Two Uber users get drastically different rates for the same trip in Toronto

Two Toronto friends have a lot of questions for ride-sharing app Uber. They say they got drastically different quotes, for the same trip.

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  1. If your price is higher, it’s because you’re the type of person who accepts the price every time. If you’re willing to turn down an Uber, your price will go down over time. I run several e-commerce and we do the same thing. It’s not a racial thing, it’s based on your behaviour.

  2. We found the same thing with hotel rooms. Last week my friend and I wanted to getaway for a night. I went online to book a hotel room. It was almost $400. My friend thought the price was a little high so she went and put in the same criteria for the same hotel room and hers came up $100 cheaper. My husband then did the same and he got the same price as my friend. What is going on here? This is in NS.

  3. That is exactly why I stopped using Uber the price for the same destination ranges from $38-$62. A TAXI Is between $31-$35 depending on traffic.

  4. This is equity in practice (bringing down the top). Equality is much better (giving the bottom a chance if they work for it).

  5. It is the same with many online goods purchasing. The higher your wealth, the less you pay. The price that pops up on the web page, is different for different folk.

  6. Has anyone here been scammed repeatedly by Skip the Dishes drivers, who accept your order but never show up with your food? It’s happened to me 4 times in 3 months.

    1. Yes, as an Uber driver I was told never give a 5star maybe 4 or 3 that’s how the algorithm will make more money for me next time.

  7. I like how everything is about racism. Before all colors would want to be treated as an American, Canadian etc. Nowadays, everyone has a label and mostly base on the skin color. So I guess we’re back to racism like the old days.

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