U.S. Capitol Ransacked After Massive Security Failure | Morning Joe | MSNBC

U.S. Capitol Ransacked After Massive Security Failure | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


The U.S. Capitol descended into chaos and violence Wednesday as hundreds of pro-Trump rioters swarmed the building. Joe Scarborough says there has to be an investigation into the massive security failure. Aired on 01/07/2021.
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U.S. Capitol Ransacked After Massive Security Failure | Morning Joe | MSNBC

83 Comments on "U.S. Capitol Ransacked After Massive Security Failure | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. I’m glad that I am not the only one who is furious.

    • It not the peoples fault it the government for how they want to be cant blame this on the people if the government wasnt so shotty then stuff would be different

    • Wlm also just not blm it should be all lives matter there will always be some kind of racisim somewhere no matter what raeu are there are just some hateful people out there but slavery hasent been around forever an we hgot alot rich famous people all races so to start need to get rid of all these different lives matter an make it all lives matter or there will deff always be racism if that how all want to keep looking at the world so mamy narrow minded people

    • พัสตราถรณ์ ศรอิทนร์ | January 7, 2021 at 1:47 PM | Reply

      They should have been shot down! Any survivors could have been hung on the adjacent scaffolding!

    • @nick briere no one says that any rioting is acceptable.
      Democrats have worked all along, Republicans have obstructed everything. Mitch McConnell brags about it.
      What exactly haven’t Democrats refused to work on?

    • I’m glad that i am not the only one who is curious :}.

  2. If no one pays for their crimes this country will be a free for all for everyone. They must be arrested and shown that they are not above the law!

  3. The Turkish Foreign Minister giving US pointers on democracy was real highlight of the day.

  4. Patting PEOPLE on the back, opening doors, and taking selfies. All these cops should go to JAIL. We were warned!! NOBODY WAS READY!!

  5. Hey. You know how BLM has stated that cops are often in league with white supremacist. See now?

  6. Independent media: MSM is too timid
    Joe: Hold my coffee

  7. Shirley Williams-Hall | January 7, 2021 at 1:50 PM | Reply

    You all didn’t have to censor him. We all heard exactly what he said this morning and he is right. We all should be disgusted and appalled on all levels.

  8. “”The Press is the enemy of the people” – Adolf Hitler” – Donald J Trump

    • @Identity Unknown yeah, but it’ll be different this time!!! you wait and see.

    • @Identity Unknown No, they weren’t socialist at all, the party were called National Socialists but that was a distraction. They were a party formed around a dictator.

    • @Identity Unknown That’s what you call ‘Pseudo History’ The kind of lie a Neo Nazi would be proud of …

    • @Identity Unknown Although Nazi is called National Socialist German Workers’ Party by Hitler, but in fact, it’s a extreme nationalism and fascism, and it lacks of many features of national socialism. Hitler’s party killed and arrested many communist and socialist(Social Democratic Party of Germany which is democratic socialism).

    • Agolf Twittler

  9. We’ve been telling ya’ll for years now, the cops have picked their side.

  10. Gina Hernandez | January 7, 2021 at 2:22 PM | Reply

    The police taking selfies with the “domestic terrorists” should be charged with “Aiding and Abetting” smdh 😡

  11. Finally a human, owning the oppression and inequalities of this country

  12. We needed to hear that Joe! People WILL be held accountable!

  13. It seem like some DC Police are involved in this on going political play game of the white house.

  14. Spencercool99 | January 7, 2021 at 2:59 PM | Reply

    And when liberals say “the US is a white supremacist nation, founded on white supremacy” we’re derided and called “SJWs”. No. We just bothered to study history.

  15. security planners be like: “don’t worry, they’re white…”

    • TheBlazersfan22 | January 7, 2021 at 9:28 PM | Reply

      @jgr shot 1 of them. and the person was a secret service for mike pence. other 3 died by heart attacks. and the women deserved to get shot too. hey like trump tards say. vandalize or get shot.

    • @TheScribe “They were shot, beaten and arrested”, where did you see that?. The most numerous complaint seems to be was that unlike the peaceful BLM protesters at the White House they weren’t beaten and arrested.
      The woman who was shot was construed by a Secret Service agent to be a threat to those he was assigned to protect when she pull something out of her bag he acted as he was trained and shot first. Tragic yes, but she was part of a mob invading the house so what else could be expected.

    • @jgr four people got shot? where did you get that info from? quacknon? faux news? alec jonesin? sean ‘look i’m just like a real journalist but i’m white so it’s okay’ hannity?

    • @jgr only 1 was shot. More would been shot if the mob consisted of non-whites

  16. Mario Williams | January 7, 2021 at 3:25 PM | Reply

    Exactly right…. THIS was an insurrection, and it needs to be prosecuted as such. Every one of those people are guilty of sedition.

  17. Trump bragged about all the nations’ police forces being “his” in the presidential debates, maybe it’s time we explored what that implies and do something about it

    • ALL police unions, every single one of them, in the country officially endorsed Donald Trump for the 2020 election. That’s after Trump had screwed up the pandemic response and hundreds of thousands of Americans had already died from the pandemic. Think about that. Police don’t care about America or Americans. They care about POWER.

    • Unabashed Hedonist | January 7, 2021 at 9:58 PM | Reply

      84% officers voted for Trump

    • @KT Chong you are right but your argument is the worst in history. There are so many things that we can use to easily condemn Trump

      the death toll is not one of them. Hundreds of thousands wouldve died regardless what political party was siting in the oval office. That’s just a factual statement unfortunately

    • @Andrew Wolf Not true. We have the example of a whole continent that has less deaths than the US. Others including GWB

  18. Mr. Joe Scarborough put into words ALL my sentiments.

  19. JF’s Music Box | January 7, 2021 at 5:12 PM | Reply

    I’m amazed this hasn’t gone as viral as it should.

  20. “how many members of the capitol cops are members of Donald Trump’s cult”?

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