Ukraine refugee flees to Germany for safety: ‘It’s duty as a mother’ | USA TODAY

Ukraine refugee flees to Germany for safety: 'It's duty as a mother' | USA TODAY 1


  1. Exceso de partidas al otro lado a dos metros bajo tierra. Mostrar los dañados por MATASANOS. Pregunta por qué no lo quiere agarrar.

  2. I think total liquidation of Ukrainian state as inherently Nazi state is inevitable now. I just hope this war criminal Zelenskyy and his henchmen will face justice and won’t be just eliminated by their CIA handlers or die from overdose. The way their Nazi units use civilians as human shield in cities like Mariupol is absolutely despicable. Even Hitler’s Nazis found Ukrainian Nazis who worked for them too barbaric and cruel.

    1. What a gross comment. 5000 civilians killed in their houses and flats in Mariupol by cowardly bombs and you still mock the victims with such a comment. People can be gross.
      Besides, the Ukrainians are glad that they have Zelenskyj as President and support him in defending their homeland against Russian invasion. But none of this appears in Russian state propaganda. Everyone knows that. That’s why nobody takes fake comments like yours seriously

  3. Meanwhile 2.3 Million of Ukrainians arrived in Poland. This is dissaster. However Poles are trying to help – it is beyond the means of the country. Time for Mr. Zelensky to organize financial support for the Ukrainian refugees so they do not destroy Poland.

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