1. President Zelenskyy should challenge Putin to stand with his Russian soldiers in Ukraine’s front line and stop hiding behind a desk in Moscow.

  2. Ukraines president is a respectable and charismatic leader. id be proud to fight for him. Here in the U.S. we had to choose between a loud orange guy and a senile retirement home escapee. Tough descisions.

    1. @Sandie Brecken the funny thing about freedom is, it allows me to feel however i want. If you feel that people whos opinions differ from yours should leave, maybe YOU should move to another country that is more in line with your beliefs because this is that land of the free. Do what you want with your freedom and ill do what i want with mine thanks👍.

  3. unlike the afgan president, i have the upmost respect for the ukraine party for not abandoning their land… The ukraine presidential party are stronger then life and nothing can take that away from those extremely brave souls. God bless those men!!!

  4. Gpd be with the people of Ukraine in their hour of need. Let this nightmare end with justice for all Ukrainians. I stand by you all in prayers for strength, courage and hope to save your country!! I pray that God is with you all and keep you safe and free!!

  5. World is watching and all sensible and good people stand with you Sir, President Zelenskky and your country..our prayers are with you and the people of Ukraine🙏👍✌️🕊️🌎🕊️✌️🕊️

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