open your mind and to real facts not the silly little lies that you peddle. You may even become a happy healthy minded person one day. Evil eats you from the inside, so please turn away from it for your own sake and sanity. Peace.

    3. @David Alexander – Your sanctimonious projection won’t work on me, Dave, so get back to sucking lemons while the nation circles the drain.

    4. @David Alexander – No, Dave. You’re just sorry, period. Now quit pouting and go make me.a sandwhich.

  7. Republican should not be able to stall appointments like they have been it’s been 45 days! We should hold their paychecks until they start doing their jobs!

    1. Now that’s a Awesome idea but I don’t think it will ever happen. I’d love to see the 3 major trouble makers go -; Stacey Graham Mitch McConnell and Ted Cruz! The country would be better off without them.

    2. Double standards for Republicans and Democrats I’d like to see republicans get severance pay personally

  8. The Republicans are only delaying the inevitable. We need to investigate all of tRump’s criminal circus.

    1. Oh and the dems are so clean they are crooks they like your money just keep giving it to them they’ll be Rick and you won’t go get them fool

    2. @Kaye Wilkins you mean like Trump’s tax breaks for the rich? please stop the whataboutism..

    3. @Clint – Trump may wish he could get rid of evidence but in this day & age it lives forever, and just like the highly disturbing email exchanges that’ll keep haunting Hillary, Uma, & Podesta, Trump’s misdeeds will never disappear.

  9. When all the dust settles, I hope trump ends up with a thousand years of jail time. Not figuratively, literally!

  10. We came incredibly close to losing our democracy, and we are by no means out of the woods yet. If Trump had another four years to get his coconspirators in place, it would have been all over.

    1. And yet, there are still too many of his supporters in high positions in government.
      Remember, that the gop manipulated positions that would make it difficult if not impossible for President Biden to remove them.

      The GOP corruption has no shame. NONE!

  11. Socrates hated democracy. Why? Because he feared that an uneducated electorate would be swayed by a demagogue. Sound familiar?

    1. yes, THAT’S HOW YOU ALL GOT BIDEN ELECTED. besides PROVEN vote rigging en masse. You have NO idea who Trump voters are, obviously!

    2. @theCosmicQueen No you summed it up quite succinctly. There’s a reason college has become exponentially more expensive while yielding less benefits, coupe that with with movie stars governing states, etc.
      The greatest fear of either party (but yeah if I had to chose, the GOP would be on chopping block first, the Trump half can lead) is an informed, critically thinking populace. We all know Trump is just a vacuous twit, and a continuing national embarrasen for those still living in reality. There’s a few Republicans in reality, and they are now seeing it from the other side as they are forced to resign and bullied by their own party. At least when the left turns on their own it’s for a reason that’s legal and not morally questionable. Haven’t Trumpers been taken out by covid yet? You guys should all meet and protest the mask-wearing, somewhere secluded.

  12. It is so incredible the corruption in the Dept of Justice under “the other guy” how shamelessly they ignored all requests for investigarions and transparency. Barr, the guy who was
    rejected by his own Alma Mater for all his shady deals and depravity should be jailed for all the open travesty in the administration of justice.

  13. I don’t think we’re getting a rigorous enough investigation of the authoritarian Trump regime.

  14. People on the inside need to be fired and charged. Many were criminally incompetent or complicit. We pay for all these agency’s to be ready for a day like January 6th.Let the heads roll!!

  15. Rachel looks as frustrated as I feel with these repulicons, who are annihilating our institution of laws.

    1. Ya. Or a super aggressive acting AG that will dive into the internal IG investigations immediately.
      Ttump slapped in that bald sycophant that knew nothing about nothing for some months, to slip the immigration policies by.

    2. Well because Biden wants to respect the legislative process unlike Donald who didn’t know anything about it could care less about it and basically did dictator type actions so if nobody approved his guys he just put an “acting” person in there technically your not supposed to do that unless it’s an extreme situation!!

    3. @Billy Cloudy I think the DOJ is in an extreme situation.
      If they ever needed immediate leadership, it’s now.
      It was good to see him get an Acting AG into the Washington office right away.

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