State trooper sued after car flips over during traffic stop

An Arkansas woman is suing a state trooper for allegedly causing her car to flip during a traffic stop while she was pregnant, in 2020.

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  1. I don’t recall claiming “I didn’t think it was safe to stop” as being an option when I got my license. I’d also like to know how long it actually took her to stop without an edited video.

    1. @Swidhelm This might be new, I haven’t checked, but decades ago when I got my license, it wasn’t in the drivers manual.

    2. @Swidhelm Agreed. The driver didn’t look like she was running away and pulled over a bit. I stopped once on a freeway cause my car had broken down. Not the best place for anyone to be.

    3. Way back then, they probably assumed you had common sense. Like, just because it’s a cop telling you to do something unsafe, and putting yourself and potentially others at risk, you do it? That’s the saddest line of reasoning I’ve ever heard.

    4. @Swidhelm 3 one way lanes with a shoulder on both sides, anywhere is a safe place to stop. I would agree that SOME places are too dangerous to stop, but this is not one of those places.

  2. It didn’t look like a safe place to stop but she shoulda slowed down more to show her intentions. She was speeding previously and obv slowed down because she’s going the same speed as the car in front of her. She prob was speeding in the other lane as well so she did pull over but just didn’t stop. Cops.

    1. Bruh she’s on the highway and even had her hazards and blinkers showing that she wanted to find a safe place to stop if you look up Arkansas Law that’s completely legal so there’s no argument so stfu

    1. It show in another video that you are allowed/supposed to slow down and put your hazard lights on if it is unsafe to pull over right away to let the police know , which is exactly what she did .

    2. Shut up you obviously know nothing about Arkansas Law how about you do some research instead of spewing false information

  3. criminal needs to understand that wasn’t a traffic stop. That was a pursuit. She should get extra time for a frivolous lawsuit.

    1. Her 4 ways were on your supposed to move over to the slow lane put your flashers on then pull over in a turn off lane we’re they’re is.more space and the cars are moving slower. It’s not stop in the middle.of the freeway and someone might get run over or hit

  4. The woman was pregnant and obeyed the state’s law to slow and cut on the flashers to let the cop know she would pull over at a safe place. Instead the cop seems like he couldn’t wait to be out in traffic on foot on a highway. Besides, was it worth endangering lives (he didn’t know if your kids, your 80 year old grandma, if you were having a medical emergency or your pregnant wife were in the car) just to give a ticket for speeding? She obeyed the state’s law and could have gotten killed for it.

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