1. Attacking civilians for a warship seems like a poor excuse to kill civilians they were already killing.
    Respect for Ukraine

    1. @Ольга Свиридова Russian born means the person itself is borb in Russia. Ethnically Russian means his ancestors were born in Russia…

    2. Should they be talking about this while russia has invaded Ukraine. It isn’t America’s war but it is Ukraine’s. Respectfully, just asking.

  2. With all due respect to this General and a few others, WHAT!! WHY!!! Please stop telling these War criminals how to kill more people effectively 😓

    1. @usa911 Your definitely not incorrect with that assessment!!

      We are still the most well off citizens, but I agree WHY THROW IT ALL AWAY like Brandon is doing with the incompetent DEMS!!

    2. The ground is too soft for effective maneuver and any breakthrough and logistical column would be easy pickings for small squads equipped with Javalins.

    1. its just another ex-military man giving advice like hundred others. They must got bored knitting slippers and wanted a chance to relive their ol’ glory military days by being on a news spotlight.

    2. @Matt1147 yeah and Russia was actually invited in to help that’s the part people seem to overlook.

    3. @Matt1147 thing is zelensky wants Ukraine to be one country but it would appear lots of Russian Ukrainians don’t want that

    4. @Danial Hillmann You are using arguments for Russian involvement in the Donbas region to justify their invasion of the entire nation. You have to see that. You are also changing topics. What happened to trying to use the Minsk agreement to make your point? You dropped that pretty quick.

  3. Funny how NATO cannot bring itself to issue ultimatums
    while Russia just whips them out like spare change.

    1. @Wandering Games Vietnam was purely the US and Australia, not NATO; while NATO members participated in the Iraq war, the alliance itself did not; Afghanistan was covered under Article 5, as we believed Bin Laden was in the country (which he was, before fleeing to Pakistan.)

      The former were not NATO and the latter was retaliation under the charter. Not exactly prime examples of NATO not being a defensive alliance.

    2. @Disco/Secret “Russia is losing a war”
      Good heavens. So Russia did not immediately conquor Ukraine; that’s hardly losing a war. The “war” is only getting started. Getcher Geiger counters now.

  4. Why did this general give ideas of what Russians should do to succeed?☹️ God bless Ukraine 🇺🇦❤️

    1. @Claire Beau of the Fifth Column had a good video about this yesterday (or maybe the day before). He was mostly talking about the announcements regarding what weapons the U.S. is sending to Ukraine, but the same ideas apply to strategy discussions. I recommend watching the video yourself because it’s only like 6 minutes and his explanation is much better than my summary, but the basic idea was that we don’t really hear any sensitive details. We mostly get info that anyone serious involved in the situation would know anyway. Can’t say for sure if he’s correct, but Beau is typically on the ball.

    2. @BoojumFed yeah to bad I’m an American that’s probably why I know gas is about 4$ a gallon, and food prices are up 😂 and unlike you I know it’s from trillions of US dollars being printed

    3. @Michael Emretane This is something the Russian should already know. And know is just half of the battle, execution is also key.

  5. Did the General here just gave the Russians an exact strategy of how they can defeat the Ukrainian troops?
    Whose side is he on?
    Didn’t anyone tell this guy that the Russians actually do watch US tv stations?

    1. @CaptainCapitalis, so if they did have this basic knowledge, how come they made the mistakes they made and continue to make?

    2. yet another rant by a bored old ex military man? there are hundreds of others bored ex military with their opinions. And why would Russia listen to their advices if they even failed to defeat a small bunch of mountain goat herders with rusted AK’s? lmao

    1. I don’t think even Russia generals are that incompetent not to realize what they would have to do, but it takes a lot more than just one or two generals to execute that tactic at on organisational level. Maybe bad training, communications..who knows.

    2. I bet you dont understand that, as much as you lack the ability to process what he is saying: The Russian military is incapable of implementing any of that because thats not how the soviet army did it and its not how the Russian army does it.

  6. All these news shows: “Well, how could Russia fight more effectively?”
    No, guys, we don’t want to give them any ideas. At least not any good ideas. We need more analysts saying “No, they just need to keep doing what they’re doing. 1200 mile front–great idea!” “Why are you winking at the camera?” “No reason!”

    1. @Peacefullness – I don’t think you people understand, he’s a strategist. Strategists discuss ways an army could win battle or a war and how he would do things differently to win. He’s also kinda trying to teach people watching about war strategies and stuff like that

    2. @Peacefullness – You need to start using your own spiritual technology Indian. Remember how Emperor Ashoka become Emperor of all India (well most anyway). In a previous lifetime Emperor Ashoka was poor Indian boy living in a Kingdom ravaged by Warlords and evil men. So got this older brother and stood on his shoulders. And with handful of sand he imagine that it was the purest gold put in a large statue of the Buddha and then prayed for peace and prosperity. In Ashoka future lifetime he became a powerful Emperor and bought wealth and peace to India.

    1. @dano727 Aggressors? I knew supporting the Taliban was the right decision, and I’m glad they’ve defeated the aggressors!

    2. @Internet W4nk3r Except for Iraq, whom we humiliated in Desert Storm. Oh, and Iraq again, whom we defeated quickly and methodically with minimal coalition casualties. By the way, in both instances, Iraq was much stronger than Ukraine is now, and that was 20 years ago. Hmm …

      Or maybe the Korean War, where we fulfilled our objective of securing South Korea. And we did manage to achieve our initial objectives in Afghanistan, though new objectives were established post victory that could not be fulfilled (but were, in all likelihood, impossible to fulfill).

      So, nice try, Ivan. I’m sorry your military is trash and so you feel the need to deflect like this. But don’t worry. Everyone’s been laughing at Russia long before February 24th. Nothing’s changed there. Though, we used to think that the Russian military was at least semi-competent. Bot anymore!

    1. @World Unification Club (ชมรมรวมโลก) maybe you shouldn’t have been poking the bear for years?

    2. @Sean Lee Go and volunteer as fighter in Mariopol Ukraine…leave that keyboard…oops sorry i guess you are 60 years old

    1. @Edward Christensen Exactly. It is one thing to know what to do and another to be able to actually do it successfully. As the general points out, they won’t just magically train their army and officers overnight to pull it off well. Also, what he suggests is to do a massive push through the most fortified Ukrainian position. Not exactly something the Ukrainian army can’t expect and prepare for.

  7. Can’t believe he’s sitting there strategizing for Russia about logistics and deployment. What’s wrong with CNN?

    1. What makes you think Russia would listen for 1. And 2 their generals at least the competent ones would already be aware of this. So he’s literally told you something that every competent high ranking military officer has already figured out, if not known all along.

  8. These are the best practical ideas I have heard from any retired American general.
    I hope the things Brigadier General Anderson proposed are implemented immediately, whether or not we in the public are told about it.
    His mention of M1 tanks was his most notable proposal. These are American made, and the best tanks in the world.
    Prior to now, it has been hard enough for Ukraine to get even old Soviet-made tanks, and vastly superior American-made tanks have been off the table with the feeble excuse that Ukrainians don’t have any experience or training with them.
    That transient deficiency can be fixed pretty quickly, especially if the M1 Abrams tanks are delivered to Ukraine *posthaste!*
    The United States (my country) should immediately donate and fly to Poland at least *five hundred* M1 Abrams tanks, bring Ukrainian soldiers into Poland for training with these tanks, then ground transport these tanks with their trained crews into Ukraine at whatever rate Ukraine decides it can incorporate them into its strategic plans.

  9. Can we stop giving the enemy ideas to how to counter the UA forces? You know they’re watching these things.

    1. Вы не знаете ,что реально происходит. Не смотрите свои новости

    2. @Вася I watch Polish and Ukrainian sources. Underground Russian sources. I know what’s going on. Just leave. As long as you are able to leave.

  10. Yeah, also thought it’s a bit wierd giving advice to the Russians. But he was probably just making the point that because Russia will likely stick to broad front tactics, Ukrainians have a good shot at defeating them.

    1. UKRAINE’S leadership seems to care very little for the lives of their people (leadership itself and Oligarchs are an exception of course). Sad! Should be the other way round 🙂

    2. @Brett Robinson The generals may know the best moves but it isn’t often that the generals are the ones that are calling the shots. In the case of Russia it is probably Putin.

    3. @Don Adams In think Putin just gives general requirements that MUST be achieved…and if you can’t get the requirements accomplished…well…you’re out of a job…and MAYBE …a bit more….

    4. His point, while he said what they should do, is that they’re not actually capable of it. I’m sure they want to do a giant, coordinated move like that, but their communications, discipline and command just aren’t capable of moving that many units in such an orderly way. They’ll always end up scattered and lost, running out of supplies.

  11. With interviews like this, all Putin has to do is take this man’s advice. Maybe strategists should hold back their opinions a bit.

    1. I know right. I’m really shocked. Which side is dude on? Is this just him trying to show off, or him trying to help Russia? Either way, he IS HELPING RUSSIA, intentionally or not. He should be muted or disciplined.

  12. Great analysis. Finally an “expert” who actually knows what he’s talking about.

    The Russian incursion into Ukraine so far has not succeeded anywhere past the Russian separatist areas Russia invaded and occupied eight years ago. Except for some expanded incursion in the south above Crimea Russia has been totally stymied in any attempt to take territory.

    And as he says Russia is still using 1942 tactics. They do not have the combined forces training and experience needed to break out, logistics to break out, the troops to break out, the equipment to break out, the command structure to break out, and they do not have the air superiority do breakout.

    Rather than a battle of Kursk style major tank engagement as Russia tries to head towards the Dnieper and cut off Ukraine’s forces along the Donbass, it’s more likely that it will simply be a massive Russian tank graveyard as drones and anti-tank weapons find easy pickings in the wide open steppes.

  13. Russia: “Of course the Ukraine didn’t sink our ship! That was just an accident on our part!”
    Also Russia: “But I swear, you’ll pay for sinking our ship!”

    1. A guy on a Russian talk show actually said the second thing, despite the official line about a fire. (Although technically that could be true, they just didn’t elaborate on what started ‘the fire’/explosion.)

    2. More funny russian coverage on this: “battleship moscwa, lost its balance, tip over and sunk ” do they think they talking about some sort of alcoholic?

    3. @rokker90 buttleship moscwa was built in ukraine. And even named “Glory” before. It had anti missile modified system s-300f. And supposed to protect from such attack all black sea fleet.
      Ukrainian complex Neptun shouldn’t be able to sink such a ship. It might be luck. Like bad weather that reduces radar capability to detect incoming missile; russian neglects or over all bad state of their systems.
      On other hand I was even surprised we even had those missisles. To my knowledge Zelenskyj didn’t invest into buying Neptun, Grim-2 for ukrainian military. And those are the reason, i personally think we could be better prepared for this war. Ok, so i mean considering that if we have limited those anti-ship missisles neptun, it was smarter to target some smaller ships that there would more chances to sink it.
      So if neptun was used against battleship moscwa, millitary should have been almost certain in success!

    4. @Serhiy Hirskiy 2 neptun soviet design missiles hit freighter equivalent 10,000 tonnes damage. blame the crew not the boat.

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