VP Kamala Harris visits Monterey Park dance studio, leaves flowers | USA TODAY

Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Monterey Park to meet with victims' families of the mass shooting on Lunar New Year's Eve that left 11 dead.

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Vice President Kamala Harris arrived outside of the Star Ballroom Dance Studio in Monterey Park Wednesday night, stopping to take a look at each of the victims' names and pictures from Saturday's deadly mass shooting before placing a bouquet in front of the memorial.

Harris told reporters the nation is mourning the loss of the 11 people killed and nine others injured, while also advocating for stricter gun control laws.

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    1. Its a shame she gets a platform to spread straight lies and propaganda from and gets taken more serious than Jesus H Christ

  2. Makes sense, her being Asian herself and all /s

    Though I do have to wonder if she put flowers on the graves of the teenage mother, 6-month old infant, and elderly grandmother all shot in their heads by the cartel in Goshen too?

  3. Kamala is 2 hours from the border in a car. 1 hour in a helicopter. 30 minutes in a private jet. Is she going?…

  4. Goes to anything related to shootings but not to the boarder πŸ˜…πŸ˜… sorry for all that lost their lives but this was a nice photo op for her and her agenda

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