Ukraine’s Zelenskyy ‘not interested’ in a meeting with ‘nobody’ Putin | USA TODAY

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is "not interested" in being alone in a room with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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The White House relented Wednesday after months of pleas from Ukraine for the Pentagon's most lethal armored vehicle: the Abrams tank.

President Joe Biden announced the transfer of 31 Abrams to thwart an anticipated Russian spring offensive and galvanize European allies.

Fighting this winter has been described by a senior U.S. military official as "savage," likening it to World War I trench warfare. Analysts expect Russia to mount what could be a fierce offensive in a campaign to end Ukraine’s string of battlefield successes in recent months and reverse the heavy troop and territorial losses Russia suffered in the first year of fighting.

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  1. Yeah, Ukraine is winning on twitter…… Real life is a completely different matter. Ukraine already lost most trained and motivated soldiers along with almost all hardware it had before the war plus hundreds of tanks and IFVs it got from Eastern Europe (to understand the scale of losses it had 1 990 tanks, 1 212 IFVs, 1 112 heavy artillery systems, 354 multiple rocket launchers). Its army is a shadow of its former self at the beginning of the war. Zelenskyy is catching and forced conscripting often at gunpoint mostly people with zero motivation to die for him, who never served in the army, often disabled. When such people are in the trenches, it means that the front can collapse at any moment. Biden administration is getting quite desperate.

    1. @Joshua Paul these ppl only listen to msm and don’t wanna hear it. Ukraine will be lucky to survive this upcoming Russian onslaught

    2. @Joshua Paul Dude – if Russia is smashing up the UKrainians – why has Ukraine won more land back in the last few months than Russia has gained? What you are saying goes against actual battlefield advances and retreats. Also why does Russia keep needing to conscript new soldiers? And why have they been getting a lot of old, outdated equipment out of storage? Add to that all the generals and staff who have been fired since the start of the war. All this goes against what you say…

    3. @Zuzmaw Bakhmut has been pretty much encircled by Russian forces with its supplies cut, it’s not if but when Bakhmut will be Russia’s. Kherson was a strategic withdrawal since it wasn’t important or practical enough to defend it against a Ukrainian offensive, Russia is playing chess while Ukraine and the west are playing checkers

    4. @Ballshippin Bullshit – the Kremlin claimed to have Bakhmut taken more than half a dozen times already! And the “strategic withdrawal” from Kherson was the result of the indigenous forces hampering their ability to resupply the troop they have stationed there.

    1. Are you suggesting you’re cheering the intentional murder of civilians by a superpower?

    2. @Robert Wilson But you forgetting the part where zelensky came in and banned russian language from schools, and killed 10s of thousands of native russians in the donbas region. that kind of action will not go unanswered.

    3. ​@Tubz Er. none of that happened at all! Sounds like you are watching propaganda. What did happen is over 200,000 people dead – including Russian and Ukranian since Russia rolled its tanks into Ukraine. There is no point to this war – other than a land-grab.

  2. Correct. Who is he now? A nobody hiding in a bunker, who has to sit at 6-meter long tables when receiving visitors. A pale moth lost in his delusions of self-importance and special historical role.

    1. *A cunning eye that peers directly into the lens of the camera shrouds the face of a villain.* Zelensky has _no_ desire to relinquish his dictatorship anytime soon that he justifies with this war. The little imposter _hates_ Ukrainians, _hates_ Russians and has set them up for mutual annihilation in a fratricidal conflict. Each falsehood is based on an element of truth sufficient to evoke the desired emotional reaction. The resolve of the brave soldiers does not diminish. They persevere in a bid to achieve the _opposite_ of what they envision will be the result of a NATO EU UN Ukraine, right up to the death of the last Ukrainian.

      Their wives with young children have fled, never to return. Few women of child bearing age remain, most without a living partner. Ukrainian citizens cannot abide their fraternal Slavic Russian brothers.

      Assuming success, the UN alleviates the population deficiency by sourcing surplus citizens from one hundred different cultures and rebuilding commences in earnest. The men and women that have struggled and endured so much hardship and deprivation for the sake of their illustrious leader reap the reward that they so justly deserve.

      ¹ Officials spurn Christianity and pay obeisance to the Cremation Cult, a Satanic creed, that is the _de facto_ state religion of western nations, concealing disbelief, while facilitating this opportunity to spill blood that is not their own so that they will not be cited deniers.

      ² Life was easy, monotonous and boring. Much to their chagrin, Ukrainians have yet to learn an abject lesson in democracy, of the fatal flaw in their hazardous choice of the little comedian to assume office. They were easy prey. The earth and the increase that it yields was not promised to Ukrainians. This disruption might have been avoided entirely by simply complying with Russia’s security interests much like Cuba, Mexico and Canada, as well as many other nations, may only to their detriment ignore the requirements of the USA.

      ³ Touted as a champion of democracy, the _reverse_ is the case, with no opposition parties, no freedom of movement, compulsory military service, no freedom of expression, screening of media, etc. The little trickster skillfully deflects towards Russia fury aimed at himself over his edicts. When the dust settles the little trickster obtains his cut for depleting this land off its native sons and daughters, while turning it into a country of renters with tenancies replenished from nations worldwide.

      ¹³ The Antichrist is an influential leader from the tribe of Dan, despises the faith of his forebears, disregards the plight of women and is heedless of separating them from their husbands, leaving them destitute, homeless or widows, is accomplished in theatrical and magical performances, nations are drawn to his subterfuge, brings the world to the brink of destruction, suffers a mortal wound, but recovers.

    2. @Always Censored  your wrong, and here’s why zelensky is not a dictator, and most Ukrainians don’t hate Russians they hate the man that started this pointless war and that’s pootin he doesn’t care about anything that has to do with his own people he just wants to restore the past with war,violence,anarchy,corruption etc and he will die with that illusion he’s a coward who sits in his office and barks order’s and those who don’t agree with him die or get exiled to somewhere else HE doesn’t care about anything but himself he sends husband’s brothers and fathers to war to achieve something that will ultimately fail no matter how hard he tries. Zelensky is simply defending his own country, while pootin justs sit in his office doing NOTHING FOR THE RUSSIAN PEOPLE. YOU ARE SUPPORTING A MAN WHO IS A LIAR A DICTATOR AND PERSON WHO WILL KILL FOR WHAT HE WANTS. HE IS AN IGNORANT BASTSARD WHO DOESN’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT ANYONE BUT HIM SELF.

    3. @theslayer5000 ¹ The paradox: _Winning is losing._ Putin who is reputedly a virtual Fuhrer will _save_ Ukrainians and this region will remain a country of blue-eyed blonds. Under Zelensky, whom they view as their saviour, Ukrainians will _vanish_ into oblivion. The end result is the _opposite_ of their concept of a nationalist country for themselves. After Ukraine is decimated the little comedian will flee to his mansion in Miami. Ukrainians that do not even accept their fraternal Slavic Russian brothers are sacrificing their lives so that persons from 100 different cultures may settle in with them, replace them and inherit their land?

      ² Should Zelensky’s operation be successful, Ukraine is to be transformed into a nation of tenants struggling with financial Ponzi by placing a halt on the further use of land, causing home prices to skyrocket beyond reach, adopting a process that proved effective in Canada, with rent at maximum levels extorted from residents and shunted directly into the pockets of the chosen few. The aggregate of rental income dwarfs revenue from taxation accruing to government. Ukrainians that realize their children cannot become established do not raise families. Their reward following a lifetime of hard work is to die homeless on the street. Massive immigration maintains population levels. The economy will function like one gigantic enterprise in which the lifetime earnings of residents are exacted through rent with tenancies replenished from nations worldwide while its native sons vanish into oblivion. Ukraine will be populated by others that are strangers to this land and not by the heirs of those that are fighting and dying. They have sacrificed their lives in vain.

  3. I’m thankful behind USA for every help for us. United States and Ukraine are most powerful countries on this dark world!

    1. Dude how stupid can you be. Usa violated the treaty first and also they have a long history of invasions …go study history

    2. @Alex Cr I expected that russians fans may reply to my comment. I talking the facts, that if not USA and United Kingdom, and some EU countries, the russian pigs will be on the Ukrainian lands.

    3. @Kostia Biloshytskyi facts is usa has no credibility and are indeed the most hypocritical nation of this world. Who invaded Iraq, Vietnam, and imposed military coups in many Latin countries??? Ukraine will disappear and everybody will eat their rest.

  4. You can tell the Russians are struggling, the fact we never hear what the next western town of Bakhmut is in the last 2 months from Russian media means they are not a very effective fighting force to be feared.

    1. @Jason Myers from the country that uses cellular phones for tactical communications. you been smoking up with Brittany Griner again?

    2. @Mr Whitman  Your the ones been smoking. You obviously are not street smart and can see the truth thru the lies. You think media tells you truth? I do not want what your smoking. LOL It’s clouding your judgement. Weak mind you have lol. No offense though. Just got to call it like it is. Lol

  5. I am waiting for the first shipment of Abrams to be ‘accidently’ sunk by the Russian hypersonic missiles the Russian navy are practicing with while on manouvers in the Atlantic.

    1. I don’t think that the Russians want to fight NATO directly – not when they are getting their asses handed to them by the poorest nation in Europe…

  6. Two hundred Ukrainian POWs detained in the zone of the special military operation have confirmed the presence of foreign mercenaries in the Ukrainian army, the Investigative Committee said following a trip the IC chief, Alexander Bastrykin, made to Lugansk.

    Investigation of about 200 Ukrainian servicemen, detained during the special military operation, found they had witnessed the presence of foreigners in the Ukrainian army, the Investigative Committee’s press-service told the media on Thursday.

    The IC said that efforts to investigate crimes involving the participation of foreign mercenaries in hostilities on the Ukrainian side were continuing.

    1. And Russia has admitted to hiring over 30,000 mercenaries from Syria to fight in their war.

  7. He looks tired. I can’t imagine how exhausting and how big of a toll that this must take on a person. God Bless Zelenskyy and Ukrainians. слава Україні 🇺🇦💪❤️

    1. Stopping the Russian army and pushing it back can be stressful… btw what have YOU accomplished recently?

  8. This nobody is ruining right now your country, and your people dying. You SHOULD BE INTERESTED IN A MEETING!

    1. And what would be discussed exactly? Unless and until Pooty Boy withdraws his forces, there’s nothing to talk about that won’t result in another war a few years down the road.

  9. *Who is Zelensky?* A _freeloader_ entirely dependent upon the charity of western nations. Sorry, that is not _charity._ It is an _investment._ Resale of armaments even at hugely discounted prices are highly profitable. Cease the flow of armaments and there goes the profit.

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