1. We did. We´ve been focused on DJT and Covid-19 for more than a year. When was the last time we heard about Afghanistan in the news before this? Maybe when the deal was made, or signed or the upcoming deadline. All was “well”

    1. Well, it’s not like America was ever going to change the situation over there. Beyond making it worse.

    2. The government there saw Trump let out the Taliban fights, meet only with the Taliban and realized that Afghanistan was handed to the Taliban.

    3. @Gail Carmack the Taliban prisoners were minions and a drop in the bucket for peace ,the literal leader was released by Obama in exchange for Bergdahl the coward

  1. Biden was 100% right to end this mayhem in Afghanistan, it could have been smoother but that was only possible if the Afghan army and leadership did not abandon their own country.
    The Afghans have made a choice ,they did not or hardly resist even though the Afghan Army is FOUR TIMES bigger than the Taliban is and was trained and heavily armed with new weapons.
    We should learn a lesson ; there is no way to enforce democracy if people do not support that.
    A majority is needed and there was none in Afghanistan.

    1. @G Eak Because the deal was US and NATO would be gone in may,he knew that could not be the case and at least tried to buy some time to avoid a bigger chaos.
      The 1 may deal was negotiated by Trump,so Biden had no choice .
      Stop whining about it and ask why Trump did this ,he passed it on to Biden and an agreement with the USA can not be broken by a new president.

    2. @Tail Gunner So you’re saying that President Biden did not have the capability to alter the deadline or change the parameters of the exit strategy? Really? The sitting President of the United States of America couldn’t do that? One day you’re going to shrug and realize that no amount of shift in emphasis will deflect from the catastrophic failure of President Biden’s exit strategy. Nobody thinks it was successful. Not by any means. Take care.

    3. I don’t have an issue with us pulling out of Afghanistan; we needed to. We’d been there too long, and NO amount of time was going to “fix” Afghanistan. Where I have the issue is the backward way that he did it. With zero preparation, and a half-assed plan. And then instead of admitting “ok, we obviously didn’t fully think that through”; he just said “Eh, I meant to do that”.

    4. @Joe Nunez I share your concerns BUT….
      As I have answered more than a few times; NOBODY could see that the Taliban would control the country in a few days, 75,000 Talibans and an Afghan army of a little over 300.000 with an air force.
      No western allie saw that coming ,Biden didn’t ,even the Taliban didn’t.
      So whatever the exit strategy was, it was completely crashed by this.
      You mention all the human right issues and i agree with you, but do not forget that Afghanistan was i a position to make other choices ,they did not. We can not enforce democracy and human rights i any country if they choose otherwise, A democracy is based on majorities not on an urge from any other nation.

    5. @Joe Nunez Well look at the withdraw we had from Vietnam and than come again,this is nothing compared to that disaster.
      Although it is not what we want or hope for it is not anywhere near the Vietnam disgrace.

  2. When you see articles about how Milley understands white rage and inclusivity then you see the Taliban leaders all happy and full of themselves they kinda know it’s the beginning of the end for America

    1. No stupid, only libs and BLM following zombies will be the down fall of the US and don’t you ever forget it.

    1. @mike brigs French military left AFG long time ago. They are just removing now their personnel and the AFG who worked for them.

    2. @susan couture flexing their political muscles. they should go get their own people out. everyone complains about the USA, yet we pay for it.

    3. @mike brigs relax, boris. stop beating on your keyboard, it’s just a computer. turn your caps lock off. go bathe. smell troll.

    1. Americans should’ve been out on commercial flights in April when they were told. But they chose to stay. It wasn’t like they didn’t know the troops were leaving.

  3. Sittin in Denmark watching your news. We are in the same situation in Kabul and our soldiers are alies to the US
    Suddenly, I see familier face.
    Lady in Black clothes and purple scarf help communicating between soldiers and afghan women, is our Danish news reporter from Denmark. So proud of her. She is one of the coolest people doing All she can in this sad situation.

  4. Those who helped us 20 YEARS should be the benchmark, for eligibility criteria to come to the U.S., NOT THOSE WHO JOINED UP RECENTLY with the ulterior motive so that they can come here.

  5. Yes no Embassy staff [all having fled] at the airstrip so the British army is left to process American evacuees. Thanks team USA

    1. @Andy38 Andrews Mainstream British television news media today and yesterday, from the airstrip. If you listened to the above they actually said they’d successfully evacuated all the embassy staff. They seemed rather proud of that……

  6. Her delivery sure has changed since the trump era, but then again, she has a lot more sense to work with.

  7. There goes our children’s Social Security! The Afghans had twenty years to prepare and all the guns we gave them. What good have we done.

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