U.K. Becomes First Country To Approve Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

U.K. Becomes First Country To Approve Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine | Morning Joe | MSNBC


The United Kingdom became the first country Wednesday to formally approve the Pfizer and BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine, a huge symbolic milestone in the fight against the pandemic. Aired on 12/02/2020.
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U.K. Becomes First Country To Approve Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Millions will homeless or dead even with a vaccine. Due to the lack of a relief package from Congress for the people.

    1. @William H that’s because the love to take penicillin shots after the leave the bathhouse

    2. You are unfortunately correct. I’m so grateful that Joe Biden/ Kamala Harris are now our nation’s leaders, I pray our excruciating national nightmare is beginning TO END!! Please Lord, let this be the end of COVID-19! Bless all my brothers and sisters on our beautiful Mother Earth WE ARE ALL ONE

    3. @Greta Gonzales lol…. Joe biden isn’t president, nor will he ever be.

      Heels up Harris pushed joe down a flight of stairs and he broke his leg… Ouch

    4. Let’s dispense with the ‘both sides of Congress’ in this….It is the GOP through deliberate refusal…which is to blame for supporting and administration with a ‘small government’ ideology….totally inadequate for this pandemic…It’s not both sides of the aisle…It’s the people who brought you Trump…who are responsible for the response…the lame response…to a worldwide epidemic that WILL take many, many more lives in this Country….because the GOP wants to stay in power….So, let’s dispense with the ‘both sides’….or ‘all of Congress’…in this. Thanks for the ride, GOP.

    1. @William H and your point is. So what if the lgbtq and BLM are supported. About time someone looked out for people

    2. And conning his supporters out of $170,000,000 (so far) claiming it’s to fight election fraud. The way the PAC is set up, though, he can use the money for anything he wants.

  2. I moved here, from England, back in 2006. I am very proud of my home country today. Just so long as no one sprouts an extra head or anything?

    1. You can trust British healthcare. American healthcare is just about making money so they would put out a dangerous vaccine as long as it makes money. UK healthcare priorities health and care so they wouldn’t greenlight a bad vaccine because they know they could be sued by everyone

    2. @GearóidODU – – The vaccine was developed by BioNtech a German company. Pfizer is just partners in distribution. The company was founded by Turkish immigrants in Germany. Muslim immigrants, exactly the people Trump would have stopped entering the USA. They are now self-made billionaires.

    1. Actually, all things considered, I appreciate the FDA exercising due diligence in the face of warp speed pressure.

    2. @ruth depew At least it’s not as bad as the EU who are planning a meeting for the 29th December! Makes you wonder why the vaccine producers put in the extra effort.

      P.S. UK approval board have spent 10 days on doing the due dil.

    1. I should be first. But I refuse to have it until the healrhcare workers the elderly and more vulnerable then me get it. My life is worth less than there’s so il hold out till thw important peoplw have kt although with my auto immune disorder im e titled to it. But I believe in being selfless

    2. @cyberash3000 Judging from the number of people who say they’ll refuse it, I think there will be plenty of doses to go around. If your medical provider offers it to you, take it.

  3. I do not recommend these vacuous vaccines. I contacted covid-19 from Donald & was a test subject & look what happened to me.

    1. Yes, a sulphurous dark liquid was leaking from your scull, while you spread the wildest conspiracies infront of a flowershop. Covid-19 is more damaging for the brain than for the lungs. Covid infested WH is a total madhouse.

  4. Thank you to all the health personnel in the countries of the world for taking care of the populations, despite the difficulties encountered during this health crisis.
    I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude to you!

    1. The BioNTech owner is a muslim immigrant here in Germany, Ugur Sahin, he is the mastermind and he chose Pfizer as his producer for the US market.
      Trump is not the mastermind.
      Check Sahin on Wikipedia and BioNTech homepage!!!!

  5. PLEASE report accurately.
    BioNTech created the vaccine – a relatively small German company, compared to Pfizer.
    The US firm, Pfizer bought the rights ti manufacture it.
    They put their name on something they did not build…just like trump always does.
    The science was NOT done here in America…where our fading leader has a cult that does not believe in science

    Make America honest, intelligent, humble, compassionate.

    1. you are right about the biontech vaccine but as a Brit i will remind you that the Moderna vaccine is made and researched in America. lets celebrate that their is good science happening in lots of places 🙂 in spite of some of our politicians.

    2. also we will be rolling it out before the us regulators have even sat to make a decision looks to be “early next week sorry could not stop my self :)…..

  6. How come we don’t have a National Healthcare System looking out for us? McConnell and all the repugnicons except for McCain. VOTE blue Georgia

  7. I will wait a couple of years and see if their is any setback from these vaccine. Before I even try it. Let everyone else be test subject. I will pass.

    1. Yeah I agree with you but think about this… They said the same thing about the polio vaccine. That turned out ok!! But I do agree I have to see how it affects different people before I go get it.

  8. US is to busy with election bull to get to distribution let alone approval of any vaccine…we are so sad .

  9. I can’t wait lil donnie announcement that he single handedly found the vaccine and forced big pharma to name it with his own “bRanD”. But i do hope it’s working tho, unlike his failing steak, university, vodka, hotel, casino and others…

  10. Finally they call it Biontech in the US also! Pfizer only does the US distribution. It was developed in Mainz Germany. Thank you from Germany .

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