U.S. Carries Out Air Strike In Syria Against Iranian-Backed Militia | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1

U.S. Carries Out Air Strike In Syria Against Iranian-Backed Militia | The ReidOut | MSNBC


The U.S. military has carried out an airstrike in Syria against facilities used by Iranian-back militia, a defense official told NBC News. Aired on 02/25/2021.
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U.S. Carries Out Air Strike In Syria Against Iranian-Backed Militia | The ReidOut | MSNBC


    1. Do you remember the Weapons of Mass Destruction that never existed ?
      Two countries were invaded and untold amounts of people were killed, 18yrs later people are still being killed because of the lies.

    2. Meanwhile, we all have forgotten that Joe Biden lied (lain – 4MF who keep checking me) during the Georgian campaign, meaning Senator Jon Ossoff and Senator Rev. Raphael Warnock regarding Americans need help immediately in January 2021 by receiving $2,000 emergency checks.

      If you can lie about that, what else can Joe Biden can lie to the Americans.

    1. @Jay M Joe Biden was arguing for using the US military to attack Iraq back in 1998, 5 years before it actually happened. He told George W.Bush that he should run for president and lead a war into Iraq and that he would support him if he did.
      “At a 1998 Senate hearing, then Sen. Joe Biden argued that Saddam Hussein would never give up weapons of mass destruction, and that “taking Saddam” down was the only way to guarantee disarmament.”

    2. @Jay M , Thank you for being barely understandable. Please explain The Who ,what , and why of your cryptic message.

    1. Yes we did! The king killed a journalist during the trump administration and he wasn’t held accountable!

  1. Replace MBS with Iran … MBS caused that (Naval attack) on domestic soil (foreign and domestic) Plus Jamal and I’ll just let y’all see my money shot.. back to stealth mode

  2. ever new administration greets the world with airstrikes in the middle east gotta make the theodore herzl crew happy.

  3. I wonder what the relationship between Iran and the USA would look like today, if our roles in recent history were reversed?
    > I wonder what Americans would think about Iran today, if back in the 1950s Iran had overthrown the US government, destroyed our constitutional democracy, installed a dictator that would back Iran and that it took us 24 years, until 1979, to get rid of?

    1. Keep wondering cause Russia’s puppet will never win. 100 yrs from now we USA will own the world. No communism ever!!!!!

    2. Oh gosh I know right? Imagine how the rest of the world felt when we dropped the bomb.
      All the current administration can do, is make the best choices in an ocean of culture.
      There are more people in the world now too, & technology is accelerating. The change is dizzying!!
      I’ve been keeping a journal since 2020, to stay sane, & to show a play by play view, for future generations.

    3. @Barrios Romeo Stop being Russia’s puppet yourself …by stopping yourself from blaming Russia … for anything. 
      Watching MSNBC and believing in their Russia-gate is just as bad for your brain as watching Fox News or NewMax is.

  4. If American forces are being deployed, be guaranteed there is probably a reason for it. And not to expect favorable results from a foreign country

  5. Ever notice how they preface every militant group in the Middle East as “Iranian-backed” forces? They’re priming you for escalating conflict with Iran and the media just repeats it without asking any questions.

  6. The majority of Americans have voted to put adults back in charge and going forward you can expect the US to assert itself using economic, diplomatic and military means.

  7. Aaaaaaand we’re back to the $7 trillion mistake of regime change in the Middle East thanks to our peaceful liberal pals.

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