U.S. 'Not Walking Away' From Relationship With Afghan forces: Pentagon 1

U.S. ‘Not Walking Away’ From Relationship With Afghan forces: Pentagon


As U.S. Military troops leave the region, Pentagon Press Secretary Jack Kirby says the United States is not walking away from a relationship with Afghan forces.

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U.S. 'Not Walking Away' From Relationship With Afghan forces: Pentagon


  1. It sounds as if many of the Afghan forces aren’t walking — they are running away from battle.

  2. Glad that they clarify that they will not Be walking away because I for one don’t believe the Afghan government and it’s military has the strength and capability to deal with dangerous Taliban those terrorist are not easy to back down.

  3. “We’re not waking away from Afghan forces, we’re just gonna do them like we did South Vietnam.”

    1. @InTheCuT leaving is leaving…. we should of never gone to war with Iraq or Afghanistan. We should of gone after those responsible for 9/11 and that’s it. We waste trillion of dollars and lost countless lives on both sides.

      My heart goes out to the people of both countries, they need to decide what type of country they want to be.

    2. @Brian Johnson completely agree with you. that being said once we entered their country it is our moral responsibility to make sure they are ok once we leave. The manner in which we did is the reason people in middle east hate our country

  4. England, America even Russia had a go at settling and we all failed after heavens knows how long. We should have looked to our history books and never went there in the first place.

  5. 2:37 “What we hope will happen is the pressure from the international community will bring the Taliban back to the negotiating table.” . . .
    If this is the case, President Joe Biden should mandate that all Americans cross their fingers in unisonto help with their negotiation plan.

  6. Just finished watching & being educated (as always) by Malcolm Nance on Political Voices Network… WAKE UP CALL… & Interview Of The Day… It’s a Must watch! I will NEVER understand why people do not educate themselves… Especially with people that have YEARS of experience in the field of terrorists. Education is priceless and powerful.

  7. We are not going to walk away, we are going to drop them like a hot rock, the Taliban are assassinating the Afghan pilots to do away with their air power, they are in big trouble

  8. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Trump started this and Biden is finishing it. Please evacuate the translators and others who helped our troops. They deserve it.

  9. This guy is starting to sound like ‘Baghdad Bob’…the Kabul government and it’s security forces are falling apart and he is saying “all will be well.”

  10. There are going to be a lot of deaths … this is so wrong .. we have been in south Korea for 68 years and now we are leaving them short

  11. It sounds like the Taliban are the Right-wing faction of Afghanistan; they want to control the personal lives of their citizens by keeping them ignorant.

  12. When the Democrats lose in 2024 and wonder why…this is one of the reasons why. This guy is just a soulless blaming a third world country for being overrun because the US is leaving them to be slaughtered.

  13. Correct Mr. Kirby: we’re *_running_* away -and once again we’re leaving allies in the . Can we expect to see video of civilians desperately trying to cling to the last helicopter out of Kabul? There’s nothing the Taliban would like better.

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