Kevin Donovan reacts to Supreme Court ruling on files tied to Sherman murder case 1

Kevin Donovan reacts to Supreme Court ruling on files tied to Sherman murder case


The Star's chief investigative reporter Kevin Donovan on what information is in the sealed files on Barry and Honey Sherman.

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    1. Yep I’ve always felt that especially after seeing him at the funeral his body language was very wrong

  1. Of course it remains unsolved, they know something …it’s a small town folks…come on! Clear the police, or get rid of them and hire federal investors.

  2. check the GPS coordinates of all officers vehicles, the day of the discovery, and the day before discovery

  3. hopefully more clear minds within the judicial system prevail so to bring to light what transpired and why with the massacre in nova scotia.

    1. @Freddie Thompson if it was Mossad no one would have found them. Mossad is way too smart to leave the bodies in the way they found them. The police are clueless……literally.

    2. @James Jameson Don’t be so confident about Mosad. They were already once caught trying to do the hit, while using the Canadian and NZ passports for cover.

    1. @W See I known this neighborhood very well because one of my friends & my previous boss are living there & I NEVER see any security teams in or around or outside any of these houses (mansions).
      Despite ALL the residents of this area are multi-millionaires/billionaires, they all live in a very quiet, calm, peaceful neighborhood which doesn’t need such kind of extreme security measures.

    2. I guess they didn’t have security guards. Not very smart. Doesn’t matter how nice your hood is. If your a well known billionaire makes sense.

    3. @Richard P vancouver Within this neighborhood, you can live for years next door to a billionaire & you don’t know who’s this neighbor, unless he is/she is a famous celeb everybody know

  4. Why are we still talking about these murders? How many unsolved murders have happened since these two were killed?.

  5. I thought it was a cold case, after 48hrs.
    Ah well, i just seen that on t.v. so yah know spreading misinformation.

  6. I’ve always wondered how Bill Blair went from Police Chief to Federal Liberal Minister!

  7. I truly believe that trudeau has something to do with this crime! Look at their meaning the Shermans, business! They manufactured hydroxycoraquin.

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