U.S. Hasn’t Turned The Corner On The Pandemic, Says Infectious Diseases Expert | Morning Joe | MSNBC

U.S. Hasn't Turned The Corner On The Pandemic, Says Infectious Diseases Expert | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. @psycobleach46 tullis Do you realize Biden put a gag on border patrol? They aren’t allowed to talk about the situation. The wall and related sensors were designed with the advice and support of border patrol, so no Biden has no plan for improved security. Don’t fool yourself.

    2. @umrengnr He put a gag order on them because all they would be doing is giving their opinion on something and people like you and Fox would take things out of context.

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis Is that why he also banned media until they “are done doing what we’re doing”? When asked when they would be allowed to view the facilities, he said he didn’t know. He is covering up the situation, which is out of control.

      Remember when you all were screaming “Trump has kids in cages”, and now you want to talk about unfair representation of the facts.

  1. Where is the ‘united’ part of the United States? It seems each state has its own rules depending on whether it is blue or red…. red = stupid

  2. One thing we still can count on: People are their own worst enemy when it comes to this or any pandemic and doing the right thing all the way to the end.

    1. @Joel Rivard the 2 mask are for those who like to wear a cloth mask, you put on the disposable one then the cloth mask,

    2. @Joel Rivard he didn’t say that though did he! He was asked a question about people wearing double masks, to which he replied “If you have a physical covering with one layer, you put another layer on, it just makes common sense that it likely would be more effective and that’s the reason why you see people either double masking or doing a version of an N95.” He didn’t change his mind because he didn’t have anything to change his mind about!
      While you’re sounding off about a few Democrats that broke the rules, why have you not mentioned virtually all the republicans that didn’t bother to follow them at all in the first place?

    3. @Jillian Copeland because it was democrats who wanted all the covid rules but didn’t want to follow hippocrits at least the Republicans told the truth that they didn’t think we should have shut down at all

    4. @Joel Rivard – You sound like you’ve got A HUGE BURR OF unmitigated hatred stuck up your butt. Get over yourself. Wash your hands, wear a mask, keep a safe social distance, get a vaccine,, but mostly, *STFU!*

  3. Ok, so the UK variant is essentially dominant now, but when will the South African and Brazilian variants go into competition for the next dominant strain?

    1. Unfortunately the Brazilian strain may already be dominant. Read a report that the US is only testing 10% of test for variants. The Brazilian strain has also been shown to recombine or double infect with the UK variant. Also it’s reinfecting people who had previously been infected with the original strain. Brazilian hospitals, not just ICUs are overwhelmed and on the verge of collapse. I live in Vancouver Canada and we just reported 100’s of new P1 Brazilian variant.

    2. @Yvonne Plant Yeah, here in Vancouver they said we have the second highest rate of P1 infection per capita outside of Brazil. Hope we can slow it down

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis you came to comment on my thread so if you come here posting something leave some evidence other wise keep quiet. That should be your next comment with evidence if not I’ll dismiss and ignore ignorance

    2. @DAT THE BIG BOSS I still don’t know where you are getting your misinformation. The variants have much of the same structure as the original. So if your immune system is prepared, it may still recognize part of the virus and respond. It seems that people who got infected with the original strain and survived, then got infected with the Brazil variant. So we know that getting infected by the original strain won’t completely protect you from getting sick from the new strain. Getting the vaccine is not the same as getting infected from the original strain. The vaccine may be more protective, I don’t think we know yet. There is an Oxford study that implies that these vaccines do protect against the Brazilian variant.

    3. @DAT THE BIG BOSS YOU made the claim the burden of PROOF falls on you, YOU need to back yourself up, Like you said, you need to leave some evidence. so do it

    1. Oh no, the tiger is chasing us. Since we are mostly out of shape for a tiger run, tiger will eat well until we are gone. I’m vaccinated. I will keep my mask on until Dr. Fauci announces an “all clear” I hope my fellow Americans see and feel the necessity to do likewise.

    1. @umrengnr trump did NOT do anything during the pandemic the states had to deal with it on their own even when trump issued the National emergency and again ALL states put recovering covid patients into the nursing home NOT just dem states. Oh, and you forget Florida has been covering up their covid deaths as well

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis That is completely untrue. You all claim to be about truth and justice but lie all the time. We have a federalist system, so states do have certain responsibilities, Trump did not do nothing. Also states with common sense did not put sick people in nursing homes.

    3. @umrengnr Lmao I watched him say it on live TV like the rest of the civilized world. That 2020 copium sent you to another reality huh?

    4. @Frail Bones Biden I think you mean “Its not Trump’s fault you are stupid enough to NOT understand that”. English first, kool-aid sucking second yeah?

  4. “Exceptional Americans” will never wait like adults until this virus can be mitigated…there are only a certain amount of us that are educated and capable of controlling our impulses that have to be responsible for the larger part of the population that seem to think that their “rights” come before the rights of others…

  5. The police weren’t even wearing masks at spring break. Where’s the adults in the room? Where’s the role models?

  6. It’s OK, a certain percentage of their families will die a lonely and painful death, but they don’t care. When the next variant attacks their age group perhaps they’ll learn.

  7. The young bang on about the planet, but don’t give a 💩 about the people or there family’s who live on it.

  8. Virus’s mutate too quickly to train. Good nutrition and hygiene practices are best for all known and unknown illness on the way!

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