Twin doctors are trying to end racism in medicine

A pair of twin doctors is trying to end racism in the medical system and calling for 'a radical reimagining of how we deliver health care.'

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    1. Just have to take their word for it? You know, for a country that accepts the most immigrants in the world, we sure suck at being racist.

    1. πŸ˜• how so? No examples were given, no test study links in the discription? . So whats so stunning and brave?

    1. @joseph King who’s crying I this scenario? Seems to me they are crying about being victims, no?

  1. who the hell cares.
    what has racism to do with this
    is twitter gonna cancel hospitals now?

  2. Ummm go to the college of physicians and surgeons for each province. It’s not the Canadian drs being reprimanded and fined.

  3. FANTASTIC.. you are doing the best work this world has ever seen. WS feel poor about themselves and want to destroy the world. Saving the planet…true super heroes.

  4. ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️we have to be here for our Heath Care staff and family’s that are takeing Risk to make sure we get our shots

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