O’Toole’s health plan could lead to two-tiered system: CMA president


    1. @Jumbo Me Yes, because of the party that has mostly been in charge for 40 years they are indeed a joke…Almost as if conservative policies don’t actually work

    1. We do not have a 2 tiered system, yes some things are not covered but we don’t remotely have a 2 tiered system

    2. @Keatrith Amakiir two tiered is the merger of both public and private funding requirements. That is what we have.

    3. @juliette Irene Not even close, a merger of public and private services is how the best healthcare on the planet is run (in northern europe). What we have is not what they have, but 2-tiered is what the USA has, and you’re off your rocker if you think that is how it works in Canada.

  1. our healthcare system sucks anyway. “that’ll be a 24 month wait to see that specialist for 10min”. “nah no thanks. i’ll just go to the states”

    1. move to the states you got all your money to pay for health insurance – it’s working out so well for them.

    2. @Punk Rachmaninoff My tax portion that went towards healthcare is over 10k per year, that is how ” free” it is.

    3. We all pay for our universal health care through our taxes and it should be equitable for all Canadians -No to the two tiered services !

    4. @123uschie If someone wants to step out of a year long waiting list,and pay for a service, wouldn’t that benefit the rest in line?.

  2. This is embarrassing. She represents physicians of all political stripes and shouldn’t be needlessly political. It’s unbecoming of a professional organization.

    1. How was she political? She is talking about how a Doctor sees the Canadian Healthcare system and the different ideas and philosophies involved in restructuring it. Political parties are representing different types of Canadians and their interests. If you don’t have a hundred grand just sitting around waiting for your next surprise lifesaving surgical procedure you may not want to vote Conservative though.


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  4. Tell your Champion …your Goliath …I have new numbers out of Taiwan and am here to pull your wings off

  5. “Private-public synergies” sounds so ominous – no, I don’t want American rich-care in Canada

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