‘Two doses is no longer enough’: Canada’s health minister | COVID-19 vaccinations

Health Minister Duclos says vaccination is the key to controlling the spread of COVID-19, but two doses are no longer sufficient.

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  1. I’ve had 2 shots and caught Omicron back in January. It was mild. My totally unvaccinated mom in her 60s caught Omicron around the same time. It was mild. There’s nothing you can possibly say to convince me that a 3rd dose is useful. Booster shots are a temporary patch at best.

  2. I made out just fine with zero shots. Did he tell you they are experimental? Just say no.

    1. @Puggalug they still need the EUA so they are of course experimental and you are the stage 3 trial , how do you not know this

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  3. You could hook it up intravenous and it still wouldn’t be enough, the concoction clearly doesn’t work!

  4. we survived for thousands of years without injections now all of a sudden we can’t live without them did you buy it

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