U.S. will be the world’s ‘arsenal’ in COVID-19 fight: Biden | G7 summit in U.K.


    1. Didn’t Trudeau say “we’ll have the most diverse portfolio of vaccines”……oh right he failed in procuring vaccines…..

  1. Thank goodness Biden carried out what Trump had in place. Granted, he takes credit for what he does not do, that is the Biden way.

    1. They undid most of Trump’s great work. Guakamala hilariously reinstated one of Trump’s successful border policies: “Do not come…………do not come.”

    2. Yeah. After trump let hundreds of thousands die due to his negligence. I miss laughing at that guy. Been too quiet.

  2. funny how trump made more than double of the amount jobs biden created in the same time frame bidens pretty much been in office. way to go former vice!

    1. If you haven’t already, check out Joseph coked out grilling Clarence Thomas. Biden is a skid mark on America’s underwear. Harris is a total fraud and imposter.

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