1. I would have opened that door and SCREAMED TO STOP!! UBER IS A FKD UP MESS! SUE THEM GIRL, YOU BETTER!!

    1. YOU are a f’d up mess. how is Uber supposed to control this driver. STFU money grabbing parasite. She can go after the driver though.

    2. Sue Uber..they had nothing to do with it. They are not a transportation company. They simply made a match between driver and passenger. Use at your own risk.

  2. OmGOSH this guy is an idiot! And a hypocrite! He’s chasing the other driver in such a way that he himself is putting others at risk! And didn’t he cause an accident but kept going? He needs to be arrested!

  3. All dummy had to do was get the license plate number and call it in. Duh‼️ 🤦🏾‍♂️ That was the African warrior spirit in him.

    1. Your amygdala is the part of your brain that controls fight or flight. Logic gets shut off until the situation is resolved or you run out of adrenalin.

  4. I am wondering if ‘false imprisonment’ and ‘kidnapping’ charges are in order for this situation. You cant do that. You cant hold people hostage while you rampage. He also fled the scene of at least one other accident.

    1. @Brainjock I agree this isnt false imprisonment but false imprisonment doesnt require you to be detained in a room it can be any area including a wide open park where your movement is restricted without authority.

    2. @Brainjock yeah Right….like this idiot has no previous record.ahaahahahha
      Since when first time false imprisonment doesn’t go to jail??

      Hey, stupid fck…we aren’t in Russia…

    1. You libtard betas are scared shitless of everything. Weak minds ruled by fear. All you losers do is fabricate unlikely scenarios to justify being such pussies.

    2. @cj p so you take all that just from this lady voicing her saftey concerns using uber. Thats pretty far out there man. I think you are just a miserable soul, being miserable.

    3. @cj p and it looks like you learned the only possible thing that anyone could learn from trump, calling people names. Congrats on that.

    4. @michael j. And you betas are all chicken shits that fabricate stories every day in here. It’s getting old. Like when you idiots claim trump is a dictator bringing about fascism. When it’s libtard idiots that want to expand gov authority and push their beliefs via legislation.

    1. No you betas see pink stick you thumb in your butt, and scream for help.
      Even your mass shooters are failures who get gunned down in seconds.

  5. That is insane! I’m a Lyft driver and would never jeopardize my riders safety for something like that. You have to have auto insurance when on the platform. Uninsured Motorist coverage will take care of the damage minus deductible. Absolutely NO reason to pursue in that manner. He only made his problems much worse.

  6. “Am in pain, my whole side hurt”…Uber is about to pay out some big money in a lawsuit. Thanks Uber Driver, you just made two people rich and got yourself fired.

    1. Uber and Lyft carry third party liability insurance coverage which pays up to $1 million for personal injuries and property damage per accident. These policies will only kick in after the ride-sharing driver’s own insurance has been exhausted, assuming the driver possesses an applicable policy.

    2. Uber is someone you subcontract for. The driver as an insured driver/owner operator is responsible for damages due to careless acts. If you get hit they are responsible for damage that happens to car, passengers and driver. It’s up to you to report the driver to Uber on the app and call 911 to report driver and file a police report so you can get the driver’s information. ✨

  7. LMFAO sooooo… just to confirm… this guy is chasing a guy who hit him and fled … he proceeds to follow the guy … gets in another accident and he too flees the scene. Nice one.

    1. @Gail Hitson
      Why not? Crooked is as Crooked does, ask Paul Pelosi, Hunter Biden, Romneys Kid and John Kerry’s kid… Just ask Forest…stupid is as stupid does… Democrats…who else would Vote KKK?

    2. @looes74 looes74 If CNN finds out the driver votes Democrat and says Trump is a racist he’ll be called a hero.

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