Blair fires back at Doug Ford, tells him to look at his government’s ‘own data’ | COVID-19

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair fired back at Ontario's government, saying Premier Ford should 'look at their own data' on the border.


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  1. Enough is enough!!! It’s time for a royal commission of inquiry into the government for it’s disastrous handling of this entire situation!

    1. @Vincent Valentine It’s either diabolical or complete and utter incompetence and I don’t know which is worse to be honest.

    2. @Vincent Valentine Put some aluminium foil in your hat and you will find that the world isn’t all that bad after all

    3. @ThatManitobaGuy incompetence? They’re pretty consistent with their inconsistencies. The worst type of evil that individuals can do ,is doing evil without realizing its evil.

  2. What has been done to punish the medical staff who were found to be seriously neglecting the elderly even outright abandoning them to die of starvation,dying from no water?.Were those Drs, nurses punished for allowing them to die and claiming Covid caused their deaths?

    1. And papa Ford hasn’t done anything to correct this this situation that I know of..I won’t vote for him next election because of that

    2. Do you mean politician or goverment employees pension plans who own private health care facilities

    3. If your shocked about the Seniors and I certainly am..You should see what he did to the Disabled. He gave them Suicide. . Doug Ford is a Monster

  3. how do you you explain that the three cases of indian variant came from travel that was after the airports closed supposedly

    1. @Frank Liu Just look what you wrote and ask yourself again the same question. If they implemented these Hotels… Quarantine and whatever… How are we getting other variants? 😂

    2. @Ngk 31 Implemented and implemented well are two different things. They certainly didn’t implement it well. But Ford didn’t focus that. I would focus on fixing that.

  4. “Where’s the data?” Trudeau banned incoming flights from India. So… The same data your boss has, Bill.

    1. I believe he only did the ban for two weeks and relying on data means they didn’t do the ban until they saw that the India variant was already here. TheTrudeau Government hasn’t learned a damned think in the past year.

    1. Trudeaus wife caught the virus from Idris Alba, in London, at a “we” event, I believe.

  5. It’s been the flights from all,over the world that have been the problem all along. Most governments around the world refused to cancel flights.

  6. You can’t have a discussion with Blair without wanting to leap across the desk at him!

    1. Hopefully this a rude wake up call for every tax paying Canadians to be more vocal ,assertive and involved in politics instead of mindless bread and circuses.

  7. If there were a new variant of concern that developed right here in Canada, wouldn’t we be irresponsible not to contain it and wouldn’t other countries have every reason to not accept our travellers?

  8. Evan Solomon is the best.He always asks the questions that we would want asked. He always presses them for answers, no matter what colour stripe. He’s awesome.

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